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I would like to read this book. I Love Raheem. E-pub ♬ Keep It Movin' (Drama High) ♡ A YALSA Quick Pick For Reluctant Young Adult ReadersSouth Bay High S Jayd Jackson Finally Has Her Own Ride, But That Sure Doesn T Mean Her Troubles Are OverThese Days, Jayd Just Can T Seem To Get A Break Her Car Is Trouble Than It S Worth Her Girl Mickey Is Being Forced To Attend Continuation School And Rah And His Ex Sandy Are Still ArguingDespite These Distractions, Jayd Concentrates On Making Potions For Hair And Developing Her Own Signature Braid Technique, Which Is Getting Her A Lot Of Respect And Money But Then School Starts Up Again, And With It Comes Drama If Jayd Wants To Keep It All Under Control, She Ll Have To Look Deep Into Herself And Take Her Destiny Into Her Own Hands i realy like the book Ive read part of the book, but i never finished it because i became lazy The book felt real. this book was liike OMG It was Real qood L.Divine Did Her Thiinq Wiff Thiis One Props To Her. Trying mange school, friendships, family, relationship, and the start of your career can be quite overwhelming for a young teenage, but lucky for Jayd she doesn t let the drama stop her from pursuing her destiny Drama High Keep It Movin , which is apart of a series, written by L Divine The genre of the novel is drama Drama high Keep It Movin takes place in modern day Los Angeles in Compton, California Other settings that scenes took place were at school and Mama Lynn Mae s house The main characters of the book are Jayd, Mickey, Rah, and Jeremy Jayd is a sassy teenager with conjure powers that she uses to sort out all of her problems both supernatural and practical problems.Mickey is Jayd s gangster homegirl who has her own issues and responsibilities that she now has to deal with, such as her being a pregnant teenager, her unborn s father being imprisoned, and trying to seek a father for her child in Nigel Jeremy is Jayd s first white ex boyfriend who happens to be the most popular guy at South Bay High School He is rich, tall, and extremely handsome, with a witty personality to top off all his good qualities literally keeps Jayd on her toes Rah is Jayd s first love who was reentered Jayd s life when a mutual friend, Nigel, transfers from Rah s high school He knows everything about Jayd and is her spiritual confidant, but he has baby mama drama and stalker ex girlfriend who just don t want to let go The book begins with Jayd getting ready for her family s annual Christmas dinner party at her grandma Mama Lynn Mae s house Jayd invites her ex boyfriend Jeremy because her on off ex boyfriend Rah flakes on her because he has daddy duties Mickey finds out she is pregnant and tries to convince Nigel Mickey s current boyfriend that he is the father, but really it s Mickey s Man doesn t have a name who is locked up Rah goes to court for Rahima against his baby mama Sandy undoubtedly Rah won joint custody of his little girl Jayd loses one of her old friends, and Mickey is to blame for it Next Tre, Nigel, and Mickey s Man all take a bullet in the shootout at Mickey s house between Rah, Tre, Nigel,and Mickey s man Sadly Tre doesn t make it like the other two did Jayd s dad gives her the gift of a car consequently the car is undependable, so Jayd returns the gift back Lucky her mom tells her By the way, Karl said I can roll the Camry and you can roll in my ride indefinitely So, you re not alone The car is yours to keep for as long as you need it, baby My opinion of the book is relatable to young teenage girls of ages 14 19 I think it s a good read for people who like juicy drama of young high school students that deal with friendship, relationship, and family obstacles in life The book is realistic to girls because, they too are experiencing some of the same situations as Mickey and Jayd. Quick read Not classic literature, but is similar to the other books in the series. A Compton girl that is struggling with the new car that her cheap father got her Jade has to work a job in order to pay for her own car to be running properly While her boyfriend Rah is still trying to gain custody of his baby girl and handle the promiscuous and bad habits of his alcoholic mother As Jayd is now officially over her ex, Jeremy, she focuses on her heritage, family and friends However, conflicts still arise in her life, Jayd has to barrier the emotional roller coaster of her friends drama and issues Jayd is told by one of her best friends, Mickey, That she could be pregnant Which holds a greater conflict, because Mickey is not sure on who the father could be Mickey is friend s with benefits with Nigel, Jayd s old friend from junior high, and her boyfriend is a notorious gangster from the South Central Afraid of losing her friend, Jayd must keep this deep secret from Nigel before he gets murdered by Mickey s boyfriend, G Not if that isn t enough Jayd has to control her magical powers of being a voodoo priestess Jayd s grandmother, Lynn Mae, has to teach Jayd the good and bad of her powers However, Jayd puts all of her school troubles in front of her duties at home. The holidays are coming closer and Jayd has her new car It s not a Cadillac but it is good enough for her Meanwhile, Mickey is having some baby drama and Jayd is trying her hardest to stay out of it Sandy, Rah s baby mama is being as nasty as she can toward Jayd cause she is always with Rah, and Rahmina I can make a text to world connection There are a lot of teenage pregnancies, and when Tre, Rah, and Nigel get into a gun fight Jayd is really ticked off, Nigel gets shot in the arm and is going to spend some time in jail But Mickey doesn t know if it is really his baby I gave this book 5 stars.I love this series L Divine is a really good Author and she really captures your mind She can really write a good book and I hope she continues with the Drama High Series.