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Literary sequels are definitely a trend this year with the recent massive release of The Testaments and now the forthcoming publication of Andr Aciman s much anticipated sequel to his novel Call Me by Your Name Readers naturally have a lot of scepticism about these beloved stories being extended The very popular film adaptation of Call Me by Your Name brought the romantic story of sensitive teenager Elio and older graduate student Oliver to a much wider audience This not only prompted fans to clamour to know what happened next between these lovers but it also encouraged Aciman to revisit their story as he said in an interview The film made me realize that I wanted to be back with them and watch them over the years Many will instantly dismiss the creation of Find Me as a money grabbing opportunity given the new found popularity of the original book Whatever the motivation for writing it, I can assure you this new novel doesn t kowtow to fans Rather, it thoughtfully explores the deeper meaning of desire when stretched over time and juxtaposes a few different kinds of romantic encounters which turn into profound life changing events That s not to say this new novel is without its problems and it s likely to delight and frustrate fans in equal measure I read Call Me by Your Name shortly after it was originally published in 2007 and swooned Revisiting Elio and Oliver s story by watching the film adaptation a couple of years ago reawakened my love for their story But there s an important difference between the book and film The film ends with Elio receiving the news that Oliver is going to be married which prompts him to mournfully stare into a fireplace However, the original novel ends with a flash forward far into the future when Elio and Oliver reunite in Italy and we learn the news that Elio s father Samuel has died at a relatively young age Whether their passion is reignited or not is left vague, but their reconnection is cemented This poses an interesting dilemma for the sequel because it needs to either fill readers in on what happened up to this point or follow them after it Find Me manages to do both in a way which is unique and clever Read my full review of Find Me by Andr Aciman on LonesomeReader THIS IS NOT GOOD THE STORY WAS PERFECT WE DONT NEED MORE PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN TO LET GO WRITE A NEW ONE A WHOLE NEW STORY LEAVE ELIO ALONE YOU FUCKING PEOPLE. @READ PDF Ï Find Me ⚼ In This Spellbinding Exploration Of The Varieties Of Love, The Author Of The Worldwide Bestseller Call Me By Your Name Revisits Its Complex And Beguiling Characters Decades After Their First MeetingNo Novel In Recent Memory Has Spoken Movingly To Contemporary Readers About The Nature Of Love Than Andr Aciman S Haunting Call Me By Your Name First Published In , It Was Hailed As A Love Letter, An Invocation An Exceptionally Beautiful Book Stacey D Erasmo, The New York Times Book Review Nearly Three Quarters Of A Million Copies Have Been Sold, And The Book Became A Much Loved, Academy Award Winning Film Starring Timoth E Chalamet As The Young Elio And Armie Hammer As Oliver, The Graduate Student With Whom He Falls In LoveIn Find Me, Aciman Shows Us Elio S Father, Samuel, On A Trip From Florence To Rome To Visit Elio, Who Has Become A Gifted Classical Pianist A Chance Encounter On The Train With A Beautiful Young Woman Upends Sami S Plans And Changes His Life ForeverElio Soon Moves To Paris, Where He, Too, Has A Consequential Affair, While Oliver, Now A New England College Professor With A Family, Suddenly Finds Himself Contemplating A Return Trip Across The AtlanticAciman Is A Master Of Sensibility, Of The Intimate Details And The Emotional Nuances That Are The Substance Of Passion Find Me Brings Us Back Inside The Magic Circle Of One Of Our Greatest Contemporary Romances To Ask If, In Fact, True Love Ever Dies UPDATE 04 04 19 THERE S A F CKING COVER, TOO OOOOOOH MAH LORD UPDATE 03 21 19 THERE S A TITLE AND A SYNOPSIS AND A RELEASE DATE ATTENTION THIS IS NOT A DRILL I would actually love a sequel to Call Me by Your Name In fact I am writing one. Andr Aciman aaciman December 3, 2018THIS IS HAPPENING THIS IS HAPPENING HOLY F CK THIS IS HAPPENING I feel like there should bepeople that know about this. Sequel to the novel Call Me By Your Name HIDE YOUR PEACHES Even though I really hate it everytime the book I like having an instant sequel prequel novel coming after the success of the movie adaptation, I will definitely give Find Me a try Imo, CMBYN s ending is already perfect, having a sequel is just. a risky idea If Andr didn t do it good, it could destroy everything. But anyway, in Andr we trust.SURPRISE ME OLD MAN MAKE ME CRY ONE MORE TIME I CHALLENGE YOU MY GAYASS IS READY TO SOB ALL DAY NONSTOP. The sequel to Call Me By Your Name is probably one of the most anticipated books in the literary world, and yes, it was worth the wait The continuation of the story of Elio and Oliver examines the lives they ve lived separately for the past twenty years, and it s genius how well Aciman re captures the essence of these two Untangling themes of loneliness, love, commitment, and the intangible idea of soul mates, Aciman writes a story that leaves his lovers well, you ll see A haunting closure for a love story for the ages, Find Me is the poignant depiction of existing in a half life, and the plea to end the unbearable solitariness Gorgeous. LLORO POR SIEMPRE PORQUE VOY A VOLVER A LEER A MI HIJITO ELIO BEB GUYS, SALE EN OCTUBRE DE ESTE A O. I m reviewing this for the Times, so I can t say much here, or even rate it Actually forget you even read this Keep scrolling.