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5 STARSThis one was a total winner for me Loved it from beginning to end Lord Griffin Reading was somewhat of an arrogant arse which I m sure is why I loved him so much Don t ask me why, buy I am just enad by the total jerks in these books His dirty mouth could light a glacier on fire Sexy as fuck That is all I can sayI dare, he muttered, because I m selfish and black hearted and vain I dare because you are what you are and I am what I am I dare because I cannot otherwise I ve lived too long without bread or wine, crawling desperate in a lonely, barren desert, and you, my darling Lady Perfect, are manna sent directly from heaven above He wanted to imprint himself upon her To make her acknowledge that he was than simply a friend or a potential brother in law To ensure she never forgot him He wanted to engrave himself upon her very bonesLady Hero Batten was one classy chick, who knew how to handle herself At least until she was in the presence of him.I was a little surprised by the lack of Lady H s will power against his intense seduction, especially for a virgin but hey, who am I to judge I would have crumbled even sooner, no doubt Hell that carriage scene fuckYou say my name like a lover, so soft, so sweet I want to lick the word from your lips, sip the exhaled breath from your mouth I want to possess you utterly Right now Right hereThe ghost of St Giles is lurking about, and there were a few clues about his identity And there was a good introduction into the next book as well No complaints with this one Can t wait for the next book Not as good as the first one, but I still liked it.Our female s name is Hero and the male is shit, forgot his name already Let s just call him Bad Brother, or BB for short.So, Hero meets BB by walking in on him sticking it to a married woman at her engagement party Engagement to his brother Apparently, something must have been impressive because after this meeting, Hero is all aflutter over little brother and can t stay away from him I m guessing that little brother isn t so little, if you catch my driftin case you didn t catch my drift Of course, Hero is an idiot She continues to string big brother along while traipsing all around the slums with BB BB is a bad brother, hence the name, and decides he will start sticking it to his bro s fiance now Apparently BB decided that the 10 Commandments were like a bucket list than a list of no no s because he pretty much runs the gauntlet on this thing Biblical BuzzfeedI like this world because there is a lot going on than just the romance angle of things Many of the side characters are so well developed that I find myself eager for their stories, and I actually feel a bit invested in the little world of Maiden Lane I especially can t wait for the pirate book I m so all over that What I didn t like was the cheating I have this outrageous thought that a decent person should simply break up with their last SO before screwing the next guy I know, I know so picky Overall, I didn t fall in love with these main characters, but I still liked the story very much. I love this couple You say my name like a lover, so soft, so sweet I want to lick the word from your lips, sip the exhaled breath from your mouth I want to possess you utterly Right now Right here OMG if this book got any hotter.I am just saying Setting Time Genre Georgian, London Length 371 pages Series Yep, book 2Sexy times Holy lord Steam factor, high Dude, it s a historical and Hoyt says penis or cock at least 3 times each Penis, for goodness sakes I Can t Even Side note the day I read a historical that goes for the vagina , I die And isn t that just the thing We can use the right proper name for man naughty bits, but for a womansteamy folds it is Whatevs Moving on.Plan on reading by the author The whole gosh darned series Synopsis, quick like So we have this heroine who s engaged to the hero s brother who is a right bunch of twaddle, if you asked me She falls for his brother who also happens to be involved in some nefarious business dealings in St Giles which the heroine s brother is dead set against The hero has some drama with a particular villainous dude which you learn of in Book 3 in the series Hot times happen And my god This hero Whew fans self whilst swooning Heroine Lady Hero She s quite the perfect lady She s been raised to be quite the perfect lady by her stick in the mud brother Someone needs to loosen his sh t right up But here s the thing, she is not such a perfect lady She s maddeningly passionate and she s completely brave She took a leap over to the dark side, because they served up Griffin on a silver platter and he needed to be eaten up right quick Hero Griffin OMG I think I have a crush