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i was expectingfrom this and i was kind of let down the characters were predictable as was the plot but it still evoked emotion Harlequin Undone so this is a short story Six years ago, the rakish Viscount St Austell betrayed his best friend and his own sense of honor by seducing Lionel s sister, Loveday Trehearne Now St Austell has hired Lionel as an artist and is reunited with Loveday once again Though she is as beautiful as ever, Loveday lives in povertyand a different sort of mystery seems to be haunting the Trehearnes, too The scandalous viscount is determined to help Loveday despite her resistance but his toughest challenge will be fighting the passion that still burns between them. Ms Rolls novels, which I ve liked very much, have been well wrought stories with wonderfully complex characters This novella or maybe even short story is just an excuse to write a sex scene I like sex in life and in books to be the result of a build up within a relationship Skipping the relationship building by giving characters a backstory we don t see develop or flower is a cheap way out I m very disappointed in this. This books was short Way too short I m glad that I got it from the library, otherwise I would have been disappointed in its length. A Scandalous Liaison Elizabeth Rolls 4 5 Evelyn, Viscount Austell was a careless youth when he dishonorably although unintentionally seduced his friend s younger sister, Loveday Being of different classes, marriage was not possible, and so Evelyn stayed away Now 6 years later, having commissioned a painting from her brother, Evelyn is confronted with Loveday again Only he s older and smarter now and he can t stop thinking about her This was an excellent little story You feel Evelyn s guilt, his love and definitely their passion The sexy murals were a cute touch Still, the story required a bit of suspension of disbelief A near virgin giving the hero a BJ Eh, probably not And the names although it was explained that the hero was Evelyn and it was a boy s name at the time, I kept reading the name and thinking it was the heroine for some reason. `Free Pdf ↜ A Scandalous Liaison ⇪ Six Years Ago, The Rakish Viscount St Austell Betrayed His Best Friend And His Own Sense Of Honor By Seducing Lionel S Sister, Loveday Trehearne Now St Austell Has Hired Lionel As An Artist And Is Reunited With Loveday Once Again Though She Is As Beautiful As Ever, Loveday Lives In Povertyand A Different Sort Of Mystery Seems To Be Haunting The Trehearnes, Too The Scandalous Viscount Is Determined To Help Loveday Despite Her Resistance But His Toughest Challenge Will Be Fighting The Passion That Still Burns Between Them