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A fun read. Loved this series 4th 5th were my favorites This is probably my favorite of the five books but you have to read the first four which I loved also to really understand this one It s a real roller coaster of emotions Just reread this and I really do love it Such a great series This one and Quarter for a Kiss are my favorites but they are best read in order I recommend these to EVERYONE Totally great I wish that this wasn t the end of the series I would really like to know what happens next Keep on writing them Mindy The ball was in Callie s court, how hard did she want to solve it The man who killed her husband is somehow connected to Tom, the man she now loves The office, the foundation, is it all a ruse, the money comes for the grants A different way of looking into a mystery To solve, then maybe her and Tom could be together or would the truth and his connection to what happened with her husband, destroy it Great series, and this was a good plot Full of enough twists and with the hope of a happy ending. Happy to say that book 5 redeemed the series Finally, after stringing us along, the book concludes the only way it could after so many near missed opportunities and hints I began reading this book still feeling agitated at how annoying I found book 4 Did not like the abrupt ending It took me a few chapters to make peace with the storyline and simply go with it Several surprising truths were at last uncovered, confessions made and hearts mended I m one of the few that enjoyed the visit by the US President Perfectly written scene in my eyes Some wish the series went on My opinion differs It was too long I think that the series could have been condensed with book 4 and 5 made into one book Giving this series an overall solid 4 stars I do appreciate the cleanliness in language and modesty in behavior and dress that kept this book enjoyable Giving Mindy 5 stars for the gift of clean writing And a solid 4 stars for the series. Satisfying ending to the series It answers all of the lingering questions from the first four books Going to miss Callie. Love this book and all the series I am so sad this series has ended ^Epub ↵ The Buck Stops Here (The Million Dollar Mysteries, 5) ⇲ When Callie Learns That The Man She Loves Is Somehow Connected To The Man Who Killed Her Late Husband, She Confronts Tom But He Informs Her That His Hands Are Tied By The National Security Agency And He Can Tell Her Nothing Despite The Secrecy Surrounding Tom And The NSA, Callie Decides To Find Out For Herself Exactly What Is Going On And How Tom May Have Been Involved In Her Husband S Death Using Her Investigative Skills, Callie Throws Herself Into The Most Important Mystery She Has Ever Attempted To Solve Will Their Affection Be Able To Stand The Strain And What Was God S Plan In Bringing Tom And Callie Together Marriage Or Merely Answers For Her Questions About Bryan S Death