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!Read Book Ë Hell's Belles (Hell on Earth, #1) ⛈ Once Upon A Time, Jezebel Was A Powerful Succubus, Capable Of Seducing Men And Sucking Out Their Souls But That Was Before Hell Put A Bounty On Her Head Now Her Only Chance To Escape A Fate Far Worse Than Death Is To Live As A Mortal, Losing Herself In A Sea Of Unfamiliar Humanity, In A Place Where Sinners Walk Hand In Hand With Saints A Place Like New York City Working As An Exotic Dancer Is A Piece Of Cake For A Former Demon Who Once Specialized In Sex But She Hadn T Counted On Meeting Sexy Paul Hamilton, A Man Haunted By His Past Good Bye, Succubus Hello, Lovestruck But Hell Hasn T Stopped Looking For Her The Secrets Jezebel Holds Are The Most Dangerous Of All, The Kind Every Demon In The Underworld Would Do Their Worst To Protect Demons Are Closing In, Which Is Enough To Make Jezebel Shiver In Her G String But It S Her Love For Paul That S Going To Have Deadly Consequences Will Captivate Fans Of Sherrilyn Kenyon And Laurell K Hamilton From The Very First Pages Romantic Times Hell S Belles Will Enchant Paranormal Fans Romance Reviews Today This is a hard book for me to judge, because I had a good deal of fun reading it and I see that a number of other readers really liked it, so why do I give it a bumpy two stars bumpy meaning that it just misses being rounded up to three It s an exciting, imaginative adventure told in the first person by a demon a 4000 year old succubus named Jezebel who desperately tries to escape horrible punishment in Hell by becoming a mortal named Jesse, which she does in the first two chapters The story proceeds to describe her adjustment to mortal life much of which is quite amusing and her increasingly scary encounters with denizens of Hell, with lots of flashbacks to her life as a demon that eventually reveal why she got into so much trouble in the first place Other writers have pulled off this technique of alternating present past action with incomplete references to important material until everything is pulled together at the end, but there were three main problems I had with this one.First and least important, what s fun to read at first gets boring with too much repetition not the explicit sex scenes so much as seemingly endless sharing of every little thing in between them that turned her on Many readers will probably want to avoid this book because it s so heavily erotic, as you might expect from a tale told by a succubus from Hell who becomes a stripper in a New York night club and has enthusiastic sex in both the main timeline and the flashbacks But you should also be warned that the seduction of sinners and their subsequent torture in Hell seem to give equal pleasure to Jezebel the succubus, and humane feelings come very slowly to Jesse the rather sarcastic human Hard to relate to, maybe, but she s an interesting character who gives good one liners.A bigger problem for me is the incongruity of Jesse s persistent focus on minor sexual stimulation when she s in terrible danger of attack from the Queen of Hell and one of the Furies, among others The action doesn t add up view spoiler especially when she loses the protective stone that made her invisible to demons and she s not immediately attacked by her demonic pursuers hide spoiler When I first read the synopsis of this book I thought that it would be great Succubus turned human with a job as a stripper with hell on the hunt to drag her back Unfortunately everything that could have made this book good was drowned in cliches, made up curses, and the use of the words sweetie and yummy a couple thousand times I understand that this book isn t a literary award contester and that it fits a certain niche in the book market But this book has already been done several times No action, no character development, tired overused heroine stereotype bitchy, take it or leave it, crass and foul mouthed and boring vulgar sex scenes There was not one thing to like about the main character It was as if the author went out of her way to make her as unlikable as possible And don t get me started on the sex scenes They seemed to be written by some horny truck driver who hasn t had a girlfriend in 5 years To sum up the only reason I can suggest to anyone to pick up this book is if they re going to be sitting in a doctors office for 3 hours and there s no magazines to read Otherwise pick something else because honestly you re going to be wasting your time. Hell s Belles by Jackie Kessler is a dirty little book The sex scenes are hot Geez, even the heroine s daydreams are smokin But then again, what else would you expect from a book that tells the story of Jezebel, a succubus running from Hell s Hunters who asks a witch to make her mortal then moves to New York City and becomes an exotic dancer to pay the rent It does have all the elements for one sizzling tale.and it really does deliver on those elements.It s not just a hot book though It s a good book too Jezebel is a succubus who is kind of going though an identity crisis of sorts You see, she s developing feelings And demons don t have feelings That s worst than having cooties We don t really know what happened that made her run We just know she s afraid and needs to get away By becoming mortal, she figures she has a better chance of slipping under Hell s radar She is such a cute and charming character, full of conflicting emotion yet not too serious She s been around humans for 4,000 years, but she s never been one As you witness her trying to fit in, you can t help but want her to be okay And Jezabel is a funny gal Her one liners are hilarious While waiting at the train station, she meets Paul Paul is sweet and sexy and nice And he doesn t care when Jezebel cries because she s been hurt or is confused Yes, I said he doesn t mind Can there be aperfect man Through the book we slowly learn about Paul, but for most of the book we only know that he s a great guy who cares for our Jesse the name Jezebel goes by But don t worry You never feel lost and you will eventually get all the info you want.The way the story is written is great You know Jesse is running but you don t know why Actually, you don t really know from whom exactly either I learned the hard way that reading the titles of the chapters is very important in this book I must admit that sometimes I don t so much do that I am too anxious to get to the story Am I really the only one So I m reading away at this book and suddenly, I find myself lost I don t know why Jesse is in the bar at the end of the last chapter and in Hell in this chapter Then I noticed that the chapters titles actually tells you when that particular part of the story is going to take place, whether it be now or before Yep Sort of important smacks forehead Through the story you are sent from the present to the past, from the hotel she s staying at to Hell to the club Jackie does this very well The bouncing around never feels forced or awkward The story is told as the story is supposed to be told, and everything falls in place at the end And even though there is a happy at the end, there is also a lot of but but but So it s a good thing that there is another book in this series and lots and lots of novellas.I am glad I finally picked up this book I originally bought it because the reviews that I d read said it was a good story with fun characters with a wicked sense of humor And they were right I really enjoyed this book I laughed many times and giggled many others I have the second book The Road to Hell in my book closet and I am going to pick it up because I really want to know where Jesse and Paul end up They are an endearing, funny and hot couple And really, is there a better combination I loved this one If you like sarcastic, strong, slightly funny female heroines in urban fantasy, this is a good choice Jezebel is a succubus who has run away from hell Her reason for leaving is a big secret slowly revealed throughout the book She gets a witch to turn her human enough to keep the demons who hunt her off her back, and goes to New York where she gets a job as an exotic dancer and starts to fall for a guy For an evil creature, you can t help but love Jezebel She s the bad girl you really want to be friends with because she s just that fun to be around Really enjoyable I can t wait to read the next one.