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I didn t like Aaron very much in Rocky Mountain Redemption, but he definitely grew on me in this book I liked Hope s simple faith and optimism in difficult situations Overall, a very enjoyable read This is the third book in the series, and I must say that I m very impressed It s very rare that I rate three books in a row as five star books, but this series is just excellent I have been saddened by Aaron Drake s story since his wife died in the first book It makes it harder when the author introduces us to a person then let s us read about her death after we grow fond of her Aaron carries a hurt around with him and wonders how he can ever love another But after making a death bed promise to his friend Also a death that gave me the creeps since we were part of it , he takes care of Hope But thetime he spends with her, thehe grows in love with her.Excellent characters, storyline though I found Hope a bit ignorant and strange at times , and protagonists I love a book with that kind of drama, and in this book we had two @READ BOOK é Rocky Mountain Proposal ¿ For Aaron Drake, His Word Was His Bond But When He Promised His Dying Friend He D Hold On To Hope, Aaron Had No Idea What He Was Getting Himself Into Because Hope Is Hope Gatlin His Friend S Bride To Be, Already En Route To Colorado Aaron S Duty Is Clear He Ll Meet Hope At The Train And Ask Her To Be His Wife Yet Who Could Have Guessed That The Woman Would Say No Agree To A Marriage Of Obligation No, Hope Wouldn T Do It However, The Time Hope Spends With The Grieving Widower, The She Finds Herself Falling For The Sweet, Protective Man But Hope Will Only Marry For Love Can Aaron Learn To Care Again This is a great series Rocky Mount Match, Rocky Mountain Redemption and now Rocky Mountain Proposal The Drake brothers stories are so good.This brother, Aaron, had been married to Ellie in the first book Ellie gave birth to baby Jeremiah but he was stillborn When Aaron fell asleep Ellie went out to the grave and that is where he found her, dead In the two early books Aaron is always keeping to himself and covered in grief He works with his brother Joseph making furniture and has buried himself in work.In this book Aaron makes a promise to his friend who a tree has just fallen on Paul tells him to hold onto hope and not to let go Thinking Paul means his faltering faith, Aaron promises And then he heads to the train station to pick up something for Paul He finds a lone woman and finds she is waiting for Paul When she says her name is Hope, Aaron goes into shock Paul don t make it but leaves his land and money to Hope Aaron has offered to marry her as Paul wanted but she won t be married out of obligation Instead Aaron helps her on the farm.It is a cute story how this city girl falls in love with her animals and names them all Paul s sister Jane gets under her skin and the readers but Hope only shows her love, believing Jane s grief is that bad.Hope is coming to marry Paul as a mail order bride She is coming from Boston where her father had lost his fortune and she has other sisters at home so she chose to be less of a burden and come to Boulder, Colorado.Looking forward to the next book, Rocky Mountain Homecoming. Aaron had no idea what he d agreed to when he promised his dying friend that he would take care of hope , that his best friend meant Hope the fiance arriving on the train that day Aaron returns with the fiance to find that his friend is dead But Aaron won t back down from a promise, even if it means working two jobs to help Hope run her farm.This was a sweet novel I enjoyed the story lines and the characters were engaging It was a pretty predictable plot, but since I started the book knowing it was a basic romance, I was okay with that The book is the third in the series and I could tell there wasto the story of some of the secondary characters, but it could definitely be read as a stand alone On a random note I really didn t care for the cover Overall, this was a sweet romantic story that was entertaining to read. This book is a perfect example of don t judge a book by its cover , because on that alone I would never have picked it up Fortunately, I have read the first two books in the series, so I have been waiting to read this one I thought the story was told with a significant amount of realism and emotions I could identify with I felt Aaron s struggle throughout, and I also liked the fact that although he was grieving and angry, he didn t turn his back on God He was going through a natural grieving process, knew that he was not turning to God when he should have, but he never doubted His existence or that He could help, which I think is the case for alot of us in the real world We know what we should do, we just aren t ready to do it, yet I am definitely a fan of this author, and would recommend her books. A nice historical romance story Aaron Drake picks up Hope Gatlin from the train depot for his best friend When they get back to the farm his friend has died He had promise Paul he would look after hope, not knowing Hope was her name not a feeling His word was his bond and has now put him in this predicament A cute story I enjoyed it. This was a good story about Hope Aaron finally found his hope I esp like the character of Hope, she was a wonderful woman so refined yet wholesome all at the same time and she never Quit always tried to do anything and everthing and finally found her one true love by just being herself Good story by Pamela Nissen 3.5 Pamela Nissen has an impressive ability to take a Love Inspired paperback and turn it into something you won t want to put down Her characters are honest and diverse, her spirituality thoughtful and provocative, and her plots interesting Granted, some characters are a little grating, and the endings are always saccharine though appropriate But sweetness comes with the territory for any books like this, and most readers won t mind.In Rocky Mountain Proposal, Hope Gatlin arrives in Boulder to be greeted with harsh news and an even harsher land As she fights to prove herself this part may prove to be the most frustrating yet endearing to readers , she also finds herself falling for the gruff cowboy devoted to helping her, Aaron Drake Aaron has troubles of his own, and he struggles to accept the growing warmth he feels of seemingly helpless and certainly hapless Hope But the two need one anotherthan they ever expected, and the Creator has a plan for them to trust their hearts onceSide characters from the previous two novels support the lively plot, and an unexpected villain will challenge the couple before they can get their happy ending Fun and charming, albeit with a sometimes frustrating heroine, Rocky Mountain Proposal is a great entry into the Love Inspired historical serial collection. It was a really quick read.