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!Download ♔ What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam ♞ In The Aftermath Of The Terrorist Attacks Of September Th, There Has Been An Overwhelming Demand For Information About Islam As A Leading Expert, John Esposito Has Found Himself Called Upon To Speak To A Wide Range Of Audiences, Including Members Of Congress, The Bush Administration, Government Agencies, The Military, And The Media Out Of This Experience, He Has Identified The Most Pressing Questions People Consistently Ask About Islam In What Everyone Needs To Know About Islam, Esposito Presents In Question And Answer Format The Information That Most People Want To Know Esposito Provides Succinct, Accessible, Sensitive, And Even Handed Answers To Questions That Range From The General What Do Muslims Believe And Who Was Muhammad To Specific Issues Like Is Islam Compatible With Modernization, Capitalism And Democracy How Do Muslims View Judaism And Christianity Are Women Second Class Citizens In Islam What Is Jihad Does The Quran Condone Terrorism What Does Islam Say About Homosexuality, Birth Control, Abortion, And Slavery The Editor Of The Oxford Encyclopedia Of Modern Islam And The Oxford History Of Islam, And Author Of Unholy War And Many Other Acclaimed Works, John Esposito Is One Of America S Leading Authorities On Islam This Brief And Readable Book Is The First Place To Look For Information On The Faith, Customs, And Political Beliefs Of The Than One Billion People Who Call Themselves Muslims Well written and informative but just scrapes the surface If you really want to find out about Islam you need to study everything intently Start here but look deeper and further It is important to get multiple perspectives on religion and determine what s fact or fiction Very good book Anybody could enjoy it and learn important things from it. The book is written to non muslims It explains the common questions that westerners usually have about Islam The books is written by non muslim, yet the author defends Islam Besides he has much knowledge about Islam Most of muslims are already familiar with most of the materials Yet, in the way the book answers the question, the reader gets an idea what westerners know and how can you compare islam and christianity As an Anthropologist I did not enjoy this book I am used to reading books which discuss a culture religion as a whole and not merely select issues That being said, I do believe this would be a good book for much of the Western world to read given all of the stereotypes regarding Muslims and Arabs that we hold on to so dearly This book was very concise in its descriptions of some of these issues Some of them seemed biased, but for the most part the discussions within were excellent. Very informative I truly enjoyed this book I recommend it for anyone who wants to know the basics of Islam. Just re read this book The author was one of my professors in college He was an excellent teacher Book may be a bit basic for some, but it is very informative Its fairly objective in its perspective. Looking for a quick guide to Islam I think this is your book.It was an easy, quick read to fly through, and provided an in depth look at all religious areas of Islam, making all the information relatively brief and to the point I loved the way it was set out with FAQs as headers so you could just pick it up at the one question you wanted the answer to and then could put it back down without having to bother with the rest of the book.The way that the author detailed the difference between cultural customs and religious Islamic customs was fantastic It really helped to learn the difference between what Muslims religious individuals believed and what was believed as a society or community in Muslim countries.It handled controversial subjects well and talked about the historical background of customs and beliefs in the Islamic religion and culture E.g why Islamic aren t fond of hand shakes touching non familial people was seen as unclean and inappropriate if the individual was unmarried and why they are stereotyped as hating animals, especially dogs dogs were often dirty and flea ridden and touching them made a Muslin unclean for prayer letting a dirty dog into your house made the house unclean too.I did find that the author was a little too biased the author is a Muslim himself at times saying things like we believe in or Allah told us etc rather than avoiding the personal pronouns and separating himself from the topic He also compared almost every topic to parts of Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism or Catholicism which I found rather unnecessary.Overall, a good introduction piece to Islam If you need something to give you a quick and easy background to the Muslim faith than I would recommend picking this up. Sugar coated view of lslam It s quite deciptive at many places in the book, giving half facts that don t represent the whole scenario I am lucky to have had known things prior to reading the book that the writer didn t feel it s important to cover up.Moreover, The writer didn t provide any polls, data or research that would provide an idea to what Muslims do actually believe in, now, at least Instead, the writer chose to use words like, few, most, some Not good Also if you wanna read a primer on Islam I don t recommend this one, not comprehensive enough, but not zero stars bad. This book is a defense, not really an intro text Despite what the title might make you think, the goal of the book seems to be to highlight the shared values Islam has with the West and also defend Islam from current misconceptions All good, and all things that need to be faced and understood with toleration and humility.Unfortunately, it shortly became clear that the author was going through every issue people had questions about and finding the most modern answer to be found in the Islamic tradition and leaving all the not so modern parts out He also employed the time worn strategy of saying, Well Judaism and Christianity did it tootimes a billion To be fair, the author is certainly not required to drag up the worst of the worst, but what he leaves out is often very crucial to understanding Islam as a whole For instance, he talks of the Sunni Shia split as a disagreement about how to choose successors to Muhammad The Sunnis wanted a successor based on merit and the Shia wanted a blood relative to succeed That IS an accurate statement, but it doesn t mention the assassinations and outright war that took place to make the split happen Not only is it important to add historical context but it also seems a little insensitive to Shiites to say that they simply thought blood relatives should succeed They thought their man, Ali, was the most meritorious, as well So much for that issue.Another issue where he chose carefully is polygamy The Quran basically limits Muslims to four wives though Muhammad ended up having, like, nine in his life, though this is not mentioned What the author fails to add is that they could have any number of concubines on the side though, to complicate this even , the bride could have as part of a marriage contract that the husband not take concubines it s this kind of complexity and nuance that s required if we really want the truth You could say he doesn t have to mention them since they aren t married, but the real reason he leaves it out is because he s trying to make Islam palatable, and mentioning concubines, non Muslim slaves taken from other regions, isn t going to help his case In fact, he quotes the verse from the Quran that is immediately before the line on concubines, and then stops I wouldn t have known this, except that I m working through the Quran myself, but when I saw that he left this out, I honestly opened my mouth in surprise I m going to stop here at two topics, but the same problems persisted throughout To be fair again to Mr Esposito, if his task is to show that Islam CAN be modernized or be acceptable to Westerners, then he only needs to find available paths to get there, and those paths don t have to follow what Islam was or is, and they don t have to agree with each other, either However and this is the last time I ll say this without knowing the historical intent and context that is left out and so much has to be in a small book anyway , you will not get an accurate portrait Or, perhaps I should say you will get a portrait instead of the real thing An impressionistic, flowery Monet of a portrait There were definitely issues I learned about in this book that I thought were interesting, like Islam s take on the environment, or Islamic banking However, any new information I found was overshadowed by the author s clear goal I would title this book, PART of What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam. Useful, clear guide to the basics about Islam Definitely an apologia and a deliberate counterbalance to the Islamophobic content out there I m not sure an objective basic guide to Islam or indeed, any religion is possible in today s world The legal theological difference in approach to religion and daily life were very helpful for framing the discussion.