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@Download Ebook å The Giver of Stars õ Set In Depression Era America, A Breathtaking Story Of Five Extraordinary Women And Their Unforgettable Journey Through The Mountains Of Kentucky And Beyond, From The Author Of Me Before You And The Peacock Emporium When Alice Wright Agrees To Marry Handsome American Bennett Van Cleve And Leave Behind Her Stifling Life In England For A New Adventure In Kentucky, She S Soon Disenchanted By Her Newlywed Status And Overbearing Father In Law, Owner Of The Local Coal Mine So When A Call Goes Out For A Team Of Women To Deliver Books As Part Of Eleanor Roosevelt S New Traveling Library, Alice Signs On EnthusiasticallyThe Leader, And Soon Alice S Greatest Ally, Is Margery, The Smart Talking, Self Sufficient Daughter Of A Notorious Local Criminal, A Woman Who S Never Asked A Man S Permission For Anything Alice Finds Margery As Bracing And Courageous As Anyone She S Ever Met And Comes To Rely On Her, Especially As Her Marriage Starts To Fail They Will Be Joined By Three Diverse Women And Become Known As The Horseback Librarians Of Kentucky What Happens To These Women And To The Men They Love Becomes A Classic Drama Of Loyalty, Justice, Humanity And Passion Though They Face All Kinds Of Dangers From Moonshiners To Snakes, From Mountains To Floods And Social Disapproval To Boot But They Believe Deeply In Their Work Bringing Books To People Who Had Never Had Any, Expanding Horizons And Arming Them With Facts That Will Change Their LivesBased On A True Story Rooted In America S Past, The Storytelling Itself Here Is Enthralling The Pages Fly, And The Book Is Unparalleled In Its Scope And Its Epic Breadth Funny, Heartbreaking, And Rewarding, It Is A Rich Novel Of Women S Friendship, Of True Love, And Of What Happens When We Reach Beyond Our Grasp For The Great Beyond What a wonderful story JoJo Moyes has done it again.GIVER OF THE STARS is different than the contemporary fiction that Moyes has written in the past However even though this novel is based on true events and people it is Moyes s rich character development and the story line of these ladies that drives the novel.I knew little of the WPA library but love that i learnedabout it from reading this novel The strength and fortitude these ladies showed is incredible I want to learnabout this initiative I loved how books, literacy and the act of reading or providing the books to read empowered all the characters.Absolutely loved it Cant wait to share when this novel releases october 8 2019 I can boldly predict that it will be best seller COMING SOON, OCTOBER 8, 2019 I was so excited to see that Ms Moyes had chosen to write a historical fiction novel and was fortunate enough to obtain an advanced readers copy It is different from her previous contemporary women s fiction and I thoroughly enjoyed it This book is a quick read, the prose flows beautifully and the plot moves along at a good pace I found the characters to be well developed, interesting and unique.As you all know from the blurb this book is based on the 1930 s Horseback Librarians program in Kentucky which was started by Eleanor Roosevelt The purpose was to bring books and thus help educate and enrich the lives of people who lived in the hills in the Appalachian countryside of Kentucky The program asked a lot of the women who would ride horses and mules laden with books many miles, often in inclement weather, to reach the homes and families in the mountains.When the call goes out in Baileyville, Kentucky for volunteers for the program there are a myriad of different women with unique personalities The group is headed by Margery O Hare who has lived in these mountains her entire life and knows all of the routes up the mountains She is a fiercely independent woman having suffered from the iron fist of her bootlegger father who died when she was young Into the mix we meet Alice Wright a newly arrived English woman who has come to marry Bennett Van Cleve, a wealthy son of a mine baron whom she met on his European tour Alice wanted so badly to leave her sheltered, suffocating life in England that she fell for the handsome American very quickly She is disappointed to find that they will not be living in Louisville as she had previously thought, but instead this small town called Baileyville She soon finds that living with her father in law is just an impossible situation as he has set rules for the household that she must abide by When she gets the chance to volunteer for the library program she jumps at the chance to get out of the house, meet other women and explore the beautiful mountains.There is also Beth, Izzy and an African American woman named Sonia who all help out with the running of the library Their stories I will leave you to discover.Though the library sounds like a good idea to some, there are others in the town who don t like mingling with the mountain people and have restricted views of what a woman should be doing with her life They are up for a battle against these strong and courageous women.There are many obstacles