on a totally non existent character and I will not be getting over it soon He s a hero in the truest sense of the word Did I mention I wanted to eat him up with a spoon Ahhhhhh romance Why it did or didn t work for me It worked It so worked This might have been a steamy little historical, but they weren t just rutting around It was love, I tell you, full on making love Connecting There was just something so right about these two characters together that had me cheering them on to the finish They could overcome any obstacle because they were simply that perfect for each other I will say that Thomas, the original brother she was supposed to marry, was just ick And the woman he was in lust with, meh They were both just kinda smarmy or something I ll leave you with this Do you love me And somehow, despite her extremis, she saw the gaping hole of the trap She peered up at him blindly in the dark She couldn t see his face, his expression Griffin, she sighed hopelessly You can t say it, can you he whispered Can t admit it either. 4 A buddy read with the incurable romantics at the MacHalos We need love in our lives This is the second book in the Historical Romance Series of Maiden Lane The first introduced us to the seedy neighborhood of Saint Giles in London in the seventeen hundreds This one picks up about 7 months later and Lady Hero, the brave and gentile sister of a Duke we got to know, who won our hearts by investing into the urchin children s home, meets a scoundrel, Griffin At first, the sparks that fly are not of love, but of disapproval and the compromising position he is in, while on top of a married lady, does not do anything for Hero to develop respect for him Thus, our Lady thanks her lucky stars that she is getting engaged to Griffin s brother Thomas, instead of the cad Thomas is a stick in the mud Marquis, who is a friend with Lady Hero s brother and the marriage is a contract between titled families, not a love match, but she hopes that love will come with time Meanwhile however, she has to spend time with his family, which includes Griffin and things are very strained and stressful between them Of course, there is the fact that Griffin is sexy, easy going, flirtatious, interesting, attentive and all those very attractive to the ladies qualities that make bad boys so very tempting And she happens to be beautiful and rich, and kind, and inquisitive, and compassionate, and charitable, and all those other qualities that drive rakes to distraction, and tempt them to a point they might even consider settling down maybe eventuallySo, the two of them get to spend a lot of time together, mostly attempting to keep it on the down low, because the world seems to be telling them that they should stay away from each other But their attraction can not be denied and they keep finding ways to be together, despite having all the reasons to stay apart.This was very well set up story, beautifully written and with some very exciting moments The love story was very appropriate for the time period and the author dealt perfectly with the assumptions of the era while bringing a fresh, relatable perspective to it A perfect read for the fans of Romance I wish you all Happy Reading and may your heart overflow with love 5 Incredible Stars London, 1737 You say my name like a lover, so soft, so sweet I want to lick the word from your lips, sip the exhaled breath from your mouth I want to possess you utterly Right now Right here I m convinced.Elizabeth Hoyt writes magic She has a magical, unicorn laptop and when she types the words just somehow magically appears and combines to make a fabulous story I m convinced that only adjectives can adequately describe this book Sensual Chivalrous Sexy Arousing Holy hell the steam in this book Electrifying Adventurous Passionate Wicked DelightfulFrom the opening scene to the very last page I was enraptured in this intriguing story I LOVED it and everything about it The characters, the story, the romanceit is well deserving of 5 stars If you haven t started this series yet I don t know how many times I can scream at the top of my lungs READ THIS SERIES You re in for an adventure of a lifetime.Not sure how I ve read the other 11 books in this series and managed to skip this one. It s always a total joy to pick up an Elizabeth Hoyt book Her characters always draw me into their world, with their emotions and what lurks behind the mask they wear, or what makes them tick Hoyt s newest series started off with a bang and just keeps getting better with Notorious Pleasures Lord Griffin Reading is know to the ton and society as a rake with a lustful appetite, some shading dealing and rumors that fly around that cause no end of a stir for him To add fuel to the fire, its well