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~Free Pdf ♿ Riding on Instinct (Wild Riders, #3) ☧ Hot, Sexy, Romantic Suspense At Its Best New York Times Bestselling Author Lora Leigh From The National Bestselling Author Of Riding Temptation Department Of Justice Agent Shadoe Grayson Is Out To Prove She S No Rookie, And Eagerly Accepts Her First Undercover Assignment At A Strip Club In New Orleans Working With The Wild Riders, A Government Agency Of Bad Boy Bikers, Her Goal Is To Expose A Corrupt DEA Agent All She Has To Do Is Learn To Strip Like A Pro Standing In Shadoe S Way Is Arrogant And Smokin Hot Spencer King, Her New Partner And One Of The Wild Riders Spence Thinks She Looks Like A Schoolteacher Than A Stripper, And Doubts Her Ability To Do The Job But When He Mockingly Challenges Shadoe To Strip Just For Him, He Finds Out There S To The Surprisingly Sexy Agent Than By The Book Rules And Government Issue Pantsuits This one was pretty much a mirror of the second one in this series, Riding Temptation Instead of undercover in a biker gang, they are undercover in a strip club. 4.5 stars That was hot and sexy And bit of suspense in there too Really enjoyed this. After a somewhat shaky start, I m really quite enjoying Jaci Burton s Wild Riders series, now that I know what to expect This series is actually a lot of fun if you go into it expecting a sexy romp and are happy just to go along for the ride and not spend time analysing the over the top suspense plot Riding on Instinct sees a return to the steam taking centre stage, although the suspense plot implausible though it may be is still well done Shadoe hate the name Grayson is a Department of Justice agent about to undertake her first undercover assignment and it s a doozy.Working with the Wild Riders, Shadoe did I mention I hate the name will pose as a headline stripper, using her photographic memory to identify a corrupt DEA agent who is believed to have connections to one of the premier strip clubs in New Orleans Wild Rider Spencer will be partnering her on the assignment, acting as her bodyguard and lover.Arrogant Spence doesn t think the straight laced, anal retentive, pantsuit wearing Shadoe can possibly pull it off, but when he challenges her to strip for him, he has to eat his words Seems like underneath the schoolteacher appearance is one smoking hot, sexy lady she s a natural.The set up obviously made for great titillation and some very steamy scenes, and the suspense plot didn t disappoint, either Spence wasn t as likeable in the beginning as I remember him from the other books, but he came through in the end, and Shadoe s character had depth than her name would have you believe All in all, a great installment in Burton s erotic suspense series, and I look forward to reading the next one. This series just keeps getting better with each book Please dont tell me it will be over soon Spence was somebody who captured you from reading about the Wild Riders from the start He is an alpha male through and through Take charge, gorgeous, sexual and oh so out of reach.I loved the intense, sexual chemistry that Spence and Shadoe shared and we not afraid to take on These two really lit up the pages of the book with their raw, unbridled sexuality and needs Spence is not used to relationships with women so finds it hard to take on Shadoe who has captured his body and heart and know he has to let her go at the end of the mission.This is a fast paced erotic read and I loved reading it from start to finish I love it when two characters clearly are good together and you cant put the book down to do anything but see what happens next You will enjoy My favourite in the Wild Riders series, by far JB seemed to grow throughout this series by this book 3 I think she s well and truly found her feet Jessie Diaz s story was good, but this one is strong in ways I haven t seen in the earlier books Shadoe is a strong, confident, feisty woman with a squishy heart and a solid backbone I was so excited to see these two get their HEA, and JB did not disappoint The plot was exciting even if I hadn t been reading this for the romance sex, I would have enjoyed it I was invested in what happened with the storyline I m excited to see the last guys in the series get their stories I suck in that I try to guess the premise and the type of heroine before I read the synopsis, but JB s Wild Riders series has me intrigued and I can t wait to read the rest of it It s not often that I last through a whole series, but this one is so doing it for me Some of the x rated phrases are starting to get a little repetitive I m hoping that since the author looks to be going from strength to strength, the next books will shake something up in the sex department A sizzling, easy read not overly dark, not overly complicated just a really good time. Tr s basic Le sc nario est tr s simpliste Beaucoup de sexe pour combler Mais a se lit This is the thrid book by Jaci Burton that I ve read and I liked the other ones much better For some reason this one had horrible dialog, maybe I just don t quite remember the other ones as well I just about put this one down right from the begining because of the dialog but I really wanted to read a biker love story so I stuck with it Here s an example of the part that almost did the book in for me,The H h are supose to be partners and when meating for the first time they hate eachother on sight also our h is supose to have a photographic memory but our H isn t buying it.He calls her on it and say s Bullshit so to prove it she repeats everything he has said to her since the met No way in hell is anyone going to believe that she s a stripper Sorry darlin but your not the right man for the job Well, look at you Loose, dark pantsuit with God only knows what kind of body underneath it,hair in a bun without one strand out of place Your face is pinched so tight you look like you have a stick shoved up your ass.Should I go on Spence or should I stop now Well goddamn She