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The premiss of the book piqued my interest finally a book that would have something to say about the philosophy of black metal A genre that has indeed some depth to it, but is always regarded as the retarded kid of the musical family I hoped to gain some insights and to be able to recommend a good book when one of my favorite genres is mocked again Sadly enough, this won t be that book This book is supposedly the recap of a symposium on black metal, but it must have been conducted by some retarded undergrads This is just appalling Poor academic skills would even be an overstatement for the research conducted by the scholars in this book One goes even so far as to alter quotes in order to prove his point Newsflash This is falsification and immediately absolves the entire symposium of any credibility whatsoever Avoid Really I ve ended up giving it two stars because there are some less retarded kids talking too, and it contains the Liturgy manifesto It has zero academic merit, and it s very easily debunked, but if you like the band you might learn a thing or two about the band s approach Hence my leniency Apart from that, this book is best off ritually burned. By now I have read quite a lot about black metal theory, if that can even be called a thing I must say that once again I did enjoy it, although some essays were really far from the main subject and again others really interesting and highly informative Academics have such a different approach to this Some lose themselves in philosophical nonsense that in my opinion misses the idea completely and again others really want to find a way to explain the black metal phenomenon Some essays captured so well the essence of black metal and indeed found ways to give academic meaning to this art form, which is so muchthan what meets the eye. Part noble gesture towards the dark sublime peaks of black metal theory , part academic foolery For the idea of black metal theory to succeed, the prose of theoretical thought will have to be actually infected with black metal lyricism, which occasionally happens in this text. Firstly, I think that this tome was deliberately dense I am a philosopher myself and I believe wholly in making things as simple as possible in order to make my writing accessible Some of these papers seemed a tad too ivory tower for me, and, given the difficulties I had in ascertaining what some writers were going on about, I shudder to think of the struggles your average metalhead should face in trying to interact with this publication.Secondly, the proof reading and editing was seriously substandard I cringed at some of the mistakes and omissions Not befitting of an academic collection.That said, I find some of the reviews here a tad harsh There were a couple of articles that I read and dismissed as ridiculous the Hendrix article springs to mind , but the general aim of the Symposium I think is worthwhile there is a cultural aspect to this music, on that we can all agree Subsequently, it is both relevant and prudent to discuss concepts around the ideologies and trends.Holding that thought, I particularly enjoyed the comparison of BM as a confessional or as an act of confession, the portrayal of depravity and the evils of the human condition in some sort of cathartic brutality played out in the live arena I am intrigued by this notion and will likely think about it further.However, as is previously noted in a review, the issues of racism, neo nazism, misogyny and religious intolerance are fierce, frequent and if I may be so bold even prevalent in BM, and I think a worthwhile discussion around these issues si what was missing from this tome I actually didn t know what to expect when I read it, but I guess if I had to hedge a bet, I thought there would at least be some discussion around these controversial and contentious themes.All in all, some worthwhile endeavours here, but few and far between, and too oft sandwiched or buried beneath obscurities and assertions to bring any obvious meaningful discussion to the fore. [ Read Pdf ] ♫ Hideous Gnosis ☿ Essays And Documents Related To Hideous Gnosis, A Symposium On Black Metal Theory, Which Took Place On December ,In Brooklyn, NY Expanded And Revised Life Is A Hideous Thing, And From The Background Behind What We Know Of It Peer Daemoniacal Hints Of Truth Which Make It Sometimes A Thousandfold Hideous HP Lovecraft Poison Yourself With Thought Arizmenda CONTENTS Steven Shakespeare, The Light That Illuminates Itself, The Dark That Soils Itself Blackened Notes From Schelling S Underground Erik Butler, The Counter Reformation In Stone And Metal Spiritual Substances Scott Wilson, BAsileus PhilosoPHOrum METaloricum Hunter Hunt Hendrix, Transcendental Black Metal Nicola Masciandaro, Anti Cosmosis Black Mahapralaya Joseph Russo, Perpetue Putesco Perpetually I Putrefy Benjamin Noys, Remain True To The Earth Remarks On The Politics Of Black Metal Evan Calder Williams, The Headless Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Brandon Stosuy, Meaningful Leaning Mess Aspasia Stephanou, Playing Wolves And Red Riding Hoods In Black Metal Anthony Sciscione, Goatsteps Behind My Steps Black Metal And Ritual Renewal Eugene Thacker, Three Questions On Demonology Niall Scott, Black Confessions And Absu Lution DOCUMENTS Lionel Maunz, Pineal Eye Oyku Tekten, Symposium Photographs Scott Wilson, Pop Journalism And The Passion For Ignorance Karlynn Holland, Sin Eater I V Nicola Masciandaro And Reza Negarestani, Black Metal Commentary Black Metal Theory Blog Comments Letter From Andrew White ESSE, Murder Devour IMETALTHEORY The actual proceedings from an academic conference on philosophy and black metal.The collection is really, really uneven in content Some great historico philosophical pieces, but there is also a mountain of academic speak, jargon clogged, semiotic claptrap that perhaps not on purpose purposefully is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny That said, the BM miner will find some real nuggets of analysis, historical fact, secondary sources to pursue, and begin to tease out the threads of this dark art BM is where the real transgression is taking place HORNS UP YA SH TTERS Metal for me is like Zen, you must listen, headbang and the experience is Metal.Transcendental Black Metal Come on its a joke Liturgy with burst beat and high pitched guitar sucks Their hipster image loathed me even worse If Transcendental was double nihilism and they had inverse for the typical black metal ideas then why don t call it White Metal hahahah guess you can t do that because you need to be god believing christian metalhead first My view about this book can be found in the book and I copy pasted it below What sucks is when metal is co opted by wannabe academic nerds Chronic YouthTo be fair I enjoyed some parts, the conversation in Stosuy Meaningful Leaning Mess was worth a read because it enlighten me on the American Black Metal scene by worthy non hipster black metal band members.Again, if you want to understand Metal listen to it until it transform you Then only you can go through books Fuck off and Die An interesting collection of essays It seems that people discredit the book because they disapprove of the essays within, but I found all of them to be valuable, even if I didn t necessarily agree with half of them.If you like thinking about BM in a way you wouldn t any other genre of metal, this collection is an important read it s a lone, intelligent voice in a choir of mindless elitism. Fundamental to my perception of Black Metal, my approach to elitism, my understanding of transcendence, and my thesis Garbled thoughts tumbling down dark abyssic holes you tumble with them, or you stay behind Both might work, as this not merely a hallelujah for fans, but an academic approach to something I didn t believe could be academicised before. Glossary in the end is a very informative one.eugene thacker three questions on demonology is an informative chapter.