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@Read Book ì The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask ë Retailers Choice Award Winner Why Are Christians Against Same Sex People Getting Married Why Do You Believe God Exists At All Why Would God Allow Evil And Suffering Why Trust The Bible When It S Full Of Mistakes How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell What Makes You Think Jesus Was Than Just A Good Teacher Why Are Christians So Judgmental Some Questions Can Stop A Conversation Today, Than Ever, People Are Raising Difficult, Penetrating Questions About Faith, God, And The Bible Based On An Exclusive New Barna Survey Of , Christians, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask Presents Compelling, Easy To Grasp Answers To Ten Of The Most Troubling Questions Facing Christians Today These Include Everything From The Existence Of Heaven To The Issues Of Abortion And Homosexuality, As Well As The Question Of Whether Evolution Eliminates Our Need For A God Excellent Thoughtfully composed and structured, highly informative and balanced, taking the time to respectfully acknowledge and address counterpoints Fantastic resource Book Review of the Questions Most Christian Hope No One Will AskGot Questions Mark Mittelberg offers biblical answers In his newest book, The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask With Answers , Mark Mittelberg gives addresses ten of the most asked questions from unbeliever to believer If you are looking to find biblical references to answer the hard questions, pick up this book.The questions were chosen based on a survey of 1000 Christians commissioned through the Barna organization The span of questions include topics such as abortion, creation evolution, same sex marriage, and judgement.In nine of the chapters, the hot topics that unbelievers most often ask are addressed The last chapter was my favorite Titled The Questions Our Friends Need Us to Ask Them , it is a chapter that moves the reader from defense to offense by acknowledging that people don t ask questions unless they are curious We need to be ready to answer them and have questions of our own.What were my favorite portions of this great read The questions that I encounter the most, evolution and bible inerrancy.Regarding evolution, Mittelberg addressed the central issue of evolutionist handbook The Origin of the Species by getting to the heart of the matter and stating Darwin never really addressed the origin of the stuff that makes up the environment we live in Simple but profound.Chapter Three is packed out with scripture, case studies, and a list of the most common objections others have to the authenticity of the bible and all the worn out comments of so called contradictions Loved that I ve never found a contradiction in the bible When there is something that appears to me to be in contradiction, it is my lack of knowledge not the bible that is in error.There is muchincluded in this book It should be in every Church library It is a training manual in simple English answering the questions that Christians are most asked.The best defense is a good offence and this book equips the reader first to seek out the references, increase his her knowledge as I did , and then be fully prepared to response when these questions arise I recommend it highly.Disclaimer The review copy of this book provided free of charge by Tyndale Publishers and donated to the library of Westwood Baptist Church.Reviewed by Keiki HendrixReviewed for Tyndale House Publishing Great wee find this Finished Chapter 1 on God s existence Clear and readable Good companion to Questioning Evangelism Finished it all now A helpful book, with some great quotes and illustrations However, there are some parts which caused me difficulty, eg 1 He writes that God doesn t commit divine rape by forcing His love on anyone against their will.2 God went ahead with creation because he knew that some of us would choose to follow Him.3 His chapter on homosexuality assumes some people will have a homosexual orientation without really addressing why.4 He appears to place the indwelling of the Spirit in a person AFTER they receive Christ conversion.5 He seems to be saying that only a capricious deity would send people to hell, and that people actually condemn themselves by not turning to Christ. Solid on the basicsA good resource to get people started in defending the faith Written in a very conversational tone and easy to understand.