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I always enjoy reading m m romance between childhood friends There is a sense of innocence between the characters In some books, the relationship either as best friends or lovers goes on in others, the relationship is cut off abruptly usually over family s disapproval This book is the latter one.I like this book because the characters decide to pursue the relationship despite being separated for five years Yes, there are misunderstandings which lead to fights , but those are solved in adult, mature ways After being angry for couple days, they talk I cannot stand stories where adult men break up completely or being separated for a long period without communication at all like for than a year due to a simple misunderstanding The typical would be one of the protagonists leaves the city state without waiting for any explanation from the other one If one of them needs time to be alone, that s fine, though I can also accept it if the characters are still young, such as those in high school but not if they are both adult men Thanks God this book is not one of those.Will read the other books in the series Soon Unfortunately, they are not in yet. Esta review es por casi toda la serie, digo casi porque no he sido capaz de finalizar los ocho t tulos En lugar de llamarse los hombres de Riverside deber a llevar el titulo de c mo convertir la idiotez en un arte, ya las he leido porque creo que en el fondo soy masoquista En fin. [Download] ♱ Finding Elliot ⚓ Book One In The Men Of Riverside Series After Five Years Of Forced Separation David Was Determined To Find Elliot Again But What He Gets Isn T The Closure He Was Hoping ForAfter Yet Another Unsatisfying One Night Stand David Lear Decides It S Finally Time To Find His Former Lover Elliot Watkins He Needs Closure Before He Can Move On He Is Still Angry At The Man For Never Getting In Touch After His Parents Moved Away When David And Elliot Were Caught Kissing At Age SeventeenElliot Watkins Has Never Forgotten His First And Only Lover David But Lives Under His Father S Scrutiny, Too Afraid To Come Out Before He Gets Access To His Trust Fund When He Turns Twenty Five His Fiancee Patricia Hobart Constantly Nags Him And He Wants Nothing Than To Live His Own Life And To Become An ArchitectFalling Back Into Each Other S Arms Is Relatively Easy But Will Elliot Be Able To Free Himself From His Father S Influence Will David Be Able To Forgive His Lover And Have The Patience To Wait Until Elliot Is Ready Reader Advisory This Book Is The First In A Series Linked By Theme And Characters Appearing In Than One Book The Stories, While They Can Be Read On Their Own, Are Best Read In Sequence 3.5% from meHard to rate as I have mixed reactions to the book.On one hand it was sweet and a fairly simple plot I really liked David and the other secondary characters at Riverside I even want to read the second book in the series to see how his friend works out his past tragedy.But on the other hand I couldn t bring myself to like Elliot.The author gave plenty of reasons for why Elliot was spineless for 5 years But I felt that Elliot lacked an element of emotional pain that kept me from truly understanding how he could be such a pushover for years I still think this story is worth reading and I hope it leads to a great sequel Sometime the first in a series is a bit bland. What a sweet couple even after five years apart they still seem completely suited and devoted to each other David faired a little better than Elliot in the time they were apart, but he still longed for his first love, and Elliot, engaged to someone picked out by his family, working a job to suit his family, waiting in limbo for a real life that he feared would never happen heart breaking I have to admit I loved the angst and sadness, at least for a little while, especially when it was followed by a tender and hot reunion The appearance of Elliot s father and his goons was both startling and infuriating, but the aftermath when Elliot finally stood up for himself and what he wanted, was truly wonderful.Great beginning to a series that I m looking forward to reading of, especially since a few of the other gay residents of Riverside have already been partially introduced I do have to say that this is the third book of Serena s that I wanted to run one of the main character s parents over with my truck though hmm, either there s a pattern here or I may have some issues to deal with. 3.5 starsI am contemplating between 3.5 and 4 stars for this On the plus side, this is probably my favorite story of Serena Yates yet duly noted, I have only read 4 books so far, including this one because 1 It deals with the one who gets away theme which always guarantee a intense emotion and 2 There an actual build up towards the love making I love those two factors Because of their history David and Elliot s love making becomes emotional manifestation than just mutual physical attraction.BUT, I m contemplating of reducing the stars because of one simple reason, I think David is an idiot I know, I know, he says that he misses Elliot and he cannot forget him, but he is too condescending to see what Elliot has been going through He easily judges that Elliot is a coward and doesn t understand why Elliot seems unable to stand up on his own against his tyrant father Well, David, THERE ARE people like that, you know You can t just judge everyone else SIMPLY because they don t follow your standard of an independent man Jeez There are several times I want to smack David in the head for what he does maybe because my heart goes for Elliot so bad, reading how he struggles to stay strong under his father s rigid rules When Elliot finally spines up and tells his parents, enough is enough, I feel so happy for him There, I know it s subjective, but it s hard for me to give 4 stars if I don t find both guys likeable I can t wait to read Peter s story and find out what actually happen to Adrian I loved this story I always cry a little when reading one of Serena s stories, and not in a bad way Her characters always have their obstacles to overcome, some heart breaking than others But witnessing the characters coming together in a story that is well written, makes for a compelling read that will be re read many times over I cannot wait for the next story in the series. It was so mind numbingly cliche ridden it was almost painful to get through this one YMMV This is the first book in my new Men of Riverside series, and the tenth book I have published Finding Elliot kicks off the adventures of a group of men who all went to the same high school in the fictional town of Riverside, Texas Not all of them know they are destined to be couples Some of them believe they are only friends Circumstances and life separate them, sometimes for several years But luck, determination and love will help them get the reunions they deserve.This first volume is about David, who is determined to find Elliot again after five years of forced separation except what he gets isn t the closure he was hoping for Finding Elliot , the first book in Serena Yates new series Men of Riverside , is an emotionally engaging reunion story that sucks the reader in right from the very start With great character development, excellent writing and a plot that keeps you wanting to know , this book was a thoroughly enjoyable read I recommend you start only when you ve finished all other commitments and settled down for an early night of guilt free reading pleasurebecause you won t want to put it down While the characters, David and Elliot, where very different in almost every respect, I truly wanted there HEA as this story progressed David a strong, determined man that has had to make his own way in the world was very easy to like as he struggles to find closure and move ahead with his life However, it s Elliot s character that really won my heart Elliot, who appears to have it all, and yet lives and empty shell of a life tugs at the heartstrings It would have been so easy for Ms Yates to write a rescue story, with David riding in on his white charger to save poor Elliot from his pitiful existence Instead, the reader is taken on a journey that sees Elliot discover his own strength and determination to live his HEA with the man he loves It made for an excellent and heart warming journey I can definitely recommend Finding Elliot is a wonderful start to a new series with very nicely choreographed teases to future characters that definitely leaves me wanting I look forward to reading about the Men of Riverside in the future.