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A rich and vibrant world, fascinating peoples, creatures, histories, religions, magics, and wonderfully nuanced characters I m loving this series, even as I m wishing for a faster pace It s truly epic and detailed in its sprawl, which at times means it drags I m realizing that I have to take breaks in my reading so I can continue to enjoy the world without growing too impatient When I start willing it to go faster, I take a break and read something else Then at other times, I fail to notice the hours flying by This is really a series to be savored With its scope and the weight of each installment, it simply won t allow you to rush through So far, the end of each book has been rewarding, and I miss the world and characters once I m done I guess I m just going to be living there for a while. [[ READ PDF ]] ↠ Child of Flame ↚ Lost And Alone In An Unknown Country, Alain Struggles To Survive As He Is Unwittingly Drawn Into An Ancient Conflict Between Humankind And Their Old Enemy, The Cursed OnesSeparated From Her Husband And Child, Liath Must Undergo Her Greatest Test In A Land Of Exile Only Here Can She Hope To Discover The Truth Of Her Parentage And Learn The Extent Of Her Remarkable PowersMourning The Loss Of His Wife, The Bastard Prince Sanglant Seeks His Father, King Henry, To Warn Him About The Conspiracy Of Powerful Sorcerers Who Wish To Destroy The Aoi, The Lost Ones, Once And For All No Matter How Much Destruction Their Magic Will UnleashBut King Henry S Gaze Is Fixed On The Thrones Of Aosta And The Imperial Crown Left Vacant For Two Generations As A Quman Army, Sweeping In From The Eastern Steppes, Ravages The Wendish Countryside, Henry Marches South, Ignoring The Pleas Of His Beleagered SubjectsThe Great Cataclysm, Foretold In The Stars, Is Approaching Kate Elliot ist ein Schatz Jedes ihrer B cher scheint ein Eigenleben zu haben, da sie Sie in bisher nie gesehene Bereiche h llen Das Leben eines jeden Charakters wird zu einem Teil Ihres eigenen, wenn Sie ber seine Pr fungen und Pfade lesen Erstaunlicher als das letzte ist jedes neue Kapitel dieser aufregenden Serie Ich w nschte nur, sie w rde mit einem neuen Zusatz zum mysteri sen Leben des m chtigen Prinzen Sanglant und seiner kraftvollen Frau Liath aufwarten Nicht von Alain abzulehnen, aber sein Charakter gef llt mir nicht so sehr, weil er sein eigenes Schicksal gel st hat.Die Crown Of Stars Serie ist ohne Zweifel meine Lieblingsserie Alle vier B nde sind unglaublich eng mit der tats chlichen Geschichte und den historischen Ereignissen verwoben, und ich finde, dass dies der Geschichte viel hinzuf gt. For the most part, I continue to enjoy these books But every fantasy series longer than a trilogy seems to experience a slump by book four or five the books grow longer, yet move slowly and Crown of Stars is not proving an exception to that rule.There s a lot going on here, and the plotlines dealing with the Quman invaders and King Henry s foray into Aosta to claim the imperial crown are enjoyable Elliott continues to resolve plotlines and take them in new directions, and the end of this book has me looking forward to the next one This book s weakness is that it removes both of its protagonists from the main action, spinning them off into tangential subplots Liath spends the entire book on a spirit quest, which at least doesn t take up many pages, but I m not convinced its ramifications for her character are worth or less removing her from the entire novel Meanwhile, Alain spends this book thousands of years in the past, at the time the Aoi were exiled from the earth This is a creative way to give the world s backstory, and at first I was entertained by the depiction of a Stone Age society, which appears well researched But this subplot gets a lot of page time without Alain s ever figuring out what s going on, and it turns into a travelogue, that bane of fantasy literature Then too, I never invested in the new cast, and Alain s innocence works better when contrasted with the intrigues of his medieval society than in the simplicity of a prehistoric setting.So, while our protagonists are off in other worlds, the actual plot rests on the shoulders of the secondary cast Who are not up to the standard of the secondary POVs in Elliott s later series Sanglant is a good character, but many of his scenes are seen through the eyes of Zacharias and the returned Anna, neither of whom has much to add to this story Has Anna s ethnicity been changed, or has she just spent a lot of time in the sun People are constantly noting her nut brown complexion, which I don t recall ever being referenced in book two Most of the rest of the story is told through the POVs of Hanna and Rosvita These two are always in the thick of things and, yes, they are strong women, but they just aren t very interesting I ve criticized their selection as POVs before for their lack of personal stakes in the outcome of the plot, but it s than that they don t have significant personal struggles at all, or flaws or weaknesses It feels to me like Elliott went too far in making Hanna and Rosvita foils for Liath, who has issues in abundance, to the point that it s hard to relate to them.All that said, while I stalled on some of the Alain chapters, I did mostly enjoy reading this book and do intend to continue the series the tangential subplots wrap up at the end of this book and I m hopeful that the next will be a return to form.EDIT Crown of Stars ratings King s Dragon 4Prince of Dogs 3.5The Burning Stone 4Child of Flame 3The Gathering Storm 2.5In the Ruins 3Crown of Stars 3 3.75 stars I really, really enjoyed this book.I had been frustrated with Liath s character trajectory in the previous book, but I knew that any flaws written were deliberate Liath had yet to be in a situation where she was allowed to grow In this book, she gets that opportunity and seizes it.Alain s story is of an interlude He finally has an opportunity to live the life he wants Unfortunately, the reader knows from the get go that it cannot last.Hanna and Rosvita continue to be wonderful POVs.Honestly, the plot is so intricate that it s almost overwhelming I cannot fathom any storyteller creating a tale on such a scale although Elliott is not the only author to have done so Why this series isn t popular, I will never know It is well written and Elliott is putting on a clinic for character development. But seriously, WHY is this not a GOT type miniseries For that matter, how did that get picked up and not this This series has everything Everything Evil elves Technologically advanced gremlins The music of the spheres Heresy Dragon Vikings Betrayal by the gods Fake miracles Real miracles Insta love Books Sieges Time travel Griffons AWESOME BATTLES Magic hounds Weaponized gossip Really good looking bad guys Torture Escapes Betrayal by your friends Matriarchy Fresos Blood sacrifice Learning Angels Weather The importance of weaving Heroic sacrifice by dozens of people to get children to safety The plague Feminine whiles Arranged marriages Centaurs Dragons The place of coils Translators Metal forging Religious reform AHHHHHH. I don t know how, but Elliott s Crown of Stars series just keeps getting better and better At this point, the pacing is tight with brief pauses for the Eika, who I no longer care about , the stakes are amazingly high, the world is beautifully crafted and I can t wait to find out what s next.And I m not sure if it s really a 5 star book for me, but I cried a lot, so there you go And small spoilers view spoiler Usually I really hate those women holy suicides, but the way Elliott wrote it really sold it for me On the downside, I have to say Antonia the serial killer of persons with disabilities continues to be a total fictional pet peeve hide spoiler I read these a while ago and was one of best sets I read so far, so anticipating all the way through all 7 books omg such good set I wished they never end, one of those where you finish and think NOW WHAT AWESOME