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!Free Book ♰ China in the 21st Century ♏ The Need To Understand This Global Giant Has Never Been Pressing China Is Constantly In The News, Yet Conflicting Impressions Abound Within One Generation, China Has Transformed From An Impoverished, Repressive State Into An Economic And Political Powerhouse In China In The St Century What Everyone Needs To Know, Jeffrey Wasserstrom Provides Cogent Answers To The Most Urgent Questions Regarding The Newest Superpower And Offers A Framework For Understanding Its Meteoric Rise Focusing His Answers Through The Historical Legacies Western And Japanese Imperialism, The Mao Era, And The Massacre Near Tiananmen Square That Largely Define China S Present Day Trajectory, Wasserstrom Introduces Readers To The Chinese Communist Party, The Building Boom In Shanghai, And The Environmental Fall Out Of Rapid Chinese Industrialization He Also Explains Unique Aspects Of Chinese Culture Such As The One Child Policy, And Provides Insight Into How Chinese View Americans Wasserstrom Reveals That China Today Shares Many Traits With Other Industrialized Nations During Their Periods Of Development, In Particular The United States During Its Rapid Industrialization In The Th Century Finally, He Provides Guidance On The Ways We Can Expect China To Act In The Future Vis A Vis The United States, Russia, India, And Its East Asian Neighbors This was a very good introduction to the country of China If you all you know about China is that they are Communists and big, then you really need to read this book The author delivers on a big challenge presenting a primer on Chinese history and culture that is accessible and concise I think he achieves that pretty well You get the key points of Chinese culture and history, and you will certainly feel like you learned something by the end of the book The strength of the book lies in the fact that the author clearly strives to be objective The best part, for me at least, is when he goes over the similarities between the United States and China He is basically showing readers that while the nations are different, they also have many things in common This book is definitely a must read if you want to learn on this topic And given China s ascendancy in the world, what we may hear in the news truth or speculation , this book goes a long way to put things in context Oxford so far is doing a good job in this series The one on Cuba I read which is reviewed here on GR too is also excellent These are books that as a librarian I would not hesitate to recommend to readers wanting to learn on a topic. This was a super informative book China has always been a cultural mystery to me, but Wasserstrom illuminates a number of issues impacting Chinese culture that I would not have considered The drive from rural to urban has been achieved at an accelerated pace over the last 20 years which has led to an older generation familiar with rice farms, bicycle transit, and Mao, while the younger generations are familiar with the internet, mega cities, ride sharing, and the central planning capitalist hybrid economy under Jinping The title of this book is somewhat misleading however, as nearly the first half of the book deal with a broad strokes summary of Chinese history, from its ancient roots to the development of Nationalist and Communist parties in the 20th century This book gives a good explanation of the current cultural moment in China, and helps to explain how China interacts with the Western world. Concise survey that hits some of the highlights of Chinese history and culture from the Qin dynasty to Xi Jinping well organized, great refresher. A brief but useful book that will provide some insight into the hopes and fears of the current regime in China and the Chinese people The first half focuses on the historical context this is only partly successful in that it really doesn t inform the reader about the true historical sweep of the Chinese story The book is better at clearing up misunderstandings that Americans have about what s happening in China now. I had to read this book for a reflection paper for a course on Pacific Asian History, and I was pleasantly surprised how informative and easy to understand this book was The author goes into great detail but in few words if that makes sense Starts out with a historical overview, which helped me in other aspects of my college course, and was EASY to understand Then goes into current history and issues that China faces today Very open minded, no bashing of any nation, just plain facts and understanding of issues. Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about the intricate details of recent Chinese history, this book did a decent job of giving me a better appreciation for the complexity of last century or so of Chinese politics, economics, and sociology I can t say I completely followed 100% of what was being discussed, as I felt that the book assumed a foreknowledge I did not possess so this might not be the best book for someone like me who has no idea who half of the people being discussed are That said, in addition to historical elements, the book focuses heavily on present day issues and upcoming projects plans the book also spends a decent amount of time focusing on Western misconceptions of Chinese society autonomy daily life, and a great amount of time on technological issues such as the Great Firewall and the development of the Greater Bay Area Hong Kong Macau Shenzhen. I think if you want a brief history of China this is a great book I read this book for my Chinese literature class and I really enjoyed it It is very different from any normal textbook and I would highly suggest this book for those who want to gain a new perspective on the global government and foreign relations I also would recommend this book to those who wish to see a new perspective of history This book does a pretty good job at showing you how the Chinese people feel about certain events As with all history, when it s told from only one perspective or viewpoint you can never understand it fully. This is a great book for Chinese people to know how American think about China There are some interesting points which are totally out of my mind I will recommend it to all Chinese people who would like to talk about this topic with his western friends. Wasserstrom offers a very concise overview of the key issues related to China from the US perspective This book is well balanced and offers enough insight to be worthwhile for a general reader who follows current events in China Considering that even policy makers and public commentators often express uninformed views of politics in China, there is certainly a wide audience for this book However, this book offers little for those who do keep up with current events and would be looking for deeper insight.