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Main Characters Erik Rhodes Xylon WarriorLeila Abdera Xylon HealerSynopsis Erik Rhodes is a very dominant warrior who recognizes Leila as his true breeder mate but doesn t know how to approach her to make his claim Leila does everything she can to avoid Erik because she also knows that he is her mate but she has a lot of issues from prior sexual abuse that keep her from being comfortable with intimacy Erik and Leila are selected for a dangerous mission but to accomplish it, she must be reinitiated as a breeder mate Erik and his team including Leila must capture a sterilization formula that has been developed by their enemies so that the Xylon race can continue to exist.Thoughts Overall I liked this book I felt badly for Leila with the abuse she experienced during her initiation and was glad that she was able to put that aside to mate with Erik. I meanwhat do you think, i I think I wanted to give this series a chance The first one was not my thing, I heard they got betterstill not my thing The world building doesn t do it for me, the characters feel flat and interchangeable, and there is a lot of sex the end I am nonetheless very glad this writer and her fans seem to love em, so vaya con dios 3.5Second in the series, it gives the a traumatized character, Leila, from the first book her HFN The emotional interaction between the H h is stilted I think the dialogue is awkward and diminishes the intensity between them The sexual escapades is ramped up, with 4 males and the female and since she s of the same species there s none of those human hangups to worry about Seriously thermonuclear at times.The series plot is developed along, but several new monkeywrenches are thrown in making one wonder how long it will go on I admit to liking cult sci fi movies and this series gives me the same vibe, so even if it isn t perfectly wrought I m entertained and look forward to the next Xylon Warrior offering. Leila gets initiated by Braden,Torque,Kam and Erik This takes up half of the story good smut Then Leila,Kam and Erik go on a quick mission to Marid The bad guys know that they are there and try to keep them there but it don t work They get out alive Something happens to Alexa and Braden goes in search of her I really like this story Will continue with the rest. I read this book in two days because I couldn t put it down I enjoyed the first book in the series and liked this one even It had plot and dealt with the universe of the series. I enjoyed this book that the first as I found the story line much better I believe that the next book 3 in this series is about Kam, and it should be a good one he has a soft part in my heart Once again, these books are very graphic and not for the faint of heart.be warned Lots of multi partner sex but a decent plot too I look forward to continuing the series. I really don t know what I like about this series the best, the action or the hot scenes The story is well written with tons of hotness, surrounded by action, and suspense great series. {Free Epub} ⚡ His Carnal Need (Xylon Warriors, #2) Í Book In The Xylon Warriors SeriesWarrior Erik Rhodes Demands Compliance From His Men And Submission From His Women He S Found The Woman He Wants And Intends To Brand As His Own His Erotic Visions Of Her Indicate That She Is His True Breeder Mate Nobody Will Dispute His ClaimLeila Abdera Hasn T Submitted To A Man In Years Now The Xylon Leader Demands That She Complete A Sexual Re Initiation To Gain The Ability To Self Heal She Will Need To Submit To Erik And To An Entire Alliance Of Men During The RiteIf The Ceremony Is Successful A Team Of Warriors, All Self Healers, Will Travel To The Main Moon Of Xylon To Retrieve A Sterilization Formula Created By The Egesa Slave Masters A Half Lizard, Half Humanoid Race The Compound Threatens The Future Of XylonLeila Puts Aside Her Fears And Completes The Re Initiation So She Can Go On The Mission Learning To Trust Isn T Easy, But She Falls In Love With Erik And Actually Begins To Crave His Sexual Dominance And Erik Learns That Though He May Control Leila S Body, She Holds His Heart And Soul In Her Hands Another short and quick read I like that the author have a vivid imagination The initiation on how to keep self heal is interesting to say the least Not bad.