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At first I was disappointed with this book and put it away after reading the first few chapters. Nothing new, I thought. I'd signed up for an astrology apprenticeship and had already read dozens of astrology books, but this was required reading. I'm so glad it was! Although the first few chapters are a fundamental overview on planets and houses, even an experienced astrologer could benefit from Forrest's final chapters on chart interpretation. This book really gave me practical tools I could use and I can highly recommend it. I have never been a fan of astrology. I thought it was nonsense until I read this book, and I am so glad I did.
Steven Forrest does an excelent job in teaching us to look at astrology from a different angle, from a perspective that is attractive and meaningful. He teaches us that "Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality. Like any other language, it only provides a way of ordering our perceptions"
Astrology clarified my mind and I recommend you to read this book it as well :) #Free Book ⚢ The Inner Sky: How to Make Wiser Choices for a More Fulfilling Life ô The Inner Sky How To Make Wiser Choices For ABiographie De L Auteur Steven Forrest Is The Author Of Several Astrological Bestsellers, Including THE INNER SKY, THE CHANGING SKY, THE BOOK OF PLUTO, THE NIGHT SPEAKS, And The New Classic YESTERDAY S SKY, Written With Support From A Grant By The Integrative Medicine Foundation The Inner Sky How To Make Wiser Choices For A Still One Of The Best And Most Frequently Recommended Astrology Primers For Beginners, The Inner Sky Guides The Reader Into A Profoundly Rich And Empowering Evolutionary Cosmology That Frames Life Within A Context Of Possibility, Hope And Wonder The Inner Sky How To Make Wiser Choices For A MorePublished To Almost Immediate Critical Acclaim, The Inner Sky Is Beloved By Both Beginning And Seasoned Astrologers The Book Introduces All The Astrological Basics Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspects And Pulls Them Together In A Step By Step Strategy For Synthesis That Anyone Can Learn The Inner Sky Broch Achat Livre Fnac The Inner Sky Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Qiong Chasepdfbook Tlcharger The Inner Sky The Inner Sky How To Make Wiser Choices For A More The Inner Sky How To Make Wiser Choices For A More Fulfilling Life Kindle Edition By Steven Forrest Download It Once And Read It On Your Kindle Device PC Phones The Changing Sky Steven Forrest The Changing Sky Steven Forrest On FREE Shipping On Qualifying Offers Steven Forrest Author Of The Awardwinning AndThe Inner Sky The Astrology Classic By Steven The Inner SkyCompare AtQuantity Add To Cart ISBN Get The Kindle Edition Nook Edition Kobo Edition Apple IBooks Edition Published To Almost Immediate Critical Acclaim Assuming Intelligence, Motivation And Ignorance Of The Subject On The Reader S Part, The Book Introduces All The Astrological Basics Signs, Planets, Houses, Aspects And Pulls ThemThe Inner Sky Douban The Inner SkyElenaDinner In The Sky Dinner In The Sky La Tte Dansles Toiles Nous Utilisons Des Cookies Pour Optimiser Votre Exprience En Ligne En Utilisant Notre Site Internet, Vous Acceptez Que Nous Utilisions Des Cookies Conformment Notre Politique En Matire De Cookies Dinner In The Sky Dinner In The Sky Est Une Exprience Gastronomique Extraordinaire Qui Permet D Accueillirinvits Autour D Une Table Dans Le Ciel, Vous Offrant Ainsi Une Vue Exceptionnelle Sur Bordeaux Au Centre De La Table Se Trouve Un Espace Cuisine Permettant Aux Chefs De Prparer, Face Vous, Un Repas D Exception The Genuine Dinner In The Sky Official Worldwide Over The Past Years, Dinner In The Sky Has Criss Crossed The Skies Ofcountries In Europe, For Sure, But Also In Australia, Japan, India, Duba, South Africa, Brazil, The United States, Mexico, Canada And China And All This Happening In A Totally Safe Way This Website Is To Inform You About The Dinner In The Sky Concept, The Local Contacts In Thecountries Where They Happen And I love Steven Forrest's writing. He's clear and concise and speaks to both the average reader and to the philosopher. It's not difficult to understand and yet you have to think about it. This book was helpful because I am learning to interpret a birth chart and he gives essential tips in being able to do that. This is my first experience with evolutionary astrology and it just might be the book I keep going back to again and again. Having now read probably a dozen astrology primers over the last year and a half, this is the one that has finally brought chartreading to life for me. Forrest talks about all the signs and symbols and the whole chart itself in terms of evolutionary drivea interpretive style similar to that of Stephen Arroyo, who characterizes himself as a humanistic astrologer. Unlike Arroyo, however, Forrest gives vivid illustrations of what both successful and counterproductive expressions these drives looks like. Forrest is a bit more fun to read, which probably helped me too! His sometimes melodramatic explications really drive home the points being made. On the one hand, this is the most comprehensive and easy to understand beginner's astrology book I've read to date. Instead of the "give a man a fish" formula a lot of books employ by listing out different planet/sign combinations ("if you have Mercury in Gemini you're quickwitted and chatty," etc) Forrest teaches you how to fishwith the what/why/how of each planet/sign/house, you learn to piece it all together rather than relying on slapdash pop astrology blurbs.

