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My six year old enjoyed reading this story with me, though he got a bit tired of mommy s insistence in counting the number lines to find out the total number of minutes, especially as the very long number lines made it easy to lose one s place Still, for a book that s basically about math, he got some good enjoyment out of it [Download E-pub] ♺ Get Up and Go! ⚇ Brrring An Alarm Clock Rings It S Time To Get Up And Go A Smart Dog Builds Timelines To Keep Track Of The Time Going By As He Helps A Second Grader Get Ready For School There S Not A Moment S Rest Until Her School Bus Is Out Of Sight Full Color This book teaches the concept of having a time line After we read the book, students can create their own time line to plan for a party The party will start at 6 P.M Students have to plan the things that they need to do from 4 to 6 P.M to get ready for the party They will then write it on the time line and estimate the amount of time needed to do those activities. Time lines Girl getting ready for school keeps track of how many minutes each process takes by line segments and strings them together to add up how many minutes she takes. This book is an excellent book for students who are beginning to add It is also great avenue to help tell student notice that everything they do takes time I would read this to first graders and 2nd graders. This is a really fun story about waking up and getting ready for school The rhyming narrative and colorful illustrations make this a fun book to read aloud The one who keeps the little girl on track in this story is her dog, which I liked a lot, because it s usually a nagging mom me in our family I also love how the story shows that each individual action takes up a chunk of time and that they all add up Even pausing to pet the cat can slow you down enough considerably, especially if you are running late I m always reminding our girls to stay focused and have a ten minute alarm set before we have to leave the house so they know that they have to stay on track in order to catch the bus And we enjoyed adding up the minutes to see how long her morning routine took Overall, we really enjoyed this story together We like the Mathstart books and will continue to search for of the books in the MathStart Level 2 series at our local library. In this story, a little girl is getting ready for the day and is using number lines to add how how many minutes she is spending getting ready It also uses rhyme This book can be used in first grade to begin looking at number lines or the passing of time and how it can be shown and added by using a number line.