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Very good entry in the White House Chef mysteries I had guessed WHEN the action was going to take place but not the who or the why or what would happen It was excellent There is a new president in office and with that comes a whole new load of responsibility and crisis Ollie and her team have to face a huge uphill battle from almost day one when it becomes apparent that the new occupants are not crazy about her and their personal chef shows up and starts throwing Ollie and her team under the bus Add a lot of seriously BAD bad guys and kidnappings and poison, and you have one heck of a mystery. When a new President is elected everyone on the White House staff gets a little nervous Then when White House Executive Chef, Olivia refuses to serve some buffalo wings that were left in the kitchen as a gift for the children of the new first family, she finds her job in peril The first family decides to bring in their own chef who will be in charge of all their meals, and the new guy definitely has his sights on Olivia s job and he s not above playing dirty to get it Meanwhile a terrorist group has targeted the first family and think the children are the perfect way to advance their agenda This series is kind of addictive Olivia is a smart heroine even if the heroes of the piece are occasionally TSTL Despite being book four it still works and is somehow both fresh and charming. @Download Pdf î Buffalo West Wing (A White House Chef Mystery, #4) ì With A New First Family, White House Executive Chef Olivia Paras Can T Afford To Make Any Mistakes But When A Box Of Take Out Chicken Mysteriously Shows Up For The First Kids, She Soon Finds Herself In A No Wing Situation After Olivia Refuses To Serve The Chicken, The First Lady Gives Her The Cold Shoulder But When It Turns Out To Be Poisoned Poultry, Olivia Realizes The Kids Are True Targets It was fun, but I think I just read it out of order which is not that bad, but now I want to go back to the previous administration for some comfort food and I ll be honest, not sure how I feel about Ollie s love life Yes, I know she s fictional, but still This is an intelligent crime series, which largely centres on the kitchen staff of the White House The first female executive chef in this establishment now finds herself in danger of being usurped The arrival of a new First Family, kids in tow, means a shakeup all around New agents, new catering staff an insufferable personal chef who thinks he should thus run the kitchen and new dangers Ollie s watchful eye catches sight of a box of cooked chicken wings from a popular chain, delivered for the children, and she personally decides to play by the rules and withhold the food from the kids This doesn t make her popular, and it s only the first of a series of unusual incidents and dangers The middle part is a little tedious with professional altercations, Secret Service being suitably menacing and obtuse, and musing about whether Ollie works so hard to replace a love interest But the end sequence makes up for it, the circumstances having been carefully established and a full alert now taking place This tale is suitable for adult or teen readers We can all learn a lot about the White House like that the staff grow some of the vegetables And cooking Find recipes in the back.This is an unbiased review. 3.5 stars I had to try just one in the series, I already had the book from the library, I was still in the mood for a mystery, and I couldn t resist when I saw that it was about the transition to a new President It was so timely with our nation just having gone through an election, even though our President stayed the same 2012 Obama The glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at the White House during a changeover and the impact it has on the employees both professionally and personally was a treat It s also interesting that the book takes place a whole year after the last book and that Ollie and Tom are still broken up and aren t even really friends She s in a whole different place mentally and it think it was good for the book She seemed focused and mature And she says she isn t open to meeting any new men, but if the right guy shows up, that could changeWhat made me like it than the last book was that overall it was a much reality based story this time, actually grounded in Ollie s life as a White House chef There was a lot of her day to say life as a chef, as a boss, and as a woman It was a emotional and personal story than in the past She also wasn t pushy and annoying and really did get dragged into the situation unwillingly Of course it was absurd that she didn t get searched at the key point in the story, this author always takes liberties that stretch my credulity beyond reason, but overall I m glad I gave the series one try.One thing that did bug me was the use of a fake country and locations in this book So much of previous books were based on real locations, like when she took her mom and Nana to the National Mall or to Arlington Cemetery The major charm of the books is this fantasy story we re reading placed in these very real locations So when the author made up the country of Armustan for her terrorists to be from it just felt so off I get that she probably didn t want to target an existing country, this is a cozy mystery, not a thriller, you don t want anyone to have any bad feelings about it But it makes it seem so silly at the same time And it was a fake hospital too, there is no Lyman Hall Hospital Normally she goes to real DC tourist spots and places that allow the reader to see where they are in the city, that s the draw of these books Having these fake elements really detracts from the reason I have for reading the series at all, since I usually find Ollie so annoying.It was definitely the best book in the series for me The author is starting to reveal of who Ollie is as a person and not just as this overly perfect creature she s created for her to be as the chef who meddles She tried not to meddle this time and it did make her a lot likable And when it was time to act she was brave and clever There was a lot balance this time and the story was tighter I will be giving the next book a try. Not bad, but the repetitive oh I m going to lose my job to the new family chef stuff got annoying I like this series, but this wasn t one of the better episodes. White House executive chef Olivia Paras isn t pleased when a new First Family moves into residence and informs her they re bringing in their personal chef It s clear the man is after her job, but that isn t the only threat on the horizon Somebody tries to sneak in a box of chicken wings addressed to the President s children Olivia won t permit them to be served until she learns who sent them It turns out her judgement call was correct as a bigger conspiracy unfolds Can she gain the First Lady s respect and hold onto her job while protecting the First Kids It s fun getting a behind the scenes look at the White House kitchen while unraveling a mystery Olivia s personal life adds a hint of romance to this easy to read tale. This has been one of my favorite books in the White House Chef series It was interesting see the kitchen and Ollie adjusting to a new president and first family and all the changes that come with that I got just as frustrated as Ollie with some of the situations she was in and caught on at about the same time as to what was going on Well written story and good action at the end Tons of recipes at the end, you could practically eat for a week off the menus in there. Wonderful book Loved the mystery and all of the characters