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I loved this book I read this for my reading class at school and thought it was really good I never knew who Dolores was before reading this book and I think she is a very good role model, especially for young children I did not like how they had mini biographies about other people mixed into the book, and most had nothing to do with Dolores It got me side tracked from Dolores s story Overall, I thought this book was okay, but definitely not my favorite. I have heard Dolore Huerta s name, but after attending a union leadership event I had to find out about this pioneer of union work For over forty years she worked to improve the lives of others Recently she was seen on the picket lines with teachers on strike in California Viva Dolores Very informative about the issues that Dolores worked to overcome Almost about the issues than her own personal life Cesar Chavez is mentioned frequently throughout the book due to the closeness of their working relationship Interesting fact from the book their personalities did not jive well Cesar was quiet, reserved in speech, but simultaneously a man of action Dolores was fiesty, in your face, loud, a great and passionate speaker Another interesting fact about migrant workers 49 years was life expectancy in 1960 for migrant workers For average Americanin 1960 it was 68. Children s biographies, a great way to get an idea of people I should know I am actually now intrigued to read an adult biography of Dolores Huerta Cesar Chavez was the compassionate face of farmworkers rights but Ms Huerta was the unflagging nuts and bolts behind the scenes Definitely a force to be reckoned with Recommended for gr 6 9 Describes the life of Dolores Huerta, social activist and UFW co founder with Cesar Chavez , discussing her childhood, education, struggles and accomplishments in political and civil rights activism and union organizing There are photographs, quotes or historical sidebars on almost every page Very helpful glossary as well as lists of books and websites for further information Index, table of contents and time line are also included. ^FREE PDF ⇨ Dolores Huerta ✒ Born In In A Small Mining Town In New Mexico And Raised In The Farming Region Of California S San Joaquin Valley, Dolores Huerta Born Dolores Fern Ndez Grew Up In A Climate Charged By Political Activism Fueled By Her Own Contact With Migrant Farm Workers Most Of Them Mexican Immigrants Dolores Became An Outspoken Activist And Organizer At The Time, These Workers Had Virtually No Access To The System Of Labor Laws And Conditions Under Which They Lived And Worked When She Founded The United Farm Workers In With Legendary Mexican American Labor Leader C Sar Ch Vez, It Became A Seminal Moment In US Labor History This Brave And Resourceful Leader In The Struggle For Human Rights Also Worked Toward Improving The Lives Of Workers, Voters, Immigrants, And Women