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Weird, but so so good Makes you doubt, but not before making you believe in it, in all of it One of the best books I ever read back in the April of 2006 San Jose was great Now Norway Because you know, who hasn t wished to be invisible at some point in their lives Even though, invisible is how most people feel because of Others I would like to get away from everyone else I d fade away but I won t disappear. Knowing nothing about it, somehow I ended up with this book to report on for a high school English class Needless to say, I didn t report on all of it, as there are some pretty adult themes I found the concept boy that can turn invisible but must deal with the consequences of his gift interesting and would like to reread this one sometime with amature perspective. Correspondingly, not sure if this book is a work of genius or a really awkward literary sandwich consisting of a slow moving coming of age first half and a ridiculous super fast, quiveringly violent second half smooshed together with post modern central filling where the author pauses to dissect and analyse the meaning of the first half of the novel I m so serious my face has gone stiff I loved The Chocolate War, Beyond the Chocolate War and I am the Cheese and Robert Cormier to bits generally, but I will grade this novel according to what I got out of it which wasn t really the concept of what it means to be an invisible outlier of society, ethical dilemmas one might face if one had the ability to fade or the perpetuating cycles of violence if this power could be passed on It wasa sense of WTF is happening It musn t be a good sign that while reading Ozzie s section I exclaimed, Now this is just ridiculous out aloud to myself.2 stars I ll see you on the other side of After the First Death. A friend recommended this to me a while back and surprise surprise , I put it off as is one to do with a large stack of books Finally I acquired Fade from the local book store and after just finishing it, I am happy to say that it was an interestingly fun, at time perverse, read.The character of Paul Moreaux is a complicated one young and very imaginative, Paul writes about his life growing up in Frenchtown His thoughts and feelings submerse the reader into a faded vision of what Paul is actually feeling There are moments through the first half of this story where the subject matter can become unpleasant for some, so beware, if you re conservative about some things you may want to overlook these parts.But like any good novel, it is these parts that make the story what it is.I cannot say that this novel was Cormier s best work, although I cannot say it wasn t his worst, considering it was my first of his I ve been told his other,famous one called The Chocolate War is a much sought after story, but that is still to been seen.I gave this what can be mistaken as four stars, but I think after a bitreflection I would confidently say this was a three point five overall. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ♨ Fade ♳ IT IS THE Summer OfWhen Young Paul Moreaux Discovers He Can Fade First Bewildered, Then Thrilled With The Power Of Invisibility, Paul Experiments But His Gift Soon Shows Him Shocking Secrets And Drives Him Toward A Chilling Act Imagine What Might Happen If Holden Caufield Stepped Into H G Wells The Invisible Man, And You Ll Have An Idea How Good Fade Is I Was Absolutely Riveted Stephen King Paul can Fade.One second, he s there, the next he isn t Just like that.At first, he s thrilled we ve all wished we had the ability to vanish from sight, spy on our friends and family if you say you don t, your a liar He now has the opprotunity to observe his Aunt Rosanna, attractive and proud of it He can watch the people in his town behind closed doors, discover who they really are without risking being caught Every teenage boy s dream, right But then, as time goes on andanddark secrets are revealed, Paul begins to wish he never had the Fade.This novel is definetly not for the easily offended There are some touchy subject matter such as incest, depictions of minor sexuality, murder, mental illness, and child abuse While accesable, it is pretty disturbing at times Okay, really disturbing at times This story has a total of three narrators Paul, a young up and coming publisher and distant cousin of Paul s who discovers Paul s who had become a writer final manuscript before his death which proves to be the rest of the novel thus far As she reads it, she begins to wonder Is this really an autobiography Did all this happen The third narrator, I feel, will definetly spoil it for anyone who has not read it yet, so I m not going to mention him But, trust me, his narrative is probably the most unsettling of the three.I think the highlight of Fade is master storyteller Robert Cormier s ability to take these dreary often horrific subjects and themes and make them incredably easy to read Things like incest and adultary is described in a way that kids can understand I first read Fade when I was eight, and I remember thinking, wow, this is wack while, only days earlier, I had read a book about the exact same subject matter, and having no idea what they were talking about Cormier s ability to connect with a younger audience is astounding, and his charactors and prose just add to his status as one of the best YA authors of all time It s impossible to describe much of Fade because everything about is