know that his brother and he are on hardly talking terms, and Griffin could care less He laughs at the rumors and turns his back on all those whom turn their noses up to him for telling tales or just going by rumors Because there s to Griffin this some scapegrace rake mask he wears Of course, he doesn t let on this to any, so then to Lady Hero, who happens to be getting married to his brother, and he can t seem to get out of his head or keep his hands off either Lady Hero was born the daughter of a duke and now the sister of a duke Knows her place in society and goes about with grace and dignity Her upcoming marriage with help bond this fact home, but having her brother s closest ally as his new brother in law This of course go awry when Lady Hero meet Griffin, whom stirs up her emotions, like no other, and makes her like a woman then a perfect duke s daughter Lady Hero and Griffin have condition themselves to be what they want the ton and others to see, but not whom they truly are Hero wasn t hard to like, just hard to understand her actions For Hero she s been told over and over to be the perfect daughter, to make her family proud by marriage and her actions Drilled into her head, Hero is at a lost when she s pushed out of her comfort zone by Griffin This was a given to any of us that s been forced to step out into the unknown, or place where we don t feel safe Sometimes the experience can be bad and we quickly go back into our safe zone, but sometimes in order to expanded our world and thoughts we have to take the first leap into the unknown Hero has this inner struggle throughout the book, of what she felt was right, and what she learns is the right thing to do She grows from her narrow cage and outlook to look into the bigger picture of the world Not that she didn t have her doubts and taking a few steps back, regarding her feelings to Griffin Taking that first great leap into the unknown, Hero takes a chance on Griffin and love Between the two characters though, I was deeply dawn to Griffin His life wasn t some tragic soap opera It was of sink or swim, and Griffin chose to swim with some big sharks He was a rake, and liked sex, but didn t put much stock into anything then a passing fancy Until he met Hero, Griffin, chose to don the mask of the rake, and turn his nose up to those whom chose to look down upon him without proof of any wrongdoing Griffin wasn t a saint but he was far innocent then he was painted to be Griffin was passionate and use to working behind the scenes without anyone knowing Though was tried of the society mask he won, tried of the life of shadows and secret he was forced to live due to his family s lack of funds With Hero he s faced with what society thinks of him and what he s done is in his face, not that it changes him, but he s able to break free from the stigma that s lurked around him like shadows Like Hero he s able to break free from the confines that society and himself have placed upon him Plus of course, every time Griffin is on the scene he burns up the pages with his earthly desires with Hero that have the reader reaching for something cool to drink The Maiden Lane series has revolved around a set of characters, with being learned about them with each book but also secrets being untold We got to meet of them like Hero s older brother and younger sister whom I hope get their own books or at least get to know about them I was very excited to read the snippet for Silence s and Mickey s story, two characters who I can t wait to read about This series is shaping up to be just another amazing series by Hoyt, and Notorious Pleasures was a true pleasure and joy to read |BOOK ♤ Notorious Pleasures ♨ Their Lives Were Perfect Lady Hero Batten, The Beautiful Sister Of The Duke Of Wakefield, Has Everything A Woman Could Want, Including The Perfect Fianc True, The Marquis Of Mandeville Is A Trifle Dull And Has No Sense Of Humor, But That Doesn T Bother Hero Until She Meets His Notorious Brother Until They Met Each OtherLord Griffin Reading Is Far From Perfect And He Likes It That Way How He Spends His Days Is A Mystery, But All Of London Knows He Engages In The Worst Sorts Of Drunken Revelry At Night Hero Takes An Instant Dislike To Him, And Griffin Thinks That Hero, With Her Charities And Faultless Manners, Is Much Too Impeccable For Society, Let Alone His Brother Yet Their Near Constant Battle Of Wits Soon Sparks Desire Desire That Causes Their Carefully Constructed Worlds To Come Tumbling Down As Hero S Wedding Nears, And Griffin S Enemies Lay Plans To End Their Dreams Forever, Can Two Imperfect People Find Perfect True Love How romantic, she drawled in a bored, social voice that set his teeth on edge, to think that love has anything to do with marriageOur