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The book being a lethal combination of poor research, insulting language, and pretentious plot, was one I could not finish. Man, I was so excited about this book when I saw the cover, but there is reason they tell you not to judge a book that way The plot is fine, a tiny swallow ends up being the key figure in a a war between Boston s songbirds and an invading group of raptors The book flap describes it as a re imagining of the classic hero story set in the city of Boston.What went wrong First of all, I think I can count on two hands the number of adjectives in the book Everything is driven by dialogue with some action thrown in between I think it s trying to be fast paced but it just comes across as lacking For a book with all birds as characters, we learn very little about the types of birds portrayed There are pictures of the different types of birds at the head of each chapter, but no key to the pictures and no descriptions within the book If you don t already know what they all look like you are going to have to find out for yourself.Lastly, the names just drove me crazy Half of them a taken from Norse mythology, and half are just random words or a combination of letters.if you know a kid already obsessed with birds this is probably a great book, but otherwise it s for the birds Yuk yuk. I read this book since my younger brother owns it It s simplistic vocabulary is for the younger generation and I enjoyed it for a simple quick reading I don t see the point in rating it based on other mature books since it was written for the teens and below Besides, my brother really enjoyed reading it. Ragtag is a young swallow who belongs to the Feathered Alliance, a group of various birds dedicated to living in peace in the city of Boston When a large group of strong, evil birds members of the Talon Empire are forced to leave their homes due to human destruction of their land, they decide to take over Boston If the Feathered Alliance does not surrender to the Talon Empire, they are told, they will be killed but surrender is not an option for the Feathered Alliance They bravely decide to face the Talon Empire to fight for their freedom.Because the Feathered Alliance is made up of swallows, pigeons, mockingbirds, and other small birds, they know that it s not going to be easy to defeat the Talon Empire, which is made up of hawks, falcons, ospreys, and When the Feathered Alliance s leader is killed, Ragtag can hardly believe that other members look to him to take over especially when he was once viewed as an outcast Will he be able to lead the alliance to victory This is a story full of suspense that is told entirely from Ragtag s perspective Readers are right along with him as he flies through the air and through the Boston Public Library and fights other birds Suggest this book to anyone who enjoys animals and a good battle. WOW Just Wow.So, We have Boston as the setting for an epic feathered battle, a whole flock of characters and loads of problems being thrown at our feathery friends When the Talon Empire is forced from their homes, they decide to move to the city, where the Feathered Alliance had kept to themselves so far, but the two groups can t seem to be able to live together peacefully Ragtag, a plucky little Swallow, thinks he knows how to help, but no one seems willing to listen Now it s up to one little Swallow to save the city from the Talon Empire, if only the others would listen Ragtag is a swallow living in Boston His mother is the representative of the swallows to the city wide bird government The Feathered Alliance The city is being attacked by the Raptors an alliance of falcons, hawks, and other meat eating birds This has a good cover although I wish it was just a touch lighter , and it s a good readalike for the animal adventure genre Warriors series, Oppel s Silverwing series Personally, it s not my genre I m not really into blood spillage, I wish the characterizations were a bit deeper, the plot s a bit predictable, the writing isn t that great But those aren t generally the things that kids will worry about and my quibbles are slight It s good, just not awesome. The birds who live in the city of Boston are under seige An empire of falcons, hawks, and other raptors are advancing from the west Nothing stands in their way except a small swallow named Ragtag, who is an outcast among the city birds It s only when Ragtag discovers and helps an injured eagle that the city birds realize they have a chance But the eagle vanishes, forcing Ragtag and his friends to go on a quest to find the only hope of saving their city This is a very fast read, with nicely defined characters. *READ DOWNLOAD ☊ Ragtag ⇺ Warring Birds Battle Over The City Of Boston In An Action Packed FantasyIn This Engrossing Story For Older Middle Graders, Hundreds Of Birds Of Prey Have Been Driven Out Of The Berkshires By Encroaching Human Development They Head Toward Boston, Which Is Already Occupied By The Birds Of The City But That Won T Stop The Raptors Soon The Talon Empire And The Feathered Alliance Are At War, And As The Battle Ensues, An Unlikely Hero Emerges To Defend His Home A Young Swallow Named Ragtag Recommend to fans of The Guardians of GaHoole and Warriors series The battles between the Feathered Alliance and the Bird of Prey are fast paced Ragtag is a young sparrow who is continuously ignored and put down, so is somewhat withdrawn from the politics and old ways of the Feathered Alliance, but demonstrates his leadership and ingenuity as he attempts to save the city of Boston from being taken over by raptors.I love the references to the humans This is a wonderful book for any age reader who enjoys fast action and interesting characters Backyard birds have formed a Feathered Alliance to get along in Boston, but when the Talon Empire threatens their existance, they have to figure out how to fight birds that are bigger and meaner than they are When the unlikeliest swallow ends up as their new leader, it s a nice story that shows we all can change and rise up to our expectations An entertaining story for preteen readers and up.