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SCMD Share, Connect, Minister, Disciple Such a simple strategy and yet so many fail to do it I really enjoyed this book and the simple plan for discipleship laid out in its pages I admire the work that Pastor Jim Putman put into this After reviewing this book I am interested in purchasing the training manual and taking our youth group through it We all need to be discipled and it is a sad fact brought out in this book and evident in our churches that many people are left undescipled We are comfortable sharing the gospel but when it comes to training a young christian or helping them as they grow we are often sadly equiped and unsure of ourselves This book serves to encourage those who are saved to grow to a point of being able to disciple others so that those they disciple can in turn disciple We are in troublesome times, our battle is for eternity It would be absurd to recruit a man to the military, hand him a gun and set him out on the battle field Yet this is what is happening when a new christian is not discipled we have set them up for death or capture by the enemy Let us take seriously this thing we call christianity making it our lifestyle not simply a religion or denomination This book will encourage you and equip you for the task of discipling.Thank you NavPress for this review copy. I appreciate all the practical tips this book gives for how discipleship works in the church The main content I received from the book was a grid to determine where people are in the growth process and tools to utilize in helping them grow.The author also touches on an oral storytelling of the Bible to utilize in small group settings It peaked my interest to look into this further. Moving book about the power of true Discipleship Uses the elements of head cognitive , heart affective , hands behavioral as being critical to the disciple making process In this book you will find practical descriptions to help ascertain where a person is in the discipleship process Uses simple analogies such as Spiritual infant, Spiritual Child, Spiritual Adolescent, Spiritual Parent to refer to the different steps along the path A good read for anyone looking to enhance, alter, and assistance themselves or their church in developing reproducible disciples. There are great leadership and disciple making principles here if you can get past the size of the church that Putman is a pastor of What he writes can be used in any size church because almost all of it is based on small group dynamics and their use for developing disciples One of the real strengths of this book is that it is clear that there are many ways to accomplish the process and you should probably not try and duplicate what they have done but learn from it. This is a good book expressing the need for solid discipleship in churches and laying out the system that is being used effectively by Real Life Ministries, east of Spokane, WA. There was a lot of really great things in this book A few moments of disagreement but overall it presented a compelling and biblical approach to our greatest mission discipleship. This is a very good book that takes the focus off of what many churches are currently doing and puts it back on what they should be doing Jesus did not say go into the world and build churches but he said go and make disciples and then teach them to make disciples I highly suggest that both this book AND Culture Of Honor by Danny Silk be read back to back so that one can catch of a glimpse of how a 5 fold ministry and discipleship can and should work together. Very practical.Having read and lead a group through Discipleshift, I would say this book is even better I love the simple biblical categories that Jim uses, which in turn make for very practical application in real world settings The leadership principles really challenged me to consider how I as a pastor was really leading people towards full maturity in Christ. {READ DOWNLOAD} Ú Real-Life Discipleship ì Real Life Discipleship Explains What Should Happen In The Life Of Every Christian And In Every Small Group So That The Church Becomes An Army Of Believers Dedicated To Seeing The World SavedWith The Overriding Goal To Train Disciples Who Know How To Make Disciples, This Book Offers Proven Tools And Strategies From Real Life Ministries, One Of America S Fastest Growing ChurchesDiscover What The Bible Says About True And Effective Discipleship With These Strategies And Practices I loved the view of the discipleship circle I feel it s an accurate and articulate way to describe discipleship With theology coupled with real life stories, it was an intriguing book My only reason for 4 stars and not 5 was just due to writing style He was a little long winded and I felt some points could have been explained in 1 page instead of 3.