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Quentin, Quentin, Quentin Spoiler alert I enjoyed the final conclusion, but I don t like situations that make women look desperate and hard up Especially, in a family I totally expected her to be with the person she always believed she would be Don t like pitting brother against brother Good read but heartbreaking on so many levels beginning with Alfred. Beautiful family love story I was happy to see Allysa and Sterling wake up to their love The forever juvenile and mercurical Q is endearing but still on the hunt. Free Book ♺ Love Takes Time (Arabesque) ☱ All Her Life, Alyssa Jansen Has Loved Handsome, Wealthy Quentin Dwayne Hinton A Man Who Barely Knows She Exists Now, After Years Away In France, Alyssa S Back, And Suddenly Q Is Seeing Her In A Whole New Light The Surprising Thing Is, So Is His Brother Sterling Sterling Is Stunned By The Sexy, Smart Career Woman Alyssa Has Become, And By His Desire To Protect Her From His Irresponsible Brother Platonic Friendship Turns Into A Deep, Passionate Affair That Leaves Them Both Feeling Confused And Guilty And When Q Decides He Wants Alyssa After All, She Ll Have To Choose Between A Fairy Tale Come True And A New, Unexpected Love This was really good, I can t wait to read the next on bring it on Hinton brother s Alyssa Jansen s father worked as a live in personal chef to the wealthy Hinton family so she grew up with the Hinton brothers, Quentin and Sterling Her childhood crush on Quentin was widely known about by everyone in the family and on staff Quentin, the consummate flirt, never took the little girl seriously, while Sterling ignored her altogether When and adult Alyssa, now a successful model, returns to the home for her father s wedding, the brothers begin to see her in a new light. I originally read this in Dec 2010, but after reading King s Passion I had to come back and re read this book to remember what went down between Sterling, Quentin, Alyssa, and what a story it was I always felt that Quentin would straighten himself out, and him and Alyssa could be, but of course that didn t happen Sterling and Alyssa had such a powerful connection, especially in the bedroom This book had some really hot love scenes, that make you feel like you are actually there with them, experiencing it as well Kudos Ms Byrd.After reading another person s review that Sterling was 21yrs older than Alyssa, I did find the relationship a bit creepy after the fact since that would really put him around the same age as her father, who Sterling was good friends with I know they kept saying their was an age difference between them, but I thought maybe 10yrs or so, not 21 That is the only damper about this book, other than that it was a gr8 read. The story was amazing I really like how Adrienne incorporates humor in the novel She has me ROFLAO It s almost ridiculous because I have to apologize to my family that s how loud I m laughing My only issue was the age difference However the story was so good, I just ignored references to the age because I didn t want to lose the essence of the story.GOOD READ The story had me laughing, crying, and grinning.By the way, I started in the evening and finished before midnight I couldn t do anything but read because it was that good Now I m truly ready for Q s story. The book was great considering I read the 3 king books first I didn t like how the father bullied Quentin into marrying that woman knowing he wasn t going to stay with her And then he talked about Quentin not getting a real job and stuff but he doesn t realize he s the reason he acts like that You let the man do whatever he wanted for so many years Then Alyssa, I could never see someone falling in love with the person brother she say she was madly in love with. This book was surprisingly good When I first started reading it I wasn t sure I was gonna like it, because it read a lot like the movie Sabrina I liked the movie, but duplication is a turn off I glad I didn t allow the similarity keep my from finishing it The story was good, even though I agree that it felt a little rushed I would have liked to have seen Alyssa and Sterling s relationship developed , but it was a quick read so I guess I won t complain There was a lot of focus on their age difference, but Alyssa s father married a woman 15 years younger than him so what was the big deal Although Sterling and Alyssa s father were friends, I originally didn t get the impression that they were the same age I figured Alfred was of a mentor to Sterling You won t be disappointed because it is a good story, just a little too rushed. The book was good however I have mixed feels Quentin is so endearing that it broke my heart to see that his brother Sterling stole his Alice Since I started the series off with the King s brothers, Quentin just captured my heart with his wit, charm, and his pain I truly believe that Alyssa could ve show him what loves means Nevertheless, it was not the case It seems the Hinton brothers didnt have a problem dating the same woman that their brothers were interested in feel the fire with Jonas and Sterling I am looking forward to unbreak my heart to see Quentin finally find happiness and love, it s truly overdue.