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!Free Epub ♠ Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel ♺ Supermodel Lou Kipinski Seems To Have It All But Beauty Is Only Skin Deep And Sometimes Lou S Porcelain Complexion Can Get A Bit Hairy The Only Thing Worse Than A Furry Fashion Faux Pas Fangs In Her Million Dollar Smile That S What Happened Six Months Ago, When Lou Had Her First Outbreak But Now That She S At The Height Of Her Career She Absolutely Must Find A Cure So What S A Single Werewolf Gotta Do Then A Sexy Detective Comes Knocking On Her Door Two Women Who Bear An Eerie Resemblance To Lou Have Been Killed Something With Teeth And Claws Tore Them Apart Is It A Coincidence That The Grisly Murders Have Taken Place During The Same Time As Lou S Own Outbreaks With A Killer At Her Heels And Another Outbreak Just A Concealer Wand S Distance Away, Lou Is Soon In A Race To Discover Truths About Her Own Murky Past And Before It S All Over She May Be Forced To Show The World That Her Bark Is Nothing Compared To Her Bite Lou is a top model, earning the big bucks and setting her own schedule If only those dang patches of fur and the occasional fang outbreak weren t getting in the way Ever since prom night, Lou has known she was a werewolf but never showed any signs of heruh, condition But Lou s got a dark past, one that s much darker than she knows And hiring a private investigator to find her birth parents might be stirring up a big, furry mess of problems But Lou has other distractions, like the one wearing a badge and asking her about two women who both bear a striking resemblance to Lou and who have both been brutally murdered That s when Lou realizes those nightmares she s been having exist outside her dreams.I liked this bookthan I thought I would But actually, I would have rated it at 3 1 2 stars The big climax was over too quickly and it wasn t like I didn t see it coming ever since that scene in Central Park There are far too many unanswered questions, most of them seemingly intentionally left hanging as fodder for a sequel but there doesn t seem to be one Still, I love a good werewolf book. This novel was surprisingly entertaining and a really fun read despite the somewhat cheesy title I felt that it was well written with the right amount of humour, action and suspense and supernatural themes in all the right places The heroine is likeable and you find yourself satisfied with most of the bold decisions she ends up making, especially when her love interest who makes me picture Henry Cavill sigh is concerned It is a great shame that the author Rhonda Thompson had passed away when this novel was published and the ending of the book suggests that a series was planned but this does not greatly take away from the goodness of the story Rhonda Thompson has done a wonderful job on this piece that could easily make it on the big screen I really wish someone could help finish the series though as there is a mystery behind the heroine s werewolf gene. Funny murder mystery with lots of paranormal and a little romance Quick fun read. I m honestly suprisedthis book is not that bad so far I stood forever in front of Targets book shelves debating on a book to get, not wanting to spend the 15 dollars so grabbed the cheaper one that caught my attention, not really having much faith it would pan into something worth writing aboutbut based on being halfway through already, I would read the next should one come out.The idea of synthetic werewolves, and the mystery surrounding the main character is enough to keep me reading Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Confessions of a Werewolf Supermodel is a light and fun read The characters are entertaining and the suspense continues at a gradual climb until the final few chapters where it sky rockets At times, the story seems to put too much emphasis on Lou s possible bedmates, but the plot picks right up a few pages later Along with many others, I am sad that there will not be other installments in the series I would have thoroughly enjoyed uncovering Lou s past with her.If you are looking for a fun, humor filled page turner concerning supermodels, werewolves, hot men, and a sprinkling of vamps for good measure, spend a few afternoons with Ronda Thompson.Complete review here Yazar n n ld n rendi im bir seri Asla nas l bitti ini renemeyece im Bu seriler konusundaki en b y k endi em bu,bencilce biliyorum ama akl ma gelmeden de edemiyorum.Lou Kipinski, bir supermodel kurtadam arada s rada t yleniyor Birisi ona benzeyen kad nlar ld rmeye ba lay nca Teddy adl bir polis ile aralar nda ili ki ba l yor 7 y ll k bir Stefan platonik a k ndan sonra ilk defa d zg n bir ili kiye ad m at yor.Lou mezuniyet balosunda Tom adl , ona tecav z etmek isteyen bir ocu u kurda d n erek ld r yor ve ka yor Evlatl k oldu unu bildi i ailesini aram yor imdi ise hem kim oldu unu renmek, hemde onu ld rmek isteyen katili durdurmak zorunda.Modellerin