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`Read Epub ⚽ Kerana - Slave of Atlantis ⚣ Kerana Was Once An Outlaw And A Great Warrior, But She Was Betrayed, Captured, And Must Face Life As A Sex Slave She Is Determined To Escape, But Each Attempt Brings Punishment And Pain And Yet, Her Journey To The Slave Markets Is Also A Journey Of Sexual Self Discovery, With Surprising Results Book provided by the Author through BDSM group TPE BAR Read2Review for an honest review Thanks to the author.It s a bit hard for me to write this review, as I didn t care for this book, and even had to force myself to finish reading it, but I must admit that this is mostly due to my preference in plot and style, which wasn t satisfied here, rather than the fact that this is a bad book per se I am sure that some readers will find this an interesting and exciting read.Therefore 3 stars, but let me provide some detail I generally am not a friend of fantasy or historical stuff, and this story is somewhere in between, set in a world of sand and hot, kings, caravans, robbers and slave trade But of course me not really caring for this is not the author s fault, and I must admit I was looking forward to reading this, thinking the theme of an alpha female being forced into slavery could be exciting.And here is the second thing that didnt work for me Quite often, in such settings we find that the alpha female or male becomes captive, but ultimately finds that she he actually enjoys being a submissive I have only read very few stories where this journey of sexual discovery was executed believably and well In many cases I felt it was an excuse to justify some non consentual activities earlier in the plot in arrears Which brings me to the parts that excited me initially some heavy non consentual activities Here I must say that I felt the colour, teaste and smell was, unfortunately missing I simply couldnt get into it, didnt find it exciting But I must admit that with erotic literature this very often is a matter of tasted and style, i.e whether the author uses the right emotional triggers.So, if you are into alpha female turned slave girl, if you are into some non consentual stuff on a scale from 1 vanilla to 5 consentual BDSM with heavy CP and 10 torture porn this book makes a 6 or 7 , which is about humiliation, caning and a bit of needle play, this book could be an entertaining read for you. Kerana is a mercenary who s been a thorn in the King s side She s easily stolen thousands of gold coins from him In addition, she leads a pack of men to attack caravans and sell slaves at will Sure the slaves are women, but who cares These women are weak, pitiful and poor excuses since they were caught or sold off by their family It s not as if she would ever be caught and turned into a slave She can best any of the men with her sword The worst for her would be the dead or alive bounty on her head from the King She s only taunted and robbed him for the past five years.What Kerana didn t expect was betrayal from her own merry group of men Frankly, after reading how she felt like an outcast, it s not surprising She is rather naive and stupid about it The men don t care and respect her they just want to rape her Well, one wants to defile and then rob her of all her pillaging From here, the story heats up This is NOT a BDSM realistic story Do NOT try most of this at home This is a non con fantasy which is dirty, gritty, sadistic and torturous What s not to like Mr Brooks does an excellent job narrating from a strong woman s point of view Her thoughts are dead on and her scorn for the sex slaves is believable Mr Brooks holds very little back in Kerana s punishments and for this it s thrilling Did some of the punishments turn the reader on Definitely The ones that aroused Kerana also titillates the reader The ones which were clearly sadistic tortures, there was little arousal, but it was very well done and understandable.For a strong female lead, it needs a strong male lead too Macro, the main slave guard can easily keep up and surprise Kerana A strong man who admits to his mistakes yet does his best to protect is pretty hot For this man to also be a natural Dom even better This story contains some hot f f which is a delight The world Mr Brooks crafted is easily relate able His descriptions of location and characters are clear This book reads like a movie with images flowing from one scene to the next The pace was just right with enough tension to encourage the reader to read it in all one sitting The only regrets are the end of the story and for the reader to have taken so long to start reading the book This book is recommended to BDSM lovers who enjoy the grittier and rougher side of BDSM sex slave fantasies. This is an exciting BDSM, fantasy adventure story that includes non consent, serious discipline and mentions of graphic tortured execution Not for those of a squeamish nature or who only like BDSM lite.The setting as it mentions in the title, though not thereafter, so I m assuming is Atlantis, a legendary land reputed to have been between Africa and Europe It is described here as a desert land of mountain and plain, where caravans of young female sex slaves in chain coffles, walk naked, one behind the other, travelling the road from oasis to oasis