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This is somewhat in between Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and the fairytale Bluebeard And the ending was like An Affair to Remember. [Free Kindle] ⚔ Bluebeards Bride ♉ She Loved Him Than Life ItselfMark Blackthorne Knew The Moment He First Saw Elizabeth, A Struggling Young Singer From London, That He Had To Have Her And He Pursued Her With A Persistence Bordering On ObsessionTheirs Was A Whirlwind Romance Before She Knew It, Elizabeth S Capacity To Love Him Had Become Limitless And Frightening Especially When She Realized How Vulnerable She D Allowed Herself To BecomeShe Loved Mark Beyond All Reason Yet, Although He D Asked Her To Become His Wife, He D Never Actually Told Her Why He Wanted Her So Much The h falls in love and marries a man, only to find that he is obsessed with his late wife, who looks just like the h There s nothing he says later that makes me think he still isn t obsessed with his late wife all of the things that he like about the h are about how she helps him feel better when he s emotionally upset and he likes that she listens to him and can share his day He s dependent on her, but that s not love The poor, poor h. Creepy very creepy H is a widower and only dates women that resemble his deceased wife He marries h without telling her he had been married before and that she was a carbon copy of his former wife She is a bit slow on the uptake and wonders why so many people react strongly to her appearance Also there is a wing in the house that she is forbidden to see When she does finally sneak down there she finds a room with a portrait of the the former wife and a wedding photo At the then end the H concedes that he deliberately sought her out because she looked like the dead woman but that he genuinely loves her I think the H s obsession showed him to be mentally unbalanced. Very similar to Rebecca but not as exciting.