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A great reread of this fine series and this one was awesome Terrific mystery and character development which make me want to find some books on Consuelo Vanderbilt and the Duke of Marlborough.Only two books in this series..I have them all on kindle now for a 3rd go round in the future. Death at Blenheim Palace by Robin Paige is the 11th book in the Kathryn Ardleigh Charles Sheridan mystery series set in 1903 England Kate is an unconventional woman for the time An American, she originally moved to England to work for her great aunt, then inherited her aunt s estate She writes popular novels under a pen name, and leads a independent life than a traditional wife s role in English gentry Charles, although a titled peer with inherited property, is fascinated with the newly developing field of forensics Together they have earned a reputation for solving crimes with modern methods and great discretion.This time they re guests of the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, on Winston Churchill s ancestral estate Subplots abound the unhappy duchess vs the duke s mistress, a missing housemaid and her boyfriend the footman, stolen family jewels for sale, a ring of thieves who rob country house parties Chapters alternate with point of view from many different characters, providing the reader with much information than either Kate or Charles have until the end Kate and Charles separately pursue clues, each trying to protect the other from danger An interesting mix of characters and plot twists Historical figures include a young Winston Churchill, Consuelo Vanderbilt, and T.E Lawrence, Ned as a young man just starting his archaeological career. [Free Kindle] ⚕ Death at Blenheim Palace ☽ Death At Blenheim Palace Kathryn Ardleigh,by Death At Blenheim Palace Is A Historical Mystery With Twists And Turns Every Time One Thinks The Solution Has Been Reached Another Incident Demonstrates That The Conclusion Is Premature Set Where Henry II Is Said To Have Had His Liaison With Rosamund, History Merely Adds To The Tension As It Seems To Be Repeating Plenty Of Intrigue As Well As Occasions Of Humor Draw The Reader On TomeDeath At Blenheim Palace Fnac Kate Sheridan Is At Blenheim Palace To Research King Henry S Mistress Rosamund, Said To Have Been Poisoned There By Eleanor Of Aquitaine But Her Visit Takes A Strange Turn When Her Hosts Unwittingly Begin To Relive The LegendDeath At Blenheim Palace Robin Paige Livres Not Retrouvez Death At Blenheim Palace Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Death At Blenheim Palace Download Free PDF EPUB Death At Blenheim Palace Free Download EBook In PDF And EPUB You Can Find Writing Review For Death At Blenheim Palace And Get All The Book For Free Death At Blenheim Palace Victorian Mystery, RobinLes Meilleures Offres Pour Death At Blenheim Palace Victorian Mystery, Robin Paige, Used Good Book Sont Sur EBay Comparez Les Prix Et Les Spcificits Des Produits Neufs Et D Occasion Pleins D Articles En Livraison Gratuite Robin PaigeDeath At Blenheim Palace Et Hyde ParkDeath At Blenheim Palace Le Mariage Entre Le Duc De Marlborough Etans Consuelo Vanderbilt, L Hritire De Chemin De Fer Amricain, Parlait Des Deux Nations Quand Il Est Apparu EnEn , La Duchesse Avait Produit La Requis Hritier Et Un Roue De Secours, Et Le Duc Avait Pris Un Amant, L Exotique, Rotique Gladys Deacon Death At Blenheim Palace Free PDF, DJVU, DOC, EPUB Best Of All, If After Reading An E Book, You Buy A Paper Version Of Death At Blenheim Palace Read The Book On Paper It Is Quite A Powerful Experience Read The Book On Paper Death At Blenheim Palace An Edwardian Mystery This Is The Th Book In The Victorian Edwardian Mystery Series Kate And Charles Are Visiting Blenheim Palace While There, Kate Intends To Do Some Historical Research On Rosamund, Mistress To The King, Who Was Reportedly Poisoned By His Queen, Eleanor Marlborough Express Death Notices Blenheim, Marlborough Express Death Notices And Death Notices For Blenheim Marlborough Area Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences Send Flowers Blenheim Palace Wikipedia Blenheim Palace Pronounced B L N M BLEN Im Is A Monumental Country House In Blenheim, Oxfordshire, England It Is The Principal Residence Of The Dukes Of Marlborough, And The Only Non Royal, Non Episcopal Country House In England To Hold The Title Of Palace Fun book to read while visiting Blenheim Palace Love the insight to the history of the palace and its people. Complete and utter drivel so bad I reached page 100 and wanted to hurl the wretched thing across the garden Why the authors think they can recreate the Golden Age mystery and utilise historical figures such as Churchill is incredible Poor plotting, weak characterisation and simply bad writing However, that didn t stop 50 Shades of Shite selling by the bucketload Thankfully, this was a charity shop buy and will be returned asap Apparently there are several in this series and words fail me Luckily, I found a collection of Wimsey short stories to alleviate the Golden Age craving Why bother with cheap imitations when the originals are infinitely superior Avoid Review I preferred this one to the previous one Death in Hyde Park I liked the fact that Kate and Charles were central to this one, and I love the mysteries within the aristocracy, although perhaps that is due to my personal interests than the story telling it s difficult to tell I found Consuelo Vanderbilt to be interesting, but I thought the chapters from her point of view were a little boring Nevertheless still an excellent and engaging read.Genre Historical Crime MysteryCharacters Kathryn Ardleigh Sheridan Charles Sheridan Winston Churchill T.E Lawrence Consuelo Vanderbilt Duchess of Marlborough Charles Sunny Duke of Marlborough Gladys DeaconSetting Blenheim Palace England Series Kathryn Ardleigh 11Recommend YesRating 19 20 In this book Charles and Kate Sheridan are visiting the Duke of Marlborough, and they start investigating the disappearance of a housemaid But the other guests are up to all sorts of hijinks, and it s difficult to sort out the clues from the red herrings.The plot is a little thin and sometimes obvious, and every tiny detail is drawn out and repeated again and again I do like the characters, and there is some good drama I mostly enjoy reading about Charles and Kate doing their sleuthing, because they make such a sweet couple and a good team. A Good Read and InformativeNow I am inspired to read their other books Much better than a a historical romance, as I was spared the overblown and repetitive sex scenes This used actual people who could have been involved Would have loved to know if the Royal Visit occurred and how the King and Queen related to the Duchess and the Duke I do not think I spelled Duchess as indicated by the red line under it. I liked it better than the last book in the series This one seemed to deal much with Charles and Kate I also like T E Laurence MUCH better than Jack London as a character And I enjoyed Gladys Deacon and Consuelo Vanderbilt as characters as well The mystery would have