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So funky I ll write in a couple days Jet lag is a harsh and unforgiving mistress. Dead Lagoon was the first Zen mystery I read and I can see why Dibdin went in this direction for Cosi Fan Tutti Looking back, Dead Lagoon was pretty grim and miserable both in weather and mood Clearly Dibdin wanted some fun for the next book and he certainly has it with this The plot of opera is quite cleverly updated and interwoven into the book and the opening is beautifully cinematic in it s following of the garbage truck You don t really need to know the opera to spot the operatic like qualities of the plot sisters, lovers, disguises, tricks to test fidelity It s interesting that the central character from a very serious book can suddenly be transported into what is effectively a comedy, and a farce at that I whipped through it good reading when you re stuck at home with a terrible cold as I was but I can t help feeling comedy and farce are not Dibdin s strongest suits It was all just a little too forced and the final scenes too reminiscent of a comic opera pastiche But clearly the author is having a rollicking time, and it is infectious You just have to go along for the ride and enjoy it for what it is What remains to be seen is whether Zen can return to be a serious character in the next book. Epub ♫ Così Fan Tutti: An Aurelio Zen Mystery ♶ An Aurelio Zen NovelMichael Dibdin S Overburdened Italian Police Inspector Has Been Transferred To Naples, Where The Rule Of Law Is So Lax That A Police Station May Double As A Brothel But This Time, Having Alienated Superiors With His Impolitic Zealousness In Every Previous Posting, Zen Is Determined Not To Make WavesToo Bad An American Sailor Who May Be Neither American Nor A Sailor Knifes One Of His Opposite Numbers In Naples S Harbor, And Some Local Garbage Collectors Have Taken To Moonlighting In Homicide And When Zen Becomes Embroiled In A Romantic Intrigue Involving Love Sick Gangsters And Prostitutes Who Pass Themselves Off As Albanian Refugees, All Naples Comes To Resemble The Set Of The Mozart Opera Of The Same Title Bawdy, Suspenseful, And Splendidly Farcical, The Result Is An Irresistible Offering From A Maestro Of Mystery If you just relax at the beginning and accept that this is going to be silly, then it s really a lot of fun I read it on trains between Linz and Vienna and it made me smile And also made me think about similarities between Dibdin s Italy and my Austria I laughed a few times, too The themes addressed in the serious Zen books are still here, but I guess the biggest one is Who are the real criminals I mean, are all the corrupt things like bootlegs of designer gear and video games, really so terrible Or in this kind of abstract, fantasy version of prostitution where all the pimps and drugs are mysteriously absent from the equation, and so it really is a victim less crime And I think Dibdin is asking that in the previous books too, with corruption and Zen s own willingness to bend and break rules as well as the realistic motivation to close the case as opposed to actually catching the bad guy Discovering the truth is just a by product of trying to make a believable story for the officials So that kind of cops are not the good guys, crooks are not the bad guys thing is in all of them The bigger criminal operators, like politicians and mafia bosses, aren t bad because of the operations they re involved in except when they regrettably have to murder someone but because of the scale of the operation If they were just committing crimes to pay the bills and occasionally taste the dolce vita it would all be fine But they had to get greedy.The opera is referenced throughout, but Dibdin has cranked the silliness up with way characters and a lot disguises and mistaken identities so that even in the case of Zen himself we don t really know who is a cop and who is a gangster or if maybe cops are just a different kind of gangster Actually, there are some terrorists too, so you don t know if the terrorists are cops or gangsters, etc But they are all likeable Essentially, every character in the opera is doubled Although it takes place in a city, and no one is doing any crafts or cooking, this is or less a cozy mystery Violence is mostly off screen, so to speak, except in a cartoonish opening that is meant to make it clear that this is not intended to be realistic There is plenty of romance, or rather, sexual tension, like the opera So just something for laughs, a good way to pass the time as I sped past the home of the real life dungeon dad at 200 kilometers an hour. I gave up on this book with less than 50 pages left to read I enjoyed the TV movies based on Dibdin s Zen mysteries, so i thought i would enjoy the books Man, what a disappointment The novel starts out witty and interesting and slowly degenerates into a boring, unfocused mess There is no momentum to the story, and Dibdin tries hard to be clever and unusual, but just turns out confusing and irritating I think this may be a rare case where the film adaptations are