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Very early on in my quest to read and review all the PKD shorts that got turned into Electric Dreams episodes I came across a quite predictable roadblock Starting with the third story already there s just no Goodreads entry.Since I read a few of them as part of this anthology I figured I just update this review as I go.So, reading this out of order Foster, du bist tot OT Foster, you re dead 1955 pp 131 158 read on Apr 26, 2019 This 1955 PKD short tells the story of Bob Foster who refuses to buy a bomb shelter or financially contribute to the government s nuclear war preparations, because he doesn t believe in the imminent threat of war He suspects the government and the companies to create an atmosphere of fear to sell products and keep the economy afloat.His stance makes his son Mike an outsider, though He s not allowed to use the school s bomb shelter in case of emergency and he gets lampooned by the other kids, because his dad is not in line with social conventions.Peer pressure is also getting to Bob s wife, since the whole neighborhood owns bomb shelters and the Fosters don t.Ultimately Bob has to give in, because he wants his family to feel safe You know, this game has one real advantage over selling people cars and TV sets With something like this we have to buy It isn t a luxury, something big and flashy to impress the neighbours, something we could do without If we don t buy this we die They always said the way to sell something was create anxiety in people Create a sense of insecurity tell them they smell bad or look funny But this makes a joke out of deodorant and hair oil You can t escape this If you don t buy, they ll kill you The perfect sales pitch Buy or die new slogan By buying the newest model he now puts pressure onto his neighbors to upgrade But it won t be enough for any of them Because subsequently new weapons are developed and sold, which in turn creates the need for another upgrade of the bomb shelters When does it ever stop They re always improving weapons, Bob Last week it was those grain impregnation flakes This week it s bore pellets You don t expect them to stop the wheels of progress because you finally broke down and bought a shelter, do you And so it goes.Unfortunately, the story was a little too straightforward, its messages too much on the nose for me to really get much enjoyment out of it.It had me thinking, though, about uncontrolled consumerism vs the need for technological advancements But without ever challenging me as a reader while I was actually reading it.So, even though this was devoid of surprises and ultimately felt somewhat flat in its execution, I still got something out of it and it wasn t like reading it was painful or something No, it was fairly easy, in fact That s a 2.5 for me.The Electric Dreams episode Safe and Sound takes the basic premise of Dick s story a company that creates the need for its own products by way of creating a fearful environment for the consumers and modernizes the ingredients Instead of bomb shelters we get a high tech bracelet that functions as a kind of personal assistant, but is mainly a monitoring technology to ensure the safety of the collective Cold War anxiety is replaced by fear of terrorism.The showmakers add another layer to the story with the question of security vs privacy, which PKD could have explored with his short story, but for some reason didn t Even though the surveillance state has always been one of his favorite themes.The TV episode tells its story in a nuanced way and with an actual line of suspense, which the source material completely lacked It looks great, is enthralling and has a likable main actor in Annalise Basso It also gets to the topic of privacy in a technologically advanced world, at a time when we are already surrounded by convenient products that happen to be pretty convenient for spying on us, too.Great fun and than a little scary My favorite episode so far.The PKD short story 2.5 5The Electric Dreams episode 9 10Autofac 1955 pp 201 235 read on Feb 15, 2019 The 1955 Philip K Dick short story which the Electric Dreams episode Autofac, starring Juno Temple, was based upon.In a post apocalyptic world automated factories have taken over production of all goods, which they deliver automatically to the surviving humans.The survivors want to take over production themselves again, as they get delivered goods they don t deem necessary and also resources are running low as the factories just keep producing and producing and producing.They try to get in contact with the autofac by filing a complaint about a delivery of milk The autofac delivery bot wants them to fill out a form But instead of choosing one of the default answers they tell it the milk had been pizzled Which puzzles the autofac bot.The autofac sends a unit to discuss the matter of the pizzled milk And the humans try to convince it that autofacs aren t necessary any and they can produce all goods themselves But the autofac bot outsmarts them and so they proceed