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!Epub ♳ Mafia Chic (Red Dress Ink) ☫ As The Only Granddaughter Among Seventeen Grandsons Of One Of New York S Reputed Mafia Dons, Teddi Gallo Has Been Surrounded By Overprotective Men All Her Lifenot To Mention Those FBI Agents Tailing Her Family But Now, Determined To Live Her Own Life, She Has Decamped To Manhattan With Dreams Of Making It In The Brutal Restaurant BusinessSoon, However, She Is Finding Her Dinner Plate Is Than Full As She Juggles An Old Money, News Anchor Boyfriend, A Devastatingly Handsome FBI Agent Trailing Her, A Nervous Accountant Concerned Her Business Is Failing And Her Cousin Tony Acting As Her Bodyguard Toss In Bringing Her New Beau Home For Sunday Dinner And Trying To Explain The Hundred Pairs Of Stolen Jimmy Choos In Her Uncle Vito S Living Roomand Teddi Gallo S Already Chaotic Life Is Made All The Messy Maybe A Few Well Hatched Plans, A Bit Of Matchmaking And A Dose Of Mafia Chic Will Get Her Out Of This Jam Cute and fun. Fun read, a bit predictable towards the end I liked that the main character is a strong independent woman of sorts I didn t really get the chic element, other than a few references to designer brands thrown in there Would have been cool if some of Teddi s recipes were actually included in the book, I think it would have made itoriginal As in Like Water for Chocolate. I really enjoyed this book and couldn t put it down And I really wished there wasto the book because I really liked the characters After reading this, I had a strange craving for some good Italian food too This review is also posted on the LibraryThing website. So damn cutelove my Italians. A precious romantic comedy Very quick read literally read it in a day but it was mostly cuz I loved Teddi so much. Theresa Marie Teddi l unica femmina dei diciotto nipoti di Poppi Marcello, padrino italo americano, e in quanto tale trattata alla stregua di una principessina, viziata, coccolata, e sorvegliata dai vari membri della famiglia.Che per la vorrebbero felicemente e finalmente maritata , possibilmente con un cattolico, italiano, non appartenente alla mafia.Cos Teddi comincia una relazione con un noto giornalista televisivo, ma il suo colpo di fulmine un italo americano con cui si scontrata mentre lui la pedinava con un grosso furgone dell FBI.Naturalmente, da italiana, la solita equazione italiano mafioso d non poco fastidio, ma questo libro in pratica si regge su stereotipi riguardanti chi ha origini nel Bel Paese.Accantonati i temi profondi velati d ironia e le storie interessanti di Diario di una signora del blues e Tequila a colazione, Erica Orloff ci consegna un libro la cui prevedibilit davvero l ultima delle sue pecche.Le famiglie di Teddi, entrambe italiane ed entrambe mafiose, naturalmente, si incontrano ogni domenica per pranzi luculliani a cui nessuno pu dire di no, ed in cui il piatto preferito da tutti, e menzionato fino alla nausea, sono le teste d agnello teste d agnello con tanto d occhi sulle tavole italiane Mah le donne sono assiepate in cucina, gli uomini davanti alla tv, con i petti villosi coperti da canottiere di materiale scadente, le ragazze in salotto scelgono le scarpe Jimmy Choo cadute accidentalmente da un camion.Ma tanto per stemperare il tutto, ogni membro della famiglia ha un cuore grande cos , nessuno traffica in droga oh, no, per amor del Cielo , la prostituzione non viene nemmeno menzionata, e nell aria si respira il desiderio di una vita onesta e normale, che probabilmente si realizzer una volta che la nuova generazione avr soppiantato la vecchia.Colpo di fulmine un libro leggero, che si legge in fretta, e che, forse, pu risultare divertente Fuori dall Italia.Ed proprio questo il problema.http iltesorodicarta.blogspot.it This is one of my favorite books I re read it every few months when I feel like reading something that will make me smile I ve seen some reviews saying it s a predictable story and it is just a little bit It follows the typical rom com recipe but the story never fails to pull me in I know zero about the Mafia world so I don t know how accurate everything in this story is but is sounded pretty on point and I eat it up every time My favorite part of this book, hands down, are the characters I thought Teddi was a great main character I immediately liked that, even though she has her overprotective family trailing her at all times, she s determined to be independent and make sure her restaurant is both legit and a success Her BFF Diana was also hilarious The conversations between those two are always some of my favorite parts to read I also love reading about Teddi s family They are such a colorful cast of characters and the conversations and backstories we get to read about make the story seem so real Poppy is the typical overprotective grandfather that will do anything to keep his granddaughter safe and happy and the same goes for Teddi s parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins Tony was a particular favorite of mine and his relationship with Teddi and Diana is the cutest thing Quinn is another amazing character hot, hilarious and sweet is always a good combination The romance in this book is also pretty great Teddy is stuck between choosing a man who she wants to the right choice even if her family didn t approve right away and a man who is totally the enemy but she had an undeniable attraction to The romance was totally believable and super super sweet Like I said, this is my go to book when I want a light hearted and happy read I definitely recommend cliche. This is a throwback read Mafia Chic, by Erica Orloff, from Red Dress Ink, ca 1994 This book is almost ten years old, but to its credit, doesn t read dated at all I loved all the books from the Red Dress imprint, and this one sort of escaped me It s about Teddi, whose family is in the mob Yes, even mobster s daughters need love too I was expecting a quirky, craze cast of characters and I got that in small bits, but I thought the main character was just a bit too tame to be interesting Or perhaps I just did not connect with her She starts dating a television journalist but starts really connecting with another man, who is an FBI agent assigned to do surveillance for her family I don t think I need to tell you how this one ends, right I am just thinking maybe I am not really into this milieu, as I am not really into mob inspired things I never saw an episode of The Sopranos This book is pleasant enough, but maybe just a bit bland.