just repeated everything I said to her right before y all came in I stand corrected,darlin You ve got the skills Who wouldn t remember 5 rapid fire insults five minutes after meating someone Uggg it was really horrible I do have to say that the story did get a bit better and I did have to remember that it s erotica so basically it s about the sex and less about the quailty of the writting I just wish it was a good balance between the two.Shadoe h had just gotten her first assingment, to go undercover with the Wild Riders a secret angency but also bikers who fight on the side of good She s supose to pose as a stripper at a bar were the Wild Riders feel that drugs are being sold.Spence H is a Wild Rider and he s up for this assingment as long as his new partner can pull of the stripper act When he has her give him a preview of her act he decides she has the stuff He also starts to fall for her and her for him but he doesnt do relationships and he s told her that when the case is over so are they He never thought it would be so hard to walk away. 5 stars Romantic Suspense Erotica Riding on Instinct is the third book in Jaci Burton s fun, sexy Wild Riders series about a covert government agency led by an ex military general and made up of ex thieves bikers turned good guys gals who take on undercover assignments and bend the laws to nab the bad guys that other government agencies are inept at catching There s a terrific mix of action, suspense, humor, and scorching hot romance, and it s an easy, fast paced, exciting read The Wild Riders series, with its sexy bikers turned government agents, is always thrilling, but this time around, there s strippers, drug smugglers, and the sultry New Orleans setting to boost the entertainment factor In Riding on Instinct, Wild Rider agent Spence is teamed up with Department of Justice rookie field agent Shadoe Grayson yes, that s her real name, not her stripper name to go undercover at a high class strip club in New Orleans to expose a corrupt DEA agent using the club for drug trafficking Agent Shadoe Grayson is tasked with posing as a headlining stripper and Spence as her bodyguard and lover Rookie agent Grayson has been selected for the assignment because she has a photographic memory and has reviewed the list and faces of all DEA agents and can therefore recognize the rogue agent and help infiltrate the drug smuggling operation at the club Spence is reluctant to work with Shadoe because he feels the Miss Prim and Proper agent is too banal and uptight to effectively pass as a stripper, especially one who s supposed to be a convincing headliner at a high class strip club like the Wild Rose in New Orleans Spence raises the gauntlet by questioning her ability to handle the case since it depends on her being convincing as a stripper, and boy does she ever prove him wrong Her stripper persona Desi, clad in biker chic black leather, is a hit at the club, and Spence doesn t know what hit him either once she takes the stage as his ultimate fantasy biker babe It s a lot of fun to see cocky, bad boy Spence get all hot and bothered by Shadoe s makeover from stuffy agent to sexy vixen.Spence and Shadoe have smoking hot chemistry and fight it for all of about 5 minutes because they both have concerns over getting involved while on a case, but it s not long before they are scorching the sheets Spence has the typical angst of can t do love or relationships because I m not a good guy hang up, but Shadoe convinces him that she s fine with a temporary fling and that they can just be what each other needs for the duration of the case They both agree to go their separate ways with no strings attached once the case is over, but will it really be that simple Riding on Instinct is an erotic, action packed read It s sexy, fun entertainment, with steamy romance between a sexy bad boy biker undercover agent hero and a smart, tough, siren federal agent heroine against the backdrop of a spicy strip club in sultry New Orleans It s an enjoyable read to fill up an afternoon5 stars Shadoe is an agent of the DOJ She is a driven young women out to prove that she can do anything a man can do, and maybe even do it better Since she was born she has constantly been fighting the stigma of being a girl, her father always wanted a boy and drilled it into her that she was less because she was female She has just received her first assignment and she happens to be partnered with a member of the Wilder Riders.Spence takes one look at Shadoe and knows that she doesn t have what it takes to do this undercover assignment Shadoe must pose as a stripper to infiltrate a strip club and identify a dirty agent who uses the club as a meeting place to sell drugs Spence had a horrible background like all of the Wild Riders and when he looks at Shadoe he see s a princess in an ivory tower He doesn t believe she is capable of loosening up, or that she has the sex appeal to preform this operation But Spence soon learns that there is much to Agent Shadoe than he previously thought She is changing his every perception he had about her As these two work closely they begin to find things in one another that they never believed possible, but with two people so driven for their jobs can they make it work between them.I loved both main characters in this story Spence was a complete Alpha male He was possessive and territorial when it came to Shadoe, which was something he was unaccustomed to and did not like Shadoe was always adapting and you could never tell her she can t do something She gives everything she has when trying to accomplish something, and nothing dissuades her I liked how both characters never had love in their lives and they both rejected it Neither one wanted to care about the other so it made it all the great when they refused to see that they had together They were a great couple and I loved their story I would have really liked to actually see Spence s brother Trevor, I hold out hope for a short story or something.