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Intense, a thriller, non stop action, with characters we have come to love in this series A time for Callie and Tom to be together, just them, to know one another, without work commitments Her mentor Eli been shot, the question will he live hangs in the balance for days He sends her and Tom on a mission, which starts off as an old love of Eli, then turns into secrets stolen objects, and so much Questioning could they make it out alive, or would they be caught Truth has been revealed for Eli, but what secrets did Tom still have For Callie she is ready to move forward, with her love for Tom A great series, full of love, and adventure. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.While I read and enjoyed the previous book in this series, A Dime a Dozen, I wasn t crazy about it Consequently, I began this book, A Quarter for a Kiss with some trepidation In the end, all my worry was for naught The story kicks off with a great start and, really, doesn t slow down till the end Besides being a bit wordy in areas, from start to finish I completely enjoyed this book.Maybe one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was because Tom was with Callie during this investigation I loved watching these two interact and deal with the case Through it all, Tom and Callie s relationship felt sonatural Believable They spent time together, enjoyed each other s company, often were tempted, but each time triumphed over the temptation One point that Mindy drove home that I just loved was when Callie had to urge Tom to leave her room They were getting tempted, and the reason she made him leave her room was because she loved him I saw that, and silently applauded Mindy Clark I don t think I ve seen it put just that way in a book before, but it is all so true.The plot was, once again, very intricate and complex I kept trying to figure out who dunnit , but once again had a hard time doing that In the end, I was able to deduce who one of the bad guys was before Callie and Tom I felt so proud of myself lol There wasn t anything inappropriate in this book outside of a few kisses exchanged between Callie and Tom and an old affair that they uncovered during their investigation Mindy doesn t go into detail in either area and keeps the whole story very clean as a whole.I finished the book with batted breath and was so pleased at how everything came down But then that last scene totally threw me Way to go, Mindy Clark, ending with a cliffhanger Now I am going to have to get my hands on a copy of the next book as soon as possible Tom might have a rough past, but Callie hasta forgive him those two are so perfect for each other If you re into mysteries, then I don t think you can go wrong by looking Mindy Clark up Her books are sure to keep you entertained and deducing for hours, right along with Callie the sleuth Oh for heavens sake Get on with this Audio presenter is terrific The story has several lulls, false direction making it so it s not a tight plot, repeated clich s, and singing Found this book tedious because by the ending the story hadn t moved forward I could have skipped book 4 altogether and read book 5. When her mentor gets shot it sends Callie and her boyfriend boss Tom to the Caribbean to solve the mystery Easy read and interesting. I really enjoyed this mystery read When Callie s dear friend Eli is shot, he tells his wife to get a hold of her Tom and Callie had just finished there vacation in West Virginia and were headed to their respective homes when the call came The change their plans immediately and head to Florida to be by Eli.He is critical and no one is sure he will survive Stella, Eli s wife, has a message for Callie that Eli had given her, just before he went unconscious Tom and Callie end up in in St John in the Virgin Islands, they are accompanied there by Jodi, Stella s daughter What and adventure they are about to begin Shootings, underwater surveillance, bombs, kidnappings, etc This is a real spy whodunit, will keep you guess throughout, and then surprise you again.A real wonderful page turner I was provided with a copy of this book by Harvest House publishers, and was not required to give a positive review. A Quarter for a Kiss is the fourth book in the Million Dollar Mysteries but it is only the second book of the series that I have read I recently read book three and really enjoyed it so I decided to give this book a shot too I was not disappointed In A Quarter for a Kiss Callie is vacationing with her beau Tom when their mutual friend Eli gets shot Eli is like a father to Callie and she is devastated Tom and Callie rush to Eli s side and when they get there they see Eli is struggling to live but he has told his wife that Tom and Callie can help figure out what happened to him This starts an investigation that sends them to the Virgin Islands is search of Eli s shooter Little do they know about the mystery they will unravel This book was quite an adventure for Callie and Tom There are all sorts of pieces to a major puzzle that they have to put together and I was intrigued with all the little details that emerged to find out what happened to Eli This wasn t as dangerous feeling as the last book was until you got to the last 100 pages or so That is when the action really picked up and you were on the edge of your seat.A Quarter for a Kiss had a lot about Tom and Callie s relationship than the previous books, which was enjoyable We got to learn some of the mystery surrounding Tom and we also were able to see them grow closer together and it was very touching However, I won t spoil the ending but there is a new development that emerges that will forever affect Tom and Callie s relationship and I know I will be looking in to book five to figure out what they will do.If you have enjoyed the previous Million Dollar Mysteries than be sure to read A Quarter for a Kiss Great page turner, intriguing mystery and a delightful romance Disclosure I was graciously provided a free copy of this book from FIRST Wild Card Tours in exchange for my honest review and opinion All opinions are my own. A Quarter for a Kiss by Mindy Starns Clark is the fourth book in the Million Dollar Mystery series Callie Webber and her boyfriend, Tom Bennett, are just finishing up their first vacation together and are regretting their return to the real world when she gets a terrifying phone call Eli, her mentor and father figure, was shot by a sniper and before going unconscious gave instructions to his wife Stella to tell Callie to find his notes and that she would need Tom s help The pair head down to the Virgin Islands in hopes of solving the mystery Eli was working in and learn who tried to kill him Clark manages to mix just the right amount of suspense, thrills, and romance to keep the pages turning and pulses pounding I m not normally a big fan of romantic suspense novels, but Clark s elevates this above the standard fare I could not put this book down I hope I don t have to wait long for the next one. Wow To sum up how I felt after finishing A Quarter for a Kiss in one word would beWow This was not the first time I ve read A Quarter for a Kiss I read the entire Million Dollar Mysteries series years ago , but I was still captivated by the story and read it in about one day I now want to finish the series by reading The Buck Stops Here again.I loved A Dime a Dozen , but A Quarter for a Kiss was even better It s definitely one of my favorite books A Quarter for a Kiss ends with such a cliff hanger that I can hardly wait to read The Buck Stops Here and continue Callie and Tom s story.All in all this is definitely a book that I recommend if you enjoy a great mystery with romance and don t mind being on the edge of your seat I received a complimentary copy for my review I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion. {DOWNLOAD KINDLE} ê A Quarter for a Kiss (Clark, Mindy Starns. Million Dollar Mysteries, 4.) ⚣ It S April, Spring Is In The Air, And Callie And Tom Have Just Spent A Wonderful Few Weeks Getting To Know Each Another After Years Of A Telephone Only Relationship But As Their Time Together Draws To A Close, They Are Called To The Hospital Bed Of Mutual Friend Eli Gold, Who Has Just Been Shot Eli Asks Callie To Find Out Who Is Responsible For The Shooting And Begs Tom To Help Her The Search Leads Tom And Callie To The Beautiful Island Of St John In The Virgin Islands There They Face A Sinister Enemy Among The Ruins Of An Old Sugar Plantation An Enemy Who S Willing To Do Anything To Keep His Identity Secret And The Past Deeply Buried This was a mystery book with some romance added but no with no explicit scenes It was well written and kept my interest through the same book with some interesting twists that could have been foretold if you were good enough I wasn t It is the 3rd book of a 4 book series I am no going to read the other three Fortunately my library had it available in large print I read it just because I pulled 6 books out of the large print area to read It was the only one of the books I found really interesting If you don t like being preached at just a little bit, the book is not for you The heroine and hero were both christian and let you know that was why no x rated scenes I liked it a lot and recommend it to anyone to read.