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I wish I had had a teacher like Miss Dove A moving novel of how one woman can influence a whole town. I read numerous books, but I ve never read a novel as charming as Good Morning Miss Dove It was an absolute delight Miss Dove is a teacher who has touched the lives of numerous children and the adults of Liberty Hill Only when Miss Dove develops a life threatening illness does she discover the depth of feeling that she has inspired in others. From IMDb Miss Dove is a strict disciplinary, plus a well respected teacher, who has inspired her students to individual greatness One day during class, Miss Dove experiences great pain in her back, but continues with the class After class she asks one of her students who is staying after class to get a doctor Thomas, a doctor, and a former student of her s takes her to the hospital and hospitalizes her While in the hospital her former students rally around her causing Miss Dove to reflect on her past. My mother suggested this book, and even convinced my father who rarely reads fiction to give it a try, and we were both pleased she did I was hooked from the first few pages because of the lyrical and humorous writing, which also gave me a surprise challenge Eventually, I found myself reading with an electronic dictionary because I was both amazed and delighted by the numerous words and phrases with which I had either never heard of, or needed to be refreshed about, in such a simple little, straightforward story In truth, by then I was under Miss Dove s spell and felt that she would be displeased with me if I weren t studious enough to understand precisely what I was reading I even compiled a list of words or phrases which numbered over 50 to study laterwhich I think would have made her proud The storyline is dated, to be sure, but even the charming for it A delightful little treasure. Miss Dove is a young girl, the apple of her father s eye, with big dreams of touring the world and a big heart she hoped to give to a young archeologist Sadly, Miss Dove s life was struck early by tragedy and changed completely Resolved to keep her family s name unsullied and her home untouched, Miss Dove decided to become a teacher Like all else that she did, she put her entire being into that decision and never looked back Though she never passed her teacher s final examination, Miss Dove became one of the most successful and feared teachers in Liberty Hill With her ramrod posture, tightly coiled bun, cool grey eyes and unwavering adherence to right, Miss Dove reined in the first graders who entered her geography classroom and held them in awe and respect until they left it as sixth graders Under her tutelage, they learned not only geographic facts of the world they lived in but also truths about life At their graduation, Miss Dove evaluated their characters, rating them as tractable, awkward, babyish, original or very rarely satisfactory They, in turn, held her memory in sacred place She would always be to them the terrible Miss Dove, even when they become mothers and fathers themselves An institution of the town, they would call her A certainty A sure thing Until Miss Dove experiences a pain unlike any other and is forced to face her own mortality Suddenly regretting the fact that she never visited any of the exotic places she teaches about and wondering if she really is ready for Heaven, Miss Dove looks back on her life and on the children she s led, realizing how happy she s been though she never would have said so before The townspeople, too, are forced into recollection As they look back through the rosy glasses of time, they begin to understand how important she was in helping them to become the people they are today What will Liberty Hill s next generation do without Miss Dove to guide them with her prim and proper ways And what will Miss Dove do if she can never teach again A comforting read set in the middle of the 20th century, this book takes a gentle look at the influence that a teacher can have on the lives of those in her care Slightly sentimental without being overly simplistic or trite, it s a sweet glimpse back into a world where patients couldn t know too much about their diagnoses, where teachers were respected and obeyed at least some of the time and where women like Miss Dove could truly make a difference in the world just by remaining true to their principles I picked this up at a bargain table sale at my local library and it is worth so much than the fifty cents I paid I m looking forward to watching the movie version and hope it is just as good. Miss Dove is an institution in her small hometown She teaches the elementary grades with an iron fist, requiring her students to mindlessly memorize facts of her choosing and to behave like little men and ladies After teaching several generations of children, now Miss Dove has a back ailment that causes her to miss class for the first time in her life Her former students, now grown up into doctors, preachers, and even criminals, help her during this stressful time of the unknown by visiting and waiting on her and reminding her of the impact she had on their lives and on the town An easy read with no chapter breaks aside from a few sketched drawings, this book is simply written with a simple message It does not make a big impact, but it is pleasant reading and makes one think of the teachers that have impacted our lives. Have known this story existed since I was a kid One day during a family trip to some place in the northern California mountains, my father very excitedly introduced me to a youngish man who had played the young Chuck Connor who plays the police officer Bill Holloway in the movie of this book One of my life regrets is that I was dismissive of the poor fellow, who stood before me smiling kindly Feeling my pre teenish need to NOT find exciting what my dad thought I d find exciting, and not wanting to appear uncool and star struck Miss Dove is the beloved town teacher yet, strangely, taught not English, math, science or even history but geography Thus her whole life dedicated to a subject most people who did not live in her town, never have a course in The school was also set up in an interesting way in that all students grades 1 6 had a period of geography each day Most painful part of reading is that, clearly, Miss Dove was an intelligent, capable, responsible woman the type of woman who today, would if she chose to make education her life might become the head of the University of California a la Janet Napolitano who, by the way, resembles Miss Dove in certain ways Both forsook marriage and kids to focus on a career, are of a similar age, and recently, similarly, ended up in the hospital Then there is the whole fact that this geography teacher, who longs to see the world s geography, does not get to And then we are supposed to accept that what is going to make her really happy is that, after 35 years of teaching, she can spend another twelve at it until the age of 67 I recently re watched the movie version of Good Morning, Miss Dove and was moved to seek out and read the book I am a retired teacher and thoroughly enjoyed the now long vanished world of Liberty Hill and Cedar Grove Elementary School I think many of us have had a teacher somewhat like The Terrible Miss Dove, who inspires fear, a desire to achieve, and, eventually fondness I think every teacher would like to think he or she has had the kind of influence on students lives that Miss Dove has had.The book had some minor surprises for this fan of the movie, including mention of Miss Dove s sisters, but the biggest and best surprise came almost at the end Miss Dove s anesthesia dream was a gem, particularly in light of her earlier thought of Heaven as a place she would certainly go to but probably not enjoy. ^READ E-PUB ↴ Good Morning, Miss Dove ⇲ Miss Dove Had Taught Geography In The Same School For Thirty Five Years Some People In Town Thought That Was Too Long Miss Dove Whose Life At Had Changed Abruptly When Her Father Died Leaving Her With A Secret Debt To Play, Was A Stern Disciplinarian With Old Fashioned Ideas And Ideals But On The April Day When She Was Stricken In The Classroom The Whole Town Came To Realize How Much Miss Dove Had Meant To Their Lives