heroine, Hero I ll pause to let you work that one out , is another woman of her time, thinking marriages are for enhancing your family and sex is for men and their mistresses Our hero, Heroine, just kidding, Griffin, has somewhat erroneously bore the ne er do well family title He s the second born but manages the family finances and set them up in the illegal gin business Hero is engaged to Griffin s brother Thomas who thinks Griffin seduced his first wife, Hero s brother Wakefield is on a crusade to destroy all gin makers, Griffin is fighting off a rival gin maker, Thomas is fighting his love for his mistress, Hero s little sister Phoebe is going blind, and oh, with all that, Griffin and Hero are falling into sex, err, love, I mean love But he knew Oh, yes, he knew he was in over his head and sinking fast. This story felt a little bit like a throwback to the old 80 and 90 s, not quite full bodice ripper but there were melodramatics happening alongside numerous boot knocking scenes I feel a little traitorous but the many sex scenes detracted from the story for me instead of making me feel the closeness of Griffin and Hero I m going to put some of the blame on my personal distaste for how Hero was engaged to Griffin s brother and still proclaiming to marry him until very late in the story both Griffin and Hero s actions felt pretty icky to me The author worked hard to make Thomas, if not villainous, pretty unlikable until the very end where she tried to redeem him through a love story, didn t work for me There was something else here as well It was a terrible sorrow, a welling joy, as if all the emotion she d ever held in check or pushed away was suddenly rising to the surface She couldn t control her face, couldn t control her body She was coming apart, and she d never be able to pin herself back together again. With the brother between them, I just had a hard time really warming up to Hero and Griffin as a couple separately I thought they were good characters The sex scenes became over played and I started to skim them a tiny bit, there were so many, but again my dislike could come from dang Thomas not being shoved out earlier The gin story plot felt like an introduction for Hero s brother Wakefield, his aggressive stance against it The danger Griffin faced because of it the villain wasn t given near enough pages to feel flushed out and how it ended felt glossed over The surrounding world and characters felt full and real and I really liking Hoyt s London I ve already read Phoebe s story, so seeing glimpses of her here broke my heart but knowing what s in story helped to heal it The secondary Silence story makes an appearance again and I can t wait to read about her and Charming Mickey. What do you do when you finish the Huge Saga that is the Wheel of Time series Well if you are me you binge read a bunch of Historical Romances and splash a little smut into the mix.Okay so I really enjoyed the first book in this series and then I started this one thinking I d made a horrible mistake This starts off with two things that I really don t care for in my books and so right off the bat it had two strikes against it 1 I hated the meet cute that the moment that the main love interest characters are introduced This isn t a spoiler because it happens on page 1 of the book Hero meets Griffin when she ducks into a room to fix a stocking and catches him balls deep in a married woman She then thinks about how nice his ass is and how virile he appears WTF But she helps the couple from being caught by the woman s husband who was just in the hall Props for it being a bit different but it pretty much made me hate Griffin from the beginning 2 The man Hero is intended to marry is Griffin s brother I rarely like a romance where siblings are vying for the same woman Now granted neither Thomas nor Hero claim to be in love, in fact this is just a contractual marriage but still it isn t my favorite trope at all.So you d think after those two strikes in the beginning that I d hate the rest of the story But it grew on me quite a bit You have to love the idea of reforming a scandalous rake into wanting just one woman and not caring about bedding everything with two legs anyThen you ve never been in love Never She nodded Nor have I A pity, he said, pursing his lips I wonder how it would feel To be swept away by a grand passion To give everything for only one person in the world Her lips curved wryly So idealistic for a rake Really, you do spoil my prior understanding of what the word entailed This is my social face, he said lightly Don t confuse it with the animal beneathI started out hating Griffin but then he was just so damn likeable later He really was charming and listened to Hero You could see why she and