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If you put aside the sex, sniffing, etcetera not that I mind this story was lovely, it shows so many emotion happiness, pain, suffering, and second chance in love.I really, really like it #DOWNLOAD EPUB õ For Love of the Corps ñ Also Published In The Veterans, VolNothing To Lose AnthologyMike Learned A Lot From The Corps, Not Least Of All That He Was Gay He Fell In Love With His Boot Camp Best Buddy Scott, And Scott Loved Him Right Back But Then Scott Went And Got Himself Killed In Afghanistan, And Mike Wanted To Die Along With HimInstead, He Got Wounded And Had To Drag His Ass Back To His Unit So He Could Try Again Then He Made Platoon Sergeant And Had His Hands Full Keeping His Unit Together It Was Enough, Something To Do, And Then He Met Platoon Lieutenant Paul And Fell In Love Again And This Time They Got OutBut With The War On In Iraq, It S An Open Question How Long They Stay That Way A great military read Marines True Love A look at basic training and beyond for marines Having to love in secret Love and loss.Some really hot sex Some descriptive sex.A book that is worth a re read again and again.Very well written. leaves your cock aching Warning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10 PROS I love reading about masculine military guys falling for each other, especially since the American Don t Ask Don t Tell policy makes it necessary for them to hide their feelings until their desire just can t be contained and comes bursting out Lots of sex scenes that are loving, graphic, andstrangely, educational I actually learned something I didn t know about uncircumcised bodies, which I m completely unfamiliar with And I had to look one thing up on Urban Dictionary Good depiction of one man s fortune in having two different relationships not simultaneously with unique men, each of which is as loving as the other, but in different ways CONS Little puzzled disappointed by the amount of time spent on each phase of the narrator s story Having read the synopsis, I thought the majority of the book would cover the relationship with Paul, who helps Mike to get over the death of his first love and move on with his life But almost the first half of the novella covers his relationship with Scott from their meeting through five years together This isn t a problem in itself, but Michaels spends so much time developing the relationship between Scott and Mike that the emotional aftermath of Scott s death should be examined in detail, and it s not It s brushed over in a couple of chapters, and then Paul is on the scene and things pick up with him Quite a bit of telling as opposed to showing Example The desert we had trained in was in the States and was nothing like the desert in Egypt This is interesting to me I ve seen deserts in the States, but I ve never been to Egypt HOW are they different The landscape The culture The weather There are also some instances in which the text is needlessly repetitive I knew what I needed to do was to go home and see my mom, but I didn t want to do anything without Scott I need to go home and see my mother I know she wants me to come home, but I don t want to go anywhere without you These sentences occur back to back Very similar to John Simpson s writing style same author, perhaps Unrealistic timeline with one of the relationships I understand that some couples fall in love before ever touching each other, and I find that very romantic, especially since the resulting love scenes are tender and giving and passionate another huge PRO here All the great stuff sex scenes should have, in my opinion But these two guys take a BIG step VERY soon after having admitted to each other their feelings and having had sex for the first time. Alright If I said I cried a lot, that would be a hell of an understatement From the first moment I fell in love with Scott And I wasn t prepared for his death, even if I already knew it would happen from the blurb Then I felt for Mike Death of the loved one is something very difficult to deal with And no matter who you are, it always screwed your life to the point you look at suicide as the only way the pain could stop It shows the precious moments of time, when someone is on the edge of the decision to take his own life And at the same time shows Mike s strength and will to live by hanging onto the closest person, in this case Paul I think this book is absolutely amazingly written I loved Scott And then I loved Paul for his understanding So 5 stars.