On the other hand, I could not overlook how much this book Othered anyone who is not white or American. The assumption with every astrological description is that the reader or the client fits that "default," and there are often questionable and offensive references to the Orient, "primitive tribes," use of the g*psy slur, etc. The first edition of this was published in the 80's, but you'd think with subsequent editions someone would look at the world we live in and edit with inclusivity in mind. (Then again, the book is strewn with so many distracting typos that it's clear no one's given it a close look in a while.) I hesitate to recommend it for these reasons, even though it's otherwise a solid beginner's astrology text. This is one of the best books on the basics of astrology ever. Steven is a master of language. He is a consummate storyteller of the signs, planets and houses. He puts together this story in a way that we can see ourselves in relation to these symbols. He encourages us to engage in our personal journeys and take advantage of the wonderful art and science of astrology as both a path to deeper self knowledge and a life planning tool.

I have recommended and given away this book more times than I can count. Now I highly recommend it to you if you are curious about the inner workings of your psyche and soul. I need to own this.
I need to be able to go back and read all this wonderful, insightful wisdom over and over again. I need the keys this book is offering, ready at hand, to unlock the doors to the mysteries to my own and other peoples journeys and inner workings.

Steven writing is inspiring and fascinating and I just want more, more, more. He is a great guide to the mystery of astrology, explaining, showing and gently challenging and encouraging.
I will get my hands on a copy of this book and I will surely be coming back to both Steven and astrology. The journey has only just begun ;) I recently picked up another Forrest book ("The Book Of Pluto") and remembered this one, which I read several years ago and have given copies to at least a couple of friends. I want to recommend this book strongly, not only to "beginners" but to anyone wanting to gain a very clear understanding of what the signs, houses and aspects are about. That is Forrest's main strength...using poignant imagery to make one understand very quickly what a particular symbol means (and astrology is a language of symbols.) I had been studying astrology off and on for quite a while when I came across this book, and Forrest managed to make coherent quite a few things that I'd previously only been able to connect in disjointed, "keyword" terms. I might also suggest this book to anyone who feels astrology is rubbish...but then, I'm not here to "convert" anyone. As my friend and mentor Quan Tracy Cherry says, "Belief is not required." One of the best books concerning the core aspect of astrologybirthchart analysis and interpretation. The author introduces a modern take on astrological thought by discarding medieval principles and pravtices and adding a powerful evolutionary philosophy. The birthchart is no longer a portrait of an individual but a map of potentialities from which the individual is free to choose from...
Enlightening read. It has rekindled my interest for the Art.