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It is pieces of a story with a lot of potential I like all the rest of the books in the series and felt I should read what was there The only disappointing thing is that it is unfinished. (((DOWNLOAD KINDLE))) ⇰ The Wizardry Capitalized (Wiz, #6) ↬ This Is The Bare Bones Of What Should Have Been The Sixth Book In The Wiz Series About The Adventures Of A Gang Of Computer Programmers In A World Where Magic Works Like A Computer Program And In Our World Where A Surprising Number Of Things Work Like Magic The Point Is, This Is Not Finished And It Never Will Be Finished However Wiz, Moira And Their Friends Are Popular With A Lot Of Folks, And There Are The Germs Of Some Damn Fine Ideas Buried In This Mess So, After Floating The Idea On My Blog Rick Cook S Notebook , And Getting A Positive Response, I Decided To Put What I Ve Got On The Web That Way Wiz Fanatics And Utter Masochists Can Unscramble It And, I Hope, Get Some Enjoyment Out Of It Rick Cook, From Apology Read This First In The Online Publication Of The Partial Draft