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This was great My previous complaints about Kate s character were wiped away as she finally confronted a lot of issues in this installment.Given that this is an election year in the U.S I was really thinking about how it used to be when reporters would sneak around and try to catch politicians or their family in incriminating positions When you consider Kate is sneaking out nights to patrol San Diablo with David a whole host of opportunities were there to destroy Stuart s political ambitions as well as their marriage Oddly there do not seem to be reporters newspaper or otherwise in San Diablo.My only complaint with this story is that it takes too long for Kate and her team to put the clues together It was hard to believe that a Catholic preparing for Easter would not be able to put two and two together about the timing of the prophecy Yes, zombies appearing out of nowhere could stall the thought process a bit, but still.On the other hand, I like that her team is growing Now that Kate can be open with her family maybe she can be diligent in the research and training end of her demon hunting job We need to get Mindy on board, then all will be well Or as well as can be when you are fighting demons daily.This was a great read filled with twists and turns and action and drama and a bit of comedy The story flows well and the characters are believable, if you like reading fantasy If you never read fantasy and pick up this series, you may not agree Quite enjoyable and, really, I didn t want to put the book down for the last few chapters. Do you miss Buffy TVS Kate Conner is the next best thing Soccer mom by day Demon Hunter at nightdayweekendsholidayswhatever You get the point Demons do not run on Mom schedule There are a lot of levels to Kate s life husbands, children, soccer momming, and assorted other perils coming her way I had read the first three books when they first came out By the time the 4th arrived, my head was elsewhere and I missed the last three Thought about it now and then, but did nothing until five days ago when I ordered them from my library So, Deja Demon down two to read Like Buffy, suspense and humor are intermingled I m glad I remembered the series enough to search for it. Finally Everything is out of the bag and Kate isn t hiding anything from Stuart I know her demon hunting life is suppose to be a secret but how can it be when you re a married woman Especially when your first husband has come back to life in another man s body With all that out in the open, I m not surprised what I found out about David Eric at the end. This review is for the audio versions of the Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series books 1 6 Originally posted on 3 28 2015 at One Book Two Though I am not a mom, let alone a soccer mom, I really enjoyed this series The balancing of the mundane with the supernatural and the attempt to keep such a massive secret makes for really good storytelling The characters are fantastic I particularly love Laura, the clued in best friend Kate s daughter, Allie and Eddie, the adopted grandpa and retired demon hunter The cast of characters in this series is really great.This is another series I could have erroneously dismissed as fluff, but it s really not Balancing our responsibilities in life during the good times and the bad is something everyone can relate to, regardless of what your demons may be This series not only pokes some fun at the life of a stay at home mom, but it also deals with divorce and remarriage, divided loyalties, death, and those slow descents into darkness Do you protect your children from badness, or prepare them for what is inevitable What happens when you share your darkest secrets with someone you love How do you survive when doing the right thing brings your world down around you These are not fluff questions at all.The only thing about this series that makes me sad is that not all of the books come in an audio format Only two of the books are available on Audible.com I haven t checked any of the other audiobook store sites, though I found the first four on CD at my local library But the first four are the only ones recorded The narrator, Laura Hicks, does such a great job with these books that I actually prefer them in audio, to be honest I ve spoken to the author twice about this, and she agrees it would be great to get the rest of the books in audio Now that she s self publishing the books, maybe she can chat with Audible Studios and see what can be done UPDATE All the audios have been rerecorded, are narrated by Carly Robins, and are available on Audible They sound AMAZING I m very eager to see what this series will look like on television it has been optioned I started watching I, Zombie on the CW recently and can see the DHSM series looking something like that I think it will be a fun series to see on the screen. Loved this book This is the 4th in a series that I haven t read the first 3 of but I still was able to follow along with very little trouble If you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer , this is her as a married mom of 2 What a fun read and very well written I can t wait to read the first 3 The series is starting to get a bit too formulaic Demons are always nasty and stupid, never able to answer simple questions without speaking in vague terms That is, all they ll say is that the Big Kahuna is coming to kill Kate unless she turns over the sacred pickle fork Of course, Kate doesn t know where the pickle fork is, what it exactly IS, etc., but her and her family are in mortal danger until they can figure it out I ve read 1 4 in the series, but now I m going to skip 5 6 for a bit. |Pdf ☩ Deja Demon ⚕ It S Easy To Feel Like Hell When Your Life S Overrun By Teenagers, Toddlers, And Terror Just Ask Housewife And Demon Hunter Kate Conner When The High Demon Goramesh Returns To San Diablo With A Full Blown Army Of The Undead, It S Up To Kate To Save The World Good Thing She Can Multi Task Loved it Very much looking forward to the next in series.I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense mixed with humor and parenting issues and demon zombie disposal methods Lots of plot twists to keep one guessing. worth waitingenjoy Ever since I began reading the very first book in the Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom I ve had a difficult time getting a good feel for Kate s husband, Stuart Yes, on one hand he truly seems to love her but then again he always seems to take her for granted by imposing his political social events aspirations on her at the last minute and without her permission However, the ending of book four, Deja Demon finally gives me insight into what kind of man he truly is.Once again Kate is attacked at home by not only a demon but a zombie as well This time they are demanding the sword of Caedeum Truthfully, I must say that the plot is beginning to be formulaic all beginning in the same way This time Allie steps in to assist her mother with the problem but they both are almost busted when Stuart is awakened and wants to know what is going on.David has been gone for a while and Allie wants to see her Dad Kate struggles with this as well as her daughter s growing desire to be out in the field demon hunting Once again a new demon is threatening to take over the world but a prophecy seems to suggest Kate will be the one to take him down with the sword What they don t realize is a former enemy will also raise his ugly head.As Kate, Allie and David spend time together it is clear Kate needs to tell Stuart the truth Will she You will have to read the book to find out Once again there is plenty of action, suspense and personal drama However that can be good and bad Good because it makes for an interesting read but bad because there is no variation in the plot Additionally, I don t sense a build up to an epic battle or confrontation nor do I sense an ending to the series anywhere to come I hope I am wrong and that the author plans to end this series while it is still on top Maybe book five will hold the answer.With that being said, I definitely recommend this book and this series but you would be best served by starting with book one You definitely need the world building supplied in the first books to appreciate what is happening in this one.