towards their destination and ultimately, their sale at the kingdom city s auction blocks, bought by the highest bidders.Kerana, AKA The Dove, is a beautiful, young, yet ruthless leader of an outlawed group of bandits that regularly take young attractive women and sell them into slavery The King has put a price on her head and her execution is assured if and when captured Then one day the tables are turned and her trusted band of brothers sell her to a slave train bound for market with the officer in charge, Macro I found myself halfway through before I registered his name was actually Macro, aptly meaning large, instead of Marco.Kerana has one aim, to escape The two options ahead are, of life as a sex slave owned and commanded by a Master, or worse her capture and being handed to the King for the bounty price and her ultimate torture and execution, this leaves Kerana with one viable option, to escape Her plans and attempts bring retributions she hadn t foreseen to herself and her fellow slaves as part of the slaver s rules that rely heavily on collective responsibility and punishment.Here Mr Lindsey Brooks, the writer goes to town and allows his excellent historical knowledge of slavery, the treatments and punishments from the Arabic and African world enhanced by his imagination to conceive some of the most humiliating and painful disciplinary punishments I ve read One or two descriptions needed slow, careful reading to gain the image of the restraints and punishment effects on Kerana and other slaves There are also graphic descriptions of tortured execution that are not for the faint hearted These add to the story but such detail will also limit his reading audience somewhat to readers of darker BDSM themes These are historical or imaginary treatments and these shouldn t be copied at all by those devising BDSM scenes.You will need to read this for yourself to find how the story ends but suffice to say that besides the main characters of Kerana and Macro, there are also some excellent associate protagonists with clever, sex slave Loura and a kindly guard As well as wickedly plausible antagonists that cause some serious assaults on Kerana, physically and emotionally, including those of rape and beatings.Yet throughout the story attraction and ultimately romance develops, but with Marco, a martyr to his honor and slaver s rules will it come to fruition Mr Brook s writing leads the reader in such a way as that it can go either way..I enjoyed this story a lot, enough to purchase his other works There are very few typo s and they certainly won t distract readers from the story In my view this is worthy of a good 4 stars I recommend it to adults who read BDSM stories with darker elements. This was a delicious and delightful capture fantasy story A real guilty pleasure Kerana was a strong heroine and remained strong right through the story, which I particularly appreciated I have a difficult time in stories like this when the captured woman capitulates too quickly Kerana did not capitulate and she did suffer for it The supporting cast was rich with nasty bad guys, surprisingly friendly females and, of course, a hunky hero.Kerana is also a complex character, a not entirely innocent victim of betrayal She is the notorious female bandit, The Dove, and has captured and sold many women into slavery for the profit Kerana has never fit in her world and has survived using her strength, wit, and fearlessness, but not a particularly strong moral code Through her trials she experiences what it is like being a slave, the horrors, humiliation and pain She realizes what her prior actions have caused Kerana also learns, to her dismay, that her body responds in ways she doesn t understand This story is one of awakening for her Mr Brooks handled her transformation deftly It is neither too fast or too slow There are some very harsh punishment scenes which caused me to read with one eye closed, cringing the entire time and pushing past my comfort level at times It is not a read for the faint of heart I am somewhat surprised at how much I enjoyed reading about this hard and unforgiving society Mr Brooks writes a well paced story that kept my interest the entire time There were several places where incorrect words were used such as he for her for example These weren t excessive and did not affect my enjoyment Some scenes became rather complex, and confusing as to the physical placement of bodies, bondage what was tied where and implement usage There were a few times I had to reread several times trying to get a picture of what was happening, but this was not an overly serious problem I have a few very picky points The hero s name is Macro, which I kept reading as Marco Marco being a stronger name IMHO Also, the title indicates this takes place in Atlantis yet this is never mentioned in the book The setting is desert, very much like Arabia and the culture described resembles the Bedouin people Atlantis isn t generally described that way although since no one has decided if Atlantis ever really existed, I can t argue with the author s use of artistic license As I said, very picky on my part I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good capture fantasy, with a very satisfying resolution, and an exciting journey from beginning to end.