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I found this book to be very inspirational and moving I appreciated the deeper look into Salatin s philosophies. This is a parenting book disguised as a farming book I love his definition of Greenhouse Kids Another great book from Joel Salatin Many of his concepts apply to life in general, which is fantastic However there was much of the book that speaks primarily to full time farmers With today s movement towards small scale or urban homesteaders, the full time farm talk was difficult to apply personally.Overall, this was well worth the read Detracted 1 star for the farm specifics If you own a piece of ground and expect to die someday you have no business doing so until you ve read this book Had my own family read this I believe we could have avoided a great deal of irreperable hurt and what very likely will end in the cutting up and sale of the family farm or at the very least the poisoning and pillaging of it Absolutely tragic Read it. I wanted to love this book, I really did I so admire and appreciate what Joel Salatin is doing with Polyface and hope that his approach revolutionizes how we grow our food But I just did not like this book much It was so generalized and judgemental that I just couldn t get into it He has some great points about including children in enterprise and other family friendly topics, but saying that kids are sissies if they can t happily slaughter their own animals is a bit much.I was excited to see the chapter on how to financially support yourself while starting a family farm, but was most disappointed in that chapter There were no details, no practical advice, no other suggestions than Just do it Thanks, but that doesn t really feed my family while I get the farm going.I still love what Salatin is doing and maybe You Can Farm has practical information, but I think I ll stick to the concept of his work rather than reading his books from now on. 4 stars This book was an amazing surprise I was about 50 pages into it and describing what I d read to my husband He said, I thought you were reading that book to learn to grow vegetables Well, that wasn t exactly why I was reading it, but not too far off Joel Salatin covers an amazing array of territory in his testament Yes, he does write about farming, pastured poultry farming in particular and it s ugly cousin, industralized poultry farms However, this book also discusses goal setting, business planning, child training, estate planning, and many problems inherent in the family farms of today This is a fabulous book One that I encourage everyone to read and will re read myself in the future Hopefully, the next time I read it I ll have a small farm of my own. This book is WAY better than You Can Farm Especially if you don t like farming Because the book is about building a business with your family than it is about farming Salatin opens up wide in this book and spills his guts and his heart about all that he believes about the family It was challenging to our family to see his vision for his family And though it isn t better written than You Can Farm, it s way interesting. (FREE DOWNLOAD) ´ Family Friendly Farming: A Multi-Generational Home-Based Business Testament ä Saving The Landscape, Rebuilding Entrepreneurial Rural Families, And Protecting Nutritious Food Are The Themes Of This Timeless Treatise Hence The Word Testament Delving Into The Soul Of The Salatin Family S Nationally Acclaimed Polyface Farm, Author Joel Salatin Offers Family Friendly Farming As The Key To Dealing With Resource Issues, Food Policy, And Social FabricWith Humor And Personal Stories, He Opens His Family And Farm Convictions For All To See, Share, And Enjoy Written From His Unabashed Christian Libertarian Environmentalist Capitalist Perspective, His Ideas Are Guaranteed To Encourage And Challenge Virtually Every Ism In The Culture It Will Captivate Anyone Passionate About Healing The Land, Healing Families, And Healing The Food SupplyFor Several Decades Young People Have Been Leaving The Family Farm The Ones Left Behind Are Now Responsible For Society S Greatest Resources Clean Land And Clean Food Anyone Dedicated To Preserving These Resources Will Find In These Pages A Nongovernmental, Self Empowerment Approach To Environmentalism And Food SafetyThe Heart Of This Book Is Aimed Toward Parents Tired Of Their Dilbert Cubicle At The End Of The Expressway Who Want To Reconnect With Their Children Through A Pastoral Lifestyle It S Written For Anyone Who Yearns To Grow Old Working With And Being Adored By Value Sharing Grandchildren And Honored By Passionate, Productive Adult Children Family Friendly Farming Can Make Any Family Business Viable And Any Family FunctionalThe Ten Chapter Section On How To Get The Kids To Love The Farm Is An Invaluable Addition To Any Collection Of Child Rearing Manuals Salatin Moves From The Family Team Building Section Into A Practical Discussion On How To Increase Income Per Acre And Create New, White Collar Salaries Without Buying Land, Equipment, Or Buildings He Deals With The Unique And Thorny Issues Surrounding Any Family Business By Using His Own Multi Generational Family Farm Experience As His Base For Insight And Wisdom Well worth your time to read As others have said, Salatin in his early books could have used an editor Though in not having an editor, we do get a better picture of the real Salatin Salatin s vision of a family and locally centered society is beautiful His parenting advice is countercultural and often sage Much to think about and apply.