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It took me months to read this book Boring and slow paced as it was, I kept laying it aside and reading other books in between Clara cold bloodedly killed her husband and then thought she should go free because he done her wrong Her self given pity party and poor lil me attitude got on my last nerve You can t run over someone 5 times and then say, It was an accident I didn t see him I m sorry yeah whatever.. I am almost done w this book It has taken me a long time to read because I think this book is very boring They give background information on everyone that was involved w the case I didn t need to know the attornys background I feel they needed to fill up the book so they used useless information Very disappointed. Just a so so true crime Clara is one of those control freaks who winds up killing her hubby when he falls out of love with her She runs over him with her car with his daughter in the car and then tries to argue it was an accident Pleeeeeeeze. ( Free Kindle ) ⚕ Out of Control (St. Martin's True Crime Library) ♷ Clara And David Harris Were Married On Valentine S Day Young And In Love, They Developed A Thriving Dental Business, Built A Half Million Dollar Mansion, And Raised The Perfect Family Then Whispers Of An Affair Between David And His Beautiful Secretary Drifted Through Their Exclusive Houston Social Circle A Private Detective Confirmed The Rumors When Clara Saw Her Husband With His Mistress, She Climbed Behind The Wheel Of Her Luxurious Car And Put An End To Their Charmed Life Together By Crushing Her Husband To Death Underneath The Wheels Of Her Silver Mercedes Benz What The Headline Making Trial Ultimately Revealed Was A High Profile Marriage Running On Empty, Marital Infidelity, A Woman S Deadly Passion, And The Private Hell Behind A Public Life Of The Rich And Privileged