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Paul Jacobsen is 80 years old and recently incarcerated by his son in an assisted senior living center Everything functions the way one would hope when you re 80 years old even if they do need a little chemical assistance , except for one thing every morning, he wakes up having forgotten everything that has happened in the last 5 years, including everything that happened yesterday or even earlier the same day, if he takes a nap Now that he s the number one suspect in a murder, that could pose a problem I didn t love this book The premise is clever, and the author definitely highlights the downside of living long enough to see yourself fall apart, one way or another I didn t like and never do that the police investigator was so single minded in his approach I like to think that cops recognize there are multiple possible solutions to any crime, and investigate each one until the most correct solution presents itself I also doubt that any lawyer is going to completely spill his guts to an accuser, no matter how confident he is that the listener won t be around to tell anyone else I didn t love Paul Apparently, I m in the minority on Goodreads and I should probably judge gently, since my own twilight years aren t as far away as I d like them to be but crotchety isn t appealing to me I like my young children innocent, and my seniors jubilantly dignified I actually found his friend with the white beard a muchappealing character.I ve definitely read worse, but that isn t the most ringing endorsement. Retirement Homes are Murder by Mike Befeler I am giving this author an A for his originality and creativity in writing a cozy mystery focusing on the end of life with a sense of humor A big thank you to him from this baby boomer and former worker at a nursing home and case manager for the elderly And just how did this author get away with this topic without offending me, the reader By using a cantankerous old geezer by the name of Paul Jacobson as his main character That s how Paul Jacobson awakes in a room he s never been in beforethat is doesn t remember being in before But just what does Paul remember Basicallynot a single thing Each day he awakens to a blank Paul s memory is going on him at this late stage of his life How in the world can he cope with this situation That s where his new friend Meyer comes in They meet in the retirement homes cafeteria Once Meyer realizes that Paul can t remember him from one day to the next he suggests that his friend start keeping a journal next to his bed That way Paul can read just what he did the day before And so a friendship begins After breakfast Paul takes his garbage to the trash chute and finds it to be blocked He can t get the trash down the chute He thinks he sees something blocking the way so he uses a flashlight to find out what the problem is It s a bodya dead body glaring back at him The story begins with Paul s discovery of a dead body in the trash chute which turns out to be a murder I so thoroughly enjoyed this book that I cannot recommend it enough The content is so completely original and beautifully thought out by this author that I m happy to say I ve just brought home the 2nd book in this series While most cozy mysteries or any mystery for that matter usually never has the sleuth going beyond 50 s in age this author has brought us, the reader, into the reality of our older years Be warned Paul Jacobson is anything but a diplomat His sarcasm has made this reader laugh at loud on several occasions Mike Befeler has made the unacceptable acceptable with Paul Jacobson as his Sherlock and Meyer as his Watson.Ellen Delete ReplyReply ForwardSpamMovePrint Actions NextPrevious [Read Book] ♘ Retirement Homes Are Murder ☩ Remembering Nothing From The Day Before, Crotchety Octogenarian Paul Jacobson Must Become An Amateur Sleuth To Clear Himself As A Murder Suspect When He Finds A Dead Body In The Trash Chute Of A Retirement Home As Paul S Snooping And Short Term Memory Loss Get Him In Trouble With The Local Police, His New Friends And Granddaughter Jennifer Help Him Solve An Expanding List Of Crimes Paul Finds Romance As He Struggles To Escape A Murderer Intent On A Repeat Performance I actually enjoyed the first book in the series, it s interesting and a little weird but definitely worth the read, I love his granddaughter and I think that the people you meet at the retirement village are definitely unique and interestting I really enjoyed this book, it s funny and a nice light read It gives you a lighthearted insight in the lives of people that are in retirement homes.with a twist of course Retirement Homes are Murder, the first in the Geezer Lit series by Mike Belfeler, a murder mystery, is a fun, fast, easy read a good break from heavier cerebrial reads If you are a geezer with any of the conditions most geezers know well, then you will get a good laugh from this relatable book Geezer conditions are covered in this fun book dementia, incontinence, physical ailments, life idiosyncrasies worsened by old age, are all covered with loving humor I believe this is Mr Belfeler s first book so I am very forgiving of all criticisms I will read another of his many books perhaps Murder on the Switzerland Trail since it is in my backyard I liked that there were teenagers in this book, along with his underlying empathy and clear understanding of all people, whatever their condition The stage is also set for Paul Jacobson s further adventures. Paul Jacobson is living a good life in a retirement home in Hawaii It s just too