Thomas were going to be all wrong for each other and how Griffin cared about her thoughts and feelings and really liked the individual she was.So while this all started off pretty rough and there were are moment in it I didn t really care for since it is brother against brother I started to really enjoy Hero and Griffin as a couple later in the book Griffin even gets a great speech near the end with Hero s brother that I thought was fantastic and made him much likable later Overall not my favorite of the series so far but I do like to go in order so on to Silence and the Pirate. All right Characters Griffin.That about sums up my reaction to him He is offically my favorite romance hero of all time He is funny, caring, warm, hard working, sexy as hell, loving, and on top of that, he s described as not being handsome, which made me very happy Yeah, that sounds weird, but it s true His interactions with Hero were swoon worthy Also, he s such a sweetie to his mother, which is adorable On top of this he works his beautiful butt off to support his family while his ass of a brother sits on hisass , complaining and being all pompous and narrow minded and stodgy and boring I just love Griffin, love the way he fell for Hero so fast and wanted her and only her, but most of all I just love him. I will not abide ANYONE saying a bad word about my baby.Hero.For once, I found the heroine likable and not annoying Toward the beginning, she was a tad stiff, but it was nice to see her come out of her shell with Griffin s help Griffin definitely unlocked her inner passion Before she fell for Griffin, she was very obedient and prim, but he changed everything, and I d like to think he brought out the real Hero Despite her denials, I KNEW she loved Griffin, because it was so clear in her actions and in her thoughts Notice how everything I like about Hero relates back to Griffin Thomas.Thomas the Ass Or Thomas of Asslandia Ugh This man disgusts me He spent years and years treating his brother like crappio, all because his dumb bitch wife said Griffin had seduced her Of course, the Ass automatically believes her, because, you know, there s no such thing as lying, and refuses to believe Griffin Even yearssss later, he says to someone, I refused to give him the satisfaction of believing him Okay, so he refuses to believe Griffin because it would satisfy Griffin Are you kidding me Is that a joke He s the suckiest brother ever, and hates Griff because he s jealous of him His type annoys me I m onto him and his ilk I AM ON TO HIM Now, don t confuse the Ass with asses This is an ass.This is a nice, sweet ass who deserves love and kindness Now this is THE Ass It s too bad he gets to be happy in the end pouts Also, this is how I picture Maximus the Gorilla of Jerklandia.The Gorilla threatened my Griffy Poo, and this was me when he did Yep That was me I liked quite a few of the side characters, too Phoebe, Hero s sister, and Megs, Griffin s sister I m still wondering if we ll see of The Makepiece siblings I liked Winter better in this book than the last And I still want to know who the Ghost of St Giles is I still like Silence, and, as I did in the previous book, I feel very, very sorry for her, and I m looking forward to her book Relationship Ohhh, the chemistry between Hero and Griffin was electric As Griffin said, they are like bread and butter they go together so, so well And their love making washot There were quite a few of lervin scenes, but not too many I know, I know, but I don t like when there s a sex scene on every page , and I enjoyed them all because, well, Griffy Poo was invloved, so Additionally, their love was so potent, so obvious, that it jumped off the pages, and when I was not reading this book, I counted down the minutes till I could read it again I thought about the characters even when not reading, and they also felt like real characters people I d actually want to know.There s just something about this series It s haunting, beautiful, ugly, awful, wonderful, dark, gritty, funny, and not at all cliche I wasn t once bored while reading it, and that s rare for me I am VERY PICKY, as I point out all the time, but this bookit just really did it for me The writing style sucks me in for some reason.I LOVED the end of this book Thomas did not redeem himself in my eyes, because he s the Ass and is mean to Griffy Poo However, Griffin is happy and in love and Hero is very worthy of him, so I m happy Squeee Although, I just want to say that I wish things could have worked out better between Thomas and Griffin, because I spent the whole book waiting for them to sort of make up sad face Oh, and there was only ONE mention of a single buck in this book, so props to Elizabeth Hoyt for that Hero Griffin Haha Yep.