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@Read Epub × Education and Social Change: Contours in the history of American schooling Ú In This Brief, Interpretive History Of American Schooling, John Rury Focuses On The Evolving Relationship Between Education And Social Change This Revised Edition Considers The Impact Of Social Forces Such As Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration And Cultural Conflict On The Development Of Schools And Other Educational Institutions It Also Examines The Various Ways That Schools Have Contributed To Social Change, Particularly In Enhancing The Status And Accomplishments Of Certain Social Groups And Not Others Detailed Accounts Of The Experiences Of Women And Minority Groups In American History Consider How Their Lives Have Been Affected By Education As far as a textbook goes, I can work with this one There is some redundancy in the writing and it is still a dry academic ready but I learned a lot, it s straightforward, and the focal points are interesting additions 4 The history of US education is pretty interesting Does make me sad how much we screwed up as a nation though, particularly after Reconstruction So many things would be different now, if we had gotten it right back then. John Rury shows the purpose of education through historical examples and analyzation Why do we have schools Why are all schools so different from one another What social groups most influence school culture and policy Rury explains this starting in the antebellum era of the 19th century and working all the way to the 21st century The information is presented in a very informational way and can get tedious at times But for any history or education buffs, this book is for you.