d nyas na bak att m z bu kitap ok e lenceli olmasa da orta derecede s r kleyiciydi Serinin di er kitaplar olsayd okuyaca m biliyorum En yak n k z arkada n n lezbiyen olmas da de i ik bir karakter e itlili i sa l yordu.Kitap ilk ba ta sa ma g r nse de kesinlikle yle de il Kan, l m, polis gibi ciddi meselelerin yan nda k z m z n bazen ger ekten yava alg lamas ve kozmetik r nlerine saplant l olmas kurguya heyecan kat yordu G l bir erkek gelsin de beni kurtars n t r bir bayan olmamas da art puand Polisiye gizem t r de olmas s k c olmas n engellemi ti.Kitap boyunca Lou kendi kimli ini bilmiyor Vampirlerle konu up sentetik bir kurt adam oldu unu reniyor, ayn Tom gibi Katilin de o oldu unu reniyor Kitab n sonunda her ey hem ok farkl hemde ayn A k hayat dersek, ba ka bir adamla kmazda Kimligi desek, hala bilinmiyor Cindy kendine model bir sevgili yap yor ve Lou nun evinde kan bankas ndan ald kanlar buzdolab nda saklayan bir vampir var.En sevdi im zellik Lou nun tek bir erke e saplant l olmamas.3 ki i aras nda gidip gelmesi Kedini idare edebilecek g leri olmas Yer yer kendine g vensizli i ve biraz bo bo azl ile potlar k rmas. Lou is a supermodel with a secretshe is a werewolf Why, when, howshe doesn t know but it isn t easy to grow facial hair and fangs just before a photo shooting.I liked Lou a lot She was funny, girly, sexy and sarcastic and I think it is the exact formula for a chick lit protagonist She is also strong and fierce As a bonus, I liked all of the characters They didn t seem to me like stereotyped Besides, there isn t just one hot male characterthere are three and you can choose the one you would like to dream with at nights.In this book there is a lot going on at the same time Mystery, love, sex, friendship plus the paranormal stuff, I thought maybe it wasn t going to work but it does I don t know how, but it isn t every day when I can find a chick lit urban fantasy book that works so great without being excessive.I also enjoyed the writing style I was fun, light and fast Maybe if you are looking for somethingparanormal you will feel this book doesn t have enough I think it s because it was intended to be the first book of a series and Lou is just beginning to discover about the underworld.It s a shame that the author, Ronda Thompson, died It happened the same year this book was published I am not sure if this is the right thing to say, but it would have been a great series Many questions are left unanswered, and I really wanted to read the sequel.Posted at OH MY BOOKS I can t read this I kept trying but it s just not clicking It s like a bad date I wanted to end before it even began I couldn t even get through chapter one without finding SO MANY PROBLEMS From what I read, the writing seems okay Granted, I only made it in a few pages But I couldn t seem to get past the style First person present tense This format of writing is difficult to follow And what s worse Since I don t just read for enjoyment don t know how to, really , I m struggling to keep up and gauge how often the writer sticks to present tense, or if there s times the writer perhaps screwed something up.I can t I just can t I wanted to Hell, I ve owned the book for YEARS before I finally found the time to tackle it s secrets But now that I m here, I m finding that those secrets aren t something I can handle.Sorry if you enjoy this book I hope you do I hope I can find someone who ll want my crisp, brand new old yet never touched copy, cause I certainly won t be sticking around for it.Sorry luv It s just not going to work out for us I can see it now, so I hope you ll find someone else.Tossing. I found this while browsing at the library and sounded decent enough so I thought I d check it out It s about Lou, who used to be an ugly duckling, but then on prom night when a guy was trying to force himself on her, she turned into a werewolf She thought that she had killed him, so she and her best friend Cindy run away After Lou turned back into a human, she was a beautiful swan, so she became a supermodel 7 years later, one day after a shoot, a policeman comes to see her, saying that there have been many murders of girls who look like her He suggests that someone might be out to get her Then she starts having dreams of women getting murdered, so she helps the cop find the killer Meanwhile, she has also looked into a private eye to help her find her birth parents because she was adopted and wants to know if they have any connection to why she turns into a werewolf I was totally loving this book until towards the end vampires show up I m so tired of vampires Lou is a likable character She s not stuck up and snooty like you d expect a supermodel to be The way it ended suggests that there will probably be a sequel It s a clean book, I don t remember a lot of bad words in it, and I think there was only one sex scene Nothing to graphic If you like supernatural stuff, this would probably be a good read for you.