Free ☨ Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View ♈

Proof of astrology and that Pluto is a planet. Wow Quote me on this, that this book is an early sign of an entirely new potential re structuring of the way we relate to the world Most beautifully written, brought me to the point of tears as well as shakes when reading, even only 100 pages in I hope to study with Tarnas at CIIS for graduate school. Free ⚑ Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View ♠ Richard Tarnas S The Passion Of The Western Mind Acclaimed By Leading Voices In Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, And History Sets The Stage For This Major Work, Thirty Years In The Making, That Dramatically Reframes Our Understanding Of The Universe In The Light Of Extraordinary New Evidence Cosmos And Psyche Is The First Book By A Widely Respected Scholar To Demonstrate The Existence Of A Consistent Correspondence Between Planetary Movements And The Unfolding Drama Of Human History A Vast And Impressive Body Of Evidence Illuminates Patterns Of Meaning And Precise Correlations Between The Universe And The World Of Human Endeavor With Meticulous Detail, Richard Tarnas Takes Us On A Journey That Begins With The Ancient Greeks And Culminates In Our Own Era And Its Transformative Potential, Putting Into Perspective These Chaotic, Tumultuous Times From The Sixties To September ,And Pointing The Way Towards The Future In Terms Of Planetary Cycles, Our Present Moment In History Is Most Comparable To The Period Five Hundred Years Ago That Era Of Extraordinary Turbulence And Creativity, The High Renaissance Not Since Copernicus Conceived The Heliocentric Theory Has The Human Community Faced Such A Profound Realignment Of The Way We Think Readers Of Every Persuasion Will Be Impressed By The Vast Canvas Here, The Wealth Of Research And Analysis, And The Profound Conclusions That May Be Drawn Conclusions That Reunite Religion And Science, And Restore A Transcendent Dimension To The Universe This book has permanently altered my worldview In short, the author, a respected scholar scientist, presents a busload of data strongly suggesting that the movements and alignments of the outer planets of our solar system are strongly correlated i.e., synchronistic with certain kinds of events that repeatedly and predictably occur on Earth Strange though it may seem, the data convincingly demonstrates that the entire solar system predicts and perhaps influences the trends of human history and reveals the existence of cyclical historical themes recurring archetypes that function globally Now you re probably saying to yourself, Astrology Seriously Nonsense Right I felt the same way before reading this book My initial impression of astrology was that it contained no truth whatsoever And, of course, much of astrology especially horoscopes will always be utter nonsense Nevertheless, the type of astrology in Cosmos and Psyche appears to be entirely valid, and the author supports all of his ideas and conclusions with an abundance of convincing evidence Cosmos and Psyche is also one of the most spiritually enlightening, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally rewarding reading experiences I ve ever enjoyed My review of this book fails to do justice to the amazing information this book contains Note Knowledge of the writings of Carl Jung is helpful for a full understanding of several important concepts in this book. Richard Tarnas is a man with a vision, which happens to include not only the vastness of the universe the cosmos , but also the depths of the individual creative mind the psyche In the process, he combines a historical time frame the synchronic with the diachronic sweep of time through the lens of the alignment of the outer planets Whereas you would think an astrological vision would be totally out of reality s ballpark, it turns out that his argument is very convincing, most of all because of the 30 years of research he has put into this magisterial work His knowledge of history and the most important, game changing books written over time s past, leaves you breathless It s not an easy read, but it s a deep, deep thesis reaching to the ends of the known universe One would not expect less from a mind of such enormous scope and erudition. Tarnas is not a very good writer, being one of those authors who is verbose in the extreme He never uses one word where ten will do, and his prose style is so over the top that at times I just had to laugh His ideas are interesting, however, and he expresses them so clearly as to be highly intelligible, which is a big point in his favour His argument is that up till the Enlightenment we lived in a world in which we were a part of a larger whole, which meant among other things that meaning was objective Tarnas then discusses a development which was news to me, and which alone made reading this book worthwhile called the disenchantment of the cosmos, which involved a paradigm shift which resulted in us seeing the world as merely a material process onto which we projected meaning So far so good, and I would give him five stars up to this point and simply forgive him his verbosity However, he then tries to further advance his argument by putting forward evidence he has gathered over the years concerning correlations between the planets, especially Uranus and Pluto, and key developments in history and the achievements of historical figures for example, Melville wrote Moby Dick during a particular phase of the Saturn Pluto cycle I found these correlations unconvincing because the outer planets move so slowly that any correlations can unfold over such a wide span of time that lots of things are bound to have been going on Tarnas bravely has a stab at making predictions at the end of his book on the basis of his correlations but none of them to date have come true He completely missed the Arab Spring I will re read the first part of the book sometime, as that was a very interesting background discussion, but I was not too impressed with the remaining sections, hence my grading of this book as average. This brilliant book follows on from The Passion Of The Western Mind Understanding the Ideas That Have Shaped Our World View and offers a worldview and cosmology to help heal the disastrous split in the Western psyche Tarnas demonstrates with overwhelming levels of detail and clarity, that there is another way of looking at reality For full review It turns out astrology is right. Wow I think this book is going to change the world Tarnas research is absolutely astounding he is a well renowned historian, and he s the only one to go into historical astrology in such depth and with such scientific dignity and prowess 30 years in the making, Cosmos and Psyche is a mind blowing masterpiece which presents historical eras alongside the planetary alignments and astrological events, along with the lives of historical figures, their birth charts and planetary returns, and explains carefully and explicitly the archetypal energies at play on earth and the heavenly aspects that correspond to them, emphasizing that the relationship between events in space, events on earth, and events in the mind are not in his opinion causal relationships one way or the other but are nevertheless simultaneous and correlate in a predictable manner And he shows the evidence for this to such a great length that I don t think anyone could actually read this book and continue to view astrology as a pseudo science Seriously, it straight up proves it to be a legitimate science, and even an unbeliever in astronomy, if you could get them to read this, would have to admit that there is an uncanny relationship between human history and planetary cycles, enough so that a study of such things should be taken seriously And I believe it will be in the near future, as this kind of understanding becomeswidespread Tarnas research is the key to bringing astrology back into the mainstream because it is so undeniable and without opinion or bias, it just says, here is history, and here is what the planets were doing at that time, and here are the patterns that show up Take a look Disappointing All of the evidence for astrology was retro dictive rather than predictive In other words, the research looked at history and explained the events based on the astrology The idea was that the events were explainable by what an astrologer could have predicted And that somehow proved astrology is true.That doesn t really prove anything.The book had a sciencey feel But it was clearly not science.I m embarrassed that I read it.But I did.That was back when I still had an open mind about such things.This 600 page monster pretty much put an end to all that.Now I just read actual science.It makes me feel less like I took crazy pills.