with drastic measures to stop the automated production.This story can be read as a parable on consumerism and unnecessary, if not to say outright stupid, bureaucracy Though PKD leaves it mostly to the reader to decide what s the actual point of the story.Unfortunately the characters are very flat, there isn t much atmosphere and the autofac units seem a little dated by now Though one has to consider this was written 64 years ago.I have to say I didn t enjoy this story much and think the, unsurprisingly, modern Electric Dreams episode works a lot better The two stories differ in many aspects, but especially in how they end I loved the twist at the end of the TV episode, while I think the ending of the short story wasn t bad.Overall, in my opinion, not one of his better works.The PKD short story 1.5 5The Electric Dreams episode 7 10Was menschlich ist OT Human is 1955 pp 236 252 read on Feb 15, 2019 A simple but fun story.Jill Hendricks is married to a toxicologist He s developing toxic substances for the military And he s a total douchebag He s treating his wife very badly And, honestly, everyone else as well He s clearly written to be hated by the reader immediately And Dick succeeds in that.One day Mr Douche has to go on a business related trip to the planet Rexnor IV and he returns a changed man.What happened on Rexor IV Not only Jill wants to know, but authorities as well.I can t say much for spoilery reasons But the outcome was fun It was also very predictable Like the whole story, really Which is the main reason I can t give it a 4 star rating, even though I really enjoyed it.The Electric Dreams episode for once isn t too different from the source material But they changed the ending and a few details here and there Unfortunately one of those details turned out to be crucial for the motivation of one of the main characters And in my opinion this underminded the whole story It just didn t make much sense in the end.Very unfortunate, because both leads Essie Davis and Bryan Cranston were great and the episode was entertaining until I realised they wouldn t resolve the problems they created for themselves by changing parts of the original story.The PKD short story 3.5 5The Electric Dreams episode 5 10Other stories read not part of this anthology Exhibit Piece 1954 Electric Dreams episode Real Life Sales Pitch 1954 Electric Dreams episode Crazy Diamond The Hood Maker 1955 Electric Dreams episode The Hood Maker Fijn De paar verhalen die ik echt niet boeiend vond, konden de pret niet drukken af en toe hardop lachen, breed glimlachen, grinniken en jezelf verbazen. If this was truly the best of Philip K Dick, I d hate to see the worst The stories are the anti war, anti big government tales that were the staple of SF during the Cold War, but not particularly well told or inventive Dick s heart was good, and he often resorted to the unintended consequences twist.Since most of these were written fifty years ago, a word about technology is appropriate Since Dick wrote before both the micro circuitry and personal communication revolutions, you d think his stories would be hopelessly out of step with later technology It s not Make no mistake, he talks about relays powering computers But the anachronisms does not interfere with the stories.A humorous note one story features a 1913 Mr Fix It repairing no, improving 2136 circuitry That, of course, is unlikely Few people today understand, let alone can repair or modify, existing circuitry Oh, we can manipulate the software till the cows come home, but our current culture is rapidly approaching Clark s tipping point into our own technology being indistinguishable from magic to us.A few gems kept it out of the single star abyss.Hardly worth the effort. This was an even better collection than the other PKD collection I ve read, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale of course, the latter collection was a fifth volume possibly whoever put it together thought they were the fifth best of his stories possibly the series was chronological the only stories repeated in both books are the three final stories in this collection They were still great, but this standalone collection really shows off Philip K Dick s writing chops John Brunner, in the introduction, writes that Dick tailored his short stories for the editor he was writing for except for one story, this tension seems to result in great pieces of satirical and speculative science fiction.The one exception, Foster, You re Dead, written for Frederik Pohl and Star Science Fiction Stories, is about the commercialization of fallout shelters widely, it s about the forced purchases of public goods that either should not be forced upon people or that should be handled through taxes While in our modern age it is no longer unthinkable for the government to do all in its power to force us to purchase what the powers that be consider social goods whether we want them or not, his fallout shelters are better homes than the ones people live in, and he never addresses why people don t cut costs