twisted together in a way that makes near everything a spoiler I guess you ll just have to take my word for it Fade will leave you breathless with it s surreal, eery tone and it s strong, layered characters. Personal Response I enjoy this book very much The feeling I have after finishing this book reminds me of the feeling I had when I finished reading the Ender s Game quartet I enjoy this type of fiction very much This is now one of my favorite books I have not researched whether or not this is a series, but I want it to be one.Plot Summary Paul lives in Monument, Massachusetts It is a small french town, and most residents are not wealthy His family s greatest mystery involves a photograph in which his uncle is strangely missing from Paul is very fascinated by this photograph During one of his uncle s visits, he reveals to Paul that he has the power to go invisible Not only does his uncle have this power, but Paul himself has it too With his newfound power he explores, and he sees things he should not see Paul s little brother dies and Paul swears to never use his power again At this point in the story, it is revealed that this is the first half of a manuscript that Paul wrote Susan Roget, a distant cousin of Paul, finds this manuscript after he is dead She is in some sort of internship with Meredith Martin, who was some kind of associate of Paul s After Susan works her brain to the limit trying to decipher if the manuscript is fiction or not, Meredith reveals that there are two parts to the manuscript The second part is all after the death of Paul s little brother Most of the manuscript is about his adult life He remembers that his uncle had revealed to him a long time ago that the next fader will be revealed to him just as it was revealed to his uncle Paul has no luck trying to find this fader until his sister Rose comes to his apartment and tells him of a child she birthed a long time ago This is when the spotlight transitions to Ozzie who is the second fader Ozzie is a young boy who suffered a terrible childhood, and this makes him unstable Once he realizes he can fade, he wreaks havoc on his town, Ramsey Paul manages to track him down, however once Ozzie is strangling him to death, Paul has to stab him in the chest Susan finishes analyzing the manuscripts and she concludes that the whole thing is fiction She cannot come to the conclusion of invisibility being possible Right when her thoughts are settled, she notices a story in the newspaper about mysterious deaths The evidence provided makes no sense, and the only possible perpetrator has to be invisible Susan is torn about whether or not this is a huge coincidence.Characterization This book is told from Paul s perspective Paul Moreaux is a 13 year old boy who discovers he has the ability to fade He then goes places he shouldn t be, and he sees things that could seriously harm a boy his age After being traumatized too much, he decides to stop using the fade Many years later when tracking down the next fader he has to break this promise He is described as average looking Throughout the book he is tortured by the fade until he dies of natural causes at 42 years old.Adelard Moreaux is the middle aged man who is also Paul s uncle He grew very distant from Paul s family until he returns to notify Paul of the fade He travels many places when he is away from Monument The fade eventually weakens and kills him just as it kills Paul.Setting Fade takes place in Monument, Massachusetts during the early 1900s The setting is important to the story because Paul and his family live in a working class area The time period is also important because most modern advancements were not invented yet.Recommendation I recommend this book to mature young adults This book has a lot of sexual content inside of it, so an immature mind may not be able to handle it This book is fine for both males and females, as both will be able to relate to it. I picked up Fade by Robert Cormier knowing nothing about it except that a boy discovers he has the power of invisibility I was thoroughly unprepared for the dark depiction of human depravity Being unseen, Paul witnesses what people do behind closed doors, in the dark, when they think no one is watching sexual depravity and cruelty Murder too is handled in a horrific fashion Paul s ability to fade isof a curse than a superpower And the curse getsawful as the novel progresses What did I like about it It surprised me multiple times and I won t spoil it for anyone Also it was extremely well written with solid literary prose There s even a postmodern story within the story device that works quite well The story as a whole held me mesmerized Even though I was horrified by several scenes, I kept wanting to know how it was going to turn out. I liked the book Fade by Robert Cormier that was about a 13 year old boy, Paul, who discovers he can turn invisible This is known as a fader and his uncle mentions that every one person in the generation can do this As Paul goes through his life it shows he would much rather observe then be in a situation and when reading sometimes makes you think is it all real Throughout the book Paul realizes the benefits and downfalls of his gift and ends up regretting some of his decisions. I really enjoyed this book It was a fast read but intriguing I read some of his earlier work in school and stumbled on this one while looking for something else Some of it was disturbing but kept me hooked to the end.