for them to overcome including racism, prejudice against women working outside the home, physical limitations and suspicion about Alice because she speaks differently, her British accent, and is considered an outsider.The novel strengthens my belief of the importance of books in everyone s lives How fortunate we all are that there are libraries and bookstores where we can enrich our lives with an immense selection of books to suit our every need and taste.This book will introduce you to the Horseback Librarian program, the beautiful hills of Kentucky and some pretty awful people who only see the hills as a place to mine coal and make their pockets heavy without a thought to the beauty they are destroying Intruders are not welcome I recommend this book to anyone who wants a great historical read with wonderfully descriptive writing and characters that you will not soon forget.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.The book is set to publish October 8, 2019 and is soon to be a major motion picture A brilliant epic historical drama set in the US Depression era in Kentucky and the Appalachians from Jojo Moyes that draws on real life actual history Those who have been life long readers will understand the power of books and reading, Moyes focuses on just how important books can be in challenging and changing people and in shaping the world in this powerful telling of the Horseback Librarians of Kentucky The English Alice Wright weds American Bennett Van Cleve on his European Tour to escape the limitations of her life However, she is to rue her decision when she arrives in Baileyville, Kentucky and the realities and restrictions of small town living begin to sink in, made all theunbearable by her father in law She is to take the momentous step of volunteering for Eleanor Roosevelt s efforts to establish travelling libraries, despite opposition at home, delivering books to the impoverished, travelling great distances on horseback Alice is to find adventure, great friendships, fulfillment, freedom, adversity, danger, resistance and suspicion as she embarks on a path that is set to change fundamentally her identity.The woman leading the book initiative is the brave Margery O Hare, the daughter of a bootlegger, strong, independent, unafraid, determined and defiant, and with whom Alice finds support and much needed friendship Along with Beth, Izzy, and the black Sonia, the courageous women face the initial reluctance of families and women, only to be eventually welcomed and valued However, men are afraid of losing control of women, and other powerful forces, such as mine owners, exploiting workers who labour in deplorable conditions for poor rewards, see them as a threat and danger to the established social, political and economic order Increasing literacy, books and knowledge inevitably have consequences, making people question what is, expand horizons, fire the imagination, but change never comes easy, with the rise of implacable resistance, danger and tragedy that follows in its wake.Moyes writes with passion and verve in this impeccably researched novel, full of details and rich descriptions of this historical era The women are a disparate group of unconventional, stand out complex characters, that are well developed and who I invested in This is a terrific read that immerses the reader in this period of US history and the norms, expectations and attitudes of the time, with the drama enhanced by the beautiful location with its wilderness It touches on issues of racism, class, misogyny, exploitation, and hard lives, with a moving and heartwarming narrative that resonates with our contemporary world where the hard won rights of women can no longer be taken for granted Additionally, it serves as a salutory reminder of just what an impact books can make to individuals and the world, a world in which our libraries are being closed and under continual threat today Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC. The Giver of Stars is a historical fiction novel featuring true events that took place in Kentucky in late 30s and early 40s when a group of young women got employed by a US government scheme to go into the mountains on horses and take books to families who might not otherwise get a chance to read.I wasn t sure what to expect from this book I did enjoy the author s Me Before You but didn t feel the need to carry on with the two follow up books Some stories are better left alone The Giver of Stars is a completely different kind of book and I have to say, the first few chapters were just ok for me But then something clicked and I started really enjoying the story and getting to know the two main female characters, the English bride Alice and the stubborn troublemaker Margery The Giver of Stars is a riveting story of extraordinary, courageous and determined women and highlights the importance of books in people s lives If you enjoy historical fiction from early 20th century, I d say definitely give this one a go Many thanks to Penguin UK Michael Joseph for my review copy in exchange for an honest review.