superior to the books. This is the least satisfactory Aurelio Zen i have read Here we see Zen with little integrity, turning his back on responsibility, accepting and entering into the corrupt and inefficient world of crime and policing in Naples There s not much appealing about Zen s character in this book.The Cosi Fan Tutti theme is far too complicated to sustain and the whole plot goes up in the air in the end, like coloured paper shapes.I think it is time for me to move to books about Italy written by Italians, not English or American bestselling authors. I loved this one It was exactly the pick me up I needed after Dead Lagoon, which was depressing I m not at all familiar with the opera, but this book made me think of a Shakespearean comedy, especially the d nouement. Everybody in Naples is or less a gangster, my dear It s a question of degree. Zen again Cos fan tutti 1996 is my fifth novel by Michael Dibdin featuring the unconventional, unpredictable, and often unlucky police inspector Aurelio Zen This time the plot takes us to Naples the Italian name Napoli coming from Greek Neapolis sounds much better, of course , and is closely based on motifs from Lorenzo da Ponte s libretto to Mozart s famous opera buffa Cos fan tutte Note the one letter difference in spelling of the titles tutte is feminine while tutti masculine the substitution is not insignificant for the novel Zen is posted to a lowly job of a harbor detail commander in Naples He tries very hard not to do much in his new job and avoids any involvement in police work, which suits his subordinates fine since they are busy running various lucrative businesses, including a brothel, from the police station Meanwhile, crime keeps happening in the city local businessmen disappear, literally treated as garbage by sanitation crews Zen is supposed to work on the case of Greek sailors knifed in the port by an American counterpart, but he does not exhibit much diligence, instead helping a middle aged widow arrange an intrigue that aims at breaking her two daughters infatuation with local hoodlums this thread of the plot borrows heavily from the opera s libretto.The romantic intrigue is purely farcical, and the crime related components of the plot are not the main focus of the story The author is at his best providing a biting, satirical look at Naples local character, proving again his superb observation skills and smooth writing This layer of the novel is also truly hilarious just imagine the situation when the police force, mourning their comrade fallen in action, are so extreme in their grief that even the whorehouse operating on the police station premises needs to be temporarily closed The operatic ending of the novel offers a truly clever denouement Readers who unlike myself like plot twists will love the avalanche of surprises Revelation are stacked upon revelations, and most of them actually do make sense.While a lightweight and broad farce, Cos fan tutti is a well written, funny, and readable book.Three stars. I have not finished this one yet I am half way through, but I think this may be my least favorite ZEN mystery I am a hopeless fan I am working my way through them all This plot runs parallel to the famous opera, COSE FAN TUTTE I think the opera title refers to a female tutte all as in Women are all like that whereas the book title has been altered TUTTI to refer to the masculine, or inclusive, as in truly everybody, not just all women Forgive my mangled Italian translation I am not fluent.The chapter headings are taken from the libretto in Italian Dibdin translates them in his own way into English for the Table of Contents.All very interesting and amusing, but a bit too contrived for me to focus on the mystery Dibdin has a curious sense of humor, and there are moments in the book where I did burst out laughing, in spite of being alone in my house This bodes well for an amusing book I will reserve final judgement until I finish the book Later Just finished the book I take back everything I said The plot is a sublimely amusing farce equal to anything from Shakespeare, as regards mistaken identity, obsessive infatuation, secret plots coming to fruition, and even Zen s poor mother A very entertaining book much lighter reading than most of the other Zen novels IN this one at least he does not get his heart broken he mostly stays above the fray, although I don t think I am spoiling anything by mentioning that he does end up in a garbage dump Highly recommended just a slow starter. Not the most successful of Michael Dibdin s Aurelio Zen novels but an interesting experiment Loosely based around the plot of Mozart s similarly named opera, the plot is similarly farcical Zen, never the most dedicated of policemen, is here a lazy, work shy bumbler who rarely seems to know what is going on and at times the plot became so convoluted that I shared his bemusement But there is enough here to make the book worthwhile and some laugh out loud moments such as the taxi driver who interprets American English to Italian despite her only English being Cockney dialect.