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With the typical witty and inciteful commentary that Esquire brings to the table, Eat Like A Man absolutely is the only cookbook you ll ever need They rate the difficulty of each recipe from easy to worth the effort, encouraging and inspiring you along the way without ever taking themselves too seriously At moments they praise the Salisbury Steak we have all dreaded, and another moment you ll read a surprisingly sad story of a man who misses the simple eggs his wife used to cook for him Each recipe, mind you, is highly customize able, and will soon provide their own memories I recommend cooking each of the recipes in the manliest of ways possible, such as being bare chested, ignoring a grazing bullet wound you have sanitized with some on hand whiskey, and pondering some great emotional truth while staring out your window towards some exotic sunset After all, you re eating like a man. Recipes were unique, healthy and full of non processed ingredients I loved it. Stories and tips are sprinkled throughout the book Great photography Nice selection of recipes, though I haven t tried any yet. While I personally would not eat any of the recipes contained in this book, I found it very entertaining and informative Commentary from celebrity chefs, cooking tips useful for anyone, and interesting charts and stories Definitely a book of man food, as the title suggests I frequently enjoy eating like a man, so when my favourite magazine published this cookbook I bought it for my boyfriend under the pretence of gift giving and generosity Merry Christmas to ME It is beautifully photographed it could double as a coffee table book and between recipes are cooking tips and wonderfully written essays about food Culinary heavyweights like Mario Batali, Julia Child and Tom Colicchio lend their insights, ideas and cooking philosophies, while a section that breaks down classic drinks provides the ingredients for one badass cocktail hour We are cooking our way through this book, and while I d recommend most of the recipes we ve tried so far, you must EAT THE STEW IT IS A DELICIOUSNESS KNOCKOUT. This is a fun read, with a lot of good looking recipes It s filled with essays and lists by the like of Top Chef s Tom Colicchio and other renowned chefs, about entertaining, grilling, etc Definitely a high cholesterol cookbook May have to purchase this one. Well this is hard to review There ARE recipes in this book Would I try any of them No Is this because I m not a man and I don t Eat Like a Man as the title suggests Also, no If these recipes are how men eat, then I and most women I know, eat like men But none of the recipes really seemed like anything I d bother trying, mostly because I felt they were all trying too hard.I understand that this is an Esquire cookbook, but my gosh there was so much writing I did enjoy a few of the articles, but some of them seemed pointless And is Esquire just a bunch of douche bags who write Or am I missing something `Free ⇟ Eat Like a Man ☘ So Long, Dude Food Most Men Who Love Food Have A Roasting Pan And A Decent Spice Rack, But They Re Still Looking For That One Book That Has All The Real Food They Love To Eat And Wish They Could Cook Esquire Food Editor Ryan D Agostino Is Here To Change That With His Unapologetically Male Centric Eat Like A Mana Choice Collection Of Recipes And Food Writing For Men Who Like To Eat, Cook, And Read About Great Food It S The Esquire Man S Repertoire Of Perfect Recipes, Essays On How Food Figures Into The Moments That Define A Man S Life, And All The Useful Kitchen Points Every Man Needs To Know Satisfying, Sexy, Definitive, And Doable, These Are Recipes For Slow Sunday Mornings With Family, End Of The Week Wind Down Dinners With A Lady, Saturday Night Show Off Entertaining, Poker Night Feeds, And Game Day Couch Camping Or, For When A Man Is Just Hungry