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I know the saying that you shouldn t judge a book by it s cover but while shopping I happen to come across The Baby Twins by Laura Marie Altom, and the cover is what made me pick it up It s such a cute cover with a handsome pilot and twin little girls I couldn t pass it up.The Baby Twins started out with such promise and excitement Stephanie is flying across the country when a panic attack has her trying to open the airplane door while 30,000 feet in the air Who is there to rush to her aid, but an old friend Captain Brady I felt for Stephanie, with all she was going through with the death of her husband, running a bakery business, and having to raise 10 month old twins little girls by herself.Captain Brady was amazing He is strong, caring, and attractive He was such a sweet man, and trying to help Stephanie He had problems of his own, especially concerning his 8 year old daughter, but by the end of the book he gets his life together, and is able to be the father that he needs to be and much There is a major twist in Brady s past that is surprising Lola, Captain Brady s daughter is a hoot She tries to act so much older then she is and has some hard lessons that she had to learn through the book She is just a little girl but she plays a large role in this book and she is adorable I thought The Baby Twins had such promise when it started out, but I thought the sudden change with Stephanie getting over her husband Michael and wanting to marry Brady was too quick, and I knew something was going to happen, to make it all change The only other thing I disliked about this book is the ending seemed a little rushed Over all The Baby Twins is a wonderful read and is something different then what I normally read I enjoyed the relationship between Stephanie and Brady and the ups and downs they went through. good book A sweet little story about a divorced man and a widowed woman finding each other, although it takes a long time to get there.Stephanie lost her husband in a plane crash overseas Now, she has a fear of flying When she freaks out on a flight to Miami to collect some of her husband s things it s an old friend and pilot, Brady, who comes to her rescue.Brady has been living a life without love since his wife divorced him and moved away to live with her new love in a new city, taking their little girl with them Now Brady is attempting to reconnect with the little girl who is starting to grow up too fast, and falling for a woman he shouldn t be falling for.Overall, a very sweet story, but a tad unrealistic in parts It was a quick and cute read. A lot of soul searching occurred in this novel and while it was plausible, good and down to earth, there wasn t any wow factor for me I kept expecting it t hit a high and it was steady right through The struggles the heroine had were pretty common and the ending was sweet. [ READ KINDLE ] ♊ The Baby Twins ☩ A Pilot S Widow, Stephanie Olmstead Isn T Afraid Of Flyinguntil The Plane Takes Off, Triggering A Panic Attack Suddenly, The Single Mother Of Twins Has A New Man In Her Life Brady McGuire, The Pilot Who Saved Her From A Major Meltdown, Now Sees Himself As Her Protector And FriendBetween Flying And Moving Across The Country To Be Closer To His Daughter, Brady S Life Is Hectic Enough But Ever Since He Played Hero, He Can T Stay Away From The Gorgeous Single Mom And Her Infant Girls That S When Things Start Happening Really Fast But Is Stephanie Ready To Move On Brady Has His Doubts One Thing S For Sure, It S Going To Be A Bumpy Ride loved this story shows how broken and damaged people can end up loving each other. 3.5ending didn t work for metoo rushed after too big sn issue. Vince Clarissa pretty much ruined the book for me Spent the majority of be book rolling my eyes Sadly, also couldn t stand Lola and that s pretty awful.