bad he can t remember how good it is He has short term memory loss He has also discovered the body of a man suing him in the trash chute the day after he gets into the home Since he can t remember what happened yesterday at all, when he is accused of the murder and the beer bottle with blood on it is found in his trash, all evidence points to him Paul much become a mature amateur sleuth to save himself I found this a good book in some ways but in others very trying I think the author did a good job of showing Paul s frustration with his memory loss and his coping mechanisms but after a while, Paul got a bit repetitious in his protestations of his frustrations There were some good characters, but all seemed to be gone at the end of the book I thought that was a bit short sighted in a series Not sure if I will carry on with the series or not. This book had some serious problems, but I m willing to listen to the sequel Here s what you can expect if you re curious Widower Paul Jacobsen cannot remember anything from the previous five years once he feels asleep nothing zip, zero, zilch he s had this condition for a while as our story opens at the retirement home in Hawaii where he s just moved in at the urging of his son He finds some trash in his flat, goes to dump it in the trash chute, where he finds a corpse blocking his contribution.Detective Saito begins by harassing Paul, scoffing snottily at his condition Until the murderer is caught at the end, Saito is about as obnoxious a cop as I ve ever encountered, as well as stupid Well, co stupid with Paul and his family who apparently haven t had Paul s doctor confirm the condition Incident after incident happens where circumstantial evidence keeps pointing at Paul, with Saito urging him to confess like an Inquisitor of a heretic at the stake, an example Paul goes to buy stamps at the complex office, the receptionist on the phone asks him to bring the cash box over to her, he gets his prints on it, money is later stolen, so Saito goes nuts.At one point in the book, Paul goes out for the day with his visiting family to a Sea World like place After a while they re munching hamburgers before they seestuff there, and then they have lunch were the burgers a late breakfast The end is fairly wild, almost James Bond like.Secondary characters include Meyer, a former D A and judge going blind from macular degeneration, and Henry, a math genius with Aspergers Syndrome, who are at at his table for meals Meyer is a good guy, ever patient with Paul s memory lapses, stumbling on the solution of having Paul keep a daily journal with a MUST READ IMPORTANT note on top to see every morning Apparently, no one had thought of this before Henry is toad like and nasty, tossing insults while hovering over his plate like Scrooge McDuck over a pot of gold, while tossing out insults Other faces include Marion, who becomes Paul s girlfriend lover right away the book takes place over a period of roughly a couple of weeks I think , as well as Paul s son, Denny, who visits a couple of times from the mainland More than once he has to deal with situations caused by Paul s memory loss, and charge ahead approach Paul s 11 year old grand daughter is also brought into the story he s horrified that she s found out about his screwing Marion, but she s fine with it Okay.In addition to his blindness, Meyer suffers from incontinence which unfolded in a rather bizarre manner I thought Not long into the story it s mentioned that issue isn t really a big deal exactly But, as soon as we hear of it the problem seems to escalate exponentially, so that near the end, Meyer is having serious episodes regularly In addition to the timing here, I had a major problem that there s never a mention of say seeing a doctor before deciding that s just the way it is or is gonna be Moreover, the book was written in 2007, yet when Paul asks if he listens to audiobooks, Meyer responds, I can t I tried, but I get the tapes all mixed up cuz I can t see well enough Did visually impaired clients still use cassettes then Even so, tapes and CD s aren t that difficult to keep straight, and Meyer says elsewhere he can read some things with a magnifying glass maybe including Cassette 1 Finally, as a former D A and judge he s there at times when Saito abuses Paul, yet never says a word, except one offhand comment without Saito that maybe Paul should think about a lawyer.So, after all that, why would I be willing to give the series another chance Well, the narration s pretty good, and despite his gruff sometimes obnoxious manner Paul is loyal and means well Besides, according to the blurb of the next book, Paul leaves Hawaii, so noSaito. I loved this geezer mystery It was laugh out loud funny and sad at the same time Paul becomes the main suspect in a murder case and has to clear his name This is quite difficult since his memory leaves him with a blank page every morning he wakes up The last thing that he can remember is at least 5 years ago To keep track of what is going on and trying to find the real killer he has to keep a journal that he needs to read every morning when he wakes up.if he sees the note that tells him to do just that.I absolutely adored this story and will readof Paul s adventures I love this grumpy old hoot. Not really a 4 star book, but close It was a quick, light murder mystery, but the characters tickled me The main character is an 80 year old man who can t remember anything for the past 5 years once he falls asleep view spoiler unless he s had sex, in which case he can remember for a couple of days hide spoiler