by living in their fallout shelters this is especially odd given how much of people s time in the story is spent worrying about reaching their shelter in time.This collection includes the short story Paycheck, which was made into a movie with Ben Affleck Like many of Dick s stories, it deals with the prosaic paradoxes of time travel As a company developing time travel devices, you probably can t trust your employees Other stories deal with the untoward knowledge gained through travel many writers have tried to deal with the problem of what happens when people try to change history through time travel Dick addresses the emotional toll such knowledge places on those who happen across it unexpectedly in at least two of these stories, Service Call and Breakfast at Twilight.Another issue Dick is well known for addressing is what it means to be human At least five stories here follow on that idea, involving robots, aliens, and those most alien of creatures, spouses and parents.This is a great introduction to the short stories of Philip K Dick. My review of Phillip K Dick s short story The Golden Man was not especially favorable to the author Having read Early Stories , a collection of short stories I must change my mind I didn t much like the first short story, but thoroughly enjoyed most of the collection of the second I look forward to reading other offerings by this author I found a certain similarity between Phillip K Dick and my favorite sf author, Robert Heinlein I am now moving the author having great difficulty writing his last name as this application continuously changes the last name to Rick toward a favorable place Much better than The Golden Man. An Excellent Collection of Science Fiction Short Stories Philip K Dick 1928 1982 in my opinon is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time I have read a number of reviews on and Goodreads that have less than favorable things to say about Dick However, if the reviewer bothers to express their concerns, most can be discounted as the prattle of an immature or vacant mind If you will excuse a pun, they don t know Dick While not as well known as Bradbury, Heinlein, Huxley Asimov, Clark, King, or Koontz, Dick can, I believe, hold his own with the giants of the science fiction genre Dick specializes in the exploitation of mans struggle to maintain their humananity in the technological, machine dominated future world, He loves to explore the sociological, political and metaphysical issues mankind will confront in the brave new future worlds, dominated by greedy corporate empires and or tyrannical authoritarian governments He asks the questions about what will happen to the soul and humanity of future men and women as they are thrust into deep space, for extended, even indeterminatedly long voyages of discovery, conquest, and colonization of unimaginally strange, alien worlds and to encounter all manner of extraterrestial beings Dick s stories often draw upon his own life experiences and address his own, life long personal struggles with drug abuse, paranoia, and schizophrenia Dick published over 40 novels and over 120 short stories during his 30 year writting carrer, most of which appeared in science fiction magazines Although Dick spent most of his life as a writer in near poverty, he failed to garner any wealth from ten popular films based on his works These movies include Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Pay Check, Next, Screamers, and The Adjustment Bureau Stories included in this collection include Beyond the Door Beyond Lies the Wub The Crystal Crypt The Defenders The Gun The Skull The Eyes Have it Second Variety The Variable Man Mr Spaceship Piper in the Woods Every story is great I espwcially recommend Second Variety The Variable Man The Defenders The Skull Beyond Lies the Wub and Pioer in the Woods As long as you, the reader, have a reasonable amount of imagination, can comprehend the nuance of meanings of written English words, and have enough experience to not take American politics, society, or yourself real serious, I garuantee you will enjoy this colletion .Download Pdf ♥ The Best of Philip K. Dick ♈ This Halcyon Classics Ebook Collection Contains Eleven Short Stories And Novellas By Acclaimed Science Fiction Author Philip K Dick Dick Is Best Known For His Novel DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP This Novel Was Adapted For The Big Screen As BLADERUNNER This Ebook Is DRM Free And Includes An Active Table Of Contents For Easy NavigationContents Beyond The DoorBeyond Lies The WubThe Crystal CryptThe DefendersThe GunThe SkullThe Eyes Have ItSecond VarietyThe Variable ManMr SpaceshipPiper In The WoodsThis Unexpurgated Edition Contains The Complete Text, With Minor Errors And Omissions Corrected This is the first collection of Philip K Dick stories I have read, and I wasn t disappointed Truly a treasure trove of introspection, horror, and mystery I loved every word of it Recommended to those who need extra reasons to hate crab grass. Great Great Introduction by John Brunner