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~Free Book ⚓ The Good Nanny: A Novel ♔ The Cross Family S New Nanny Is Perfect A Natural With Children, A Whiz In The Kitchen, And A Gifted Painter, The Only Thing Miss Washington Can T Seem To Do Is Make A Mistake But Thanks To Stuart Cross S Artistic Ambitions, His Wife Andie S Mounting Paranoia, And The Nanny S Smitten Ex Boyfriend, What Should Be Domestic Bliss Quickly Turns Into An Outrageous Disaster I knew this book was gearing up to something, but in the end, it wasn t good A couple who valued their high power jobs than anything, two girls who needed smart parents, a perfect nanny and a house only built to impress everyone Perhaps this was a commentary on parents who value things and themselves than people, because it didn t say much of anything else If I d read the reviews before I read the book, I wouldn t have bothered. Stuart Cross and Andie Wilde, a sophisticated couple with interesting careers in Manhattan Stuart is an editor at a prestigious small publishing house, and Andie has just been promoted to the enviable but not entirely respectable position of top film critic for the New York Post have recently bought a huge house in the suburbs Neither is willing to adjust their professional expectations to accommodate their two young daughters, so they hire a nanny Louise Washington is almost too good to be true, and the children including one daughter who is picked on by her father for being overweight, ooooohhh I hate him quickly become attached to her She paints oil paintings like the masters, and oh yes, she s black and her best friend has just been released from prison Believe me, at this point you re trying to put all these pieces together so you c an beat the author to the punch and proudly say, I could see that coming Andie, feeling displaced and struggling with mother guilt, becomes and paranoid about the nanny s activities, and sets in motion a series of events that give the book its shocking conclusion Publishers Weekly called this a scathing satire, but I didn t laugh anywhere along the way Really It freaked me out For quite a while.This is an incredibly intelligent book and a great read. This book made me want to scream Overly privileged wasp couple hire the perfect nanny The wife is the hysterical type about her two daughters The couple moved to the country to get away from New York crime.The perfect nanny is not perfect enough for the mother and their senseless behavior bodes very bad for the nanny I was so angry at this couple in the end and their stupidity was the cause of everything.I realize that this is meant to be a kind of black humor, but it was just too over the top for me. There are many interesting themes in this book, and the author s inability to pick one and really run with it has kept me from giving this really good book five stars I m also constrained by the utterly depressing ending didn t see that one coming This is not a book for those who don t care to be challenged by their literature. Dark satire of life in a nice NYC suburb with high strung parents the kind of people who never should have been parents and their poor employee The twist ending was depressing, but I loved all the jabs at the publishing world Not much of an exaggeration, especially about how projects increase in value when someone dies. This had to be one of the most irritating and boring plotlines I have ever encountered Had I not been listening to it on a long drive I would have dropped it in the trash Except for the nanny the characters were moronic and ridiculous The ending is the worst part of all I wish I had this six hours of my life back. Quick read I actually liked the first part, even though the characters were exaggerated It seemed like of a parody than real life, and it was kind of fun BUT, the ending was terrible and made me dislike the whole book It was totally unrealistic and made the whole book feel like a cheap set up. Engrossing, funny and disturbing story of a horrid suburban couple who are challenged by a remarkable woman they hired as a nanny These careless, privileged people can never acknowledge the profound damage they unconsciously perpetrate. Quite possibly the WORST book ever I listened to all 8, 9 or 10 CDs on a long road trip when the munchins where sleeping I can t think of a reason I finished even the first CD except I must have been road crazy I ve never wanted to write an author and tell them how crappy their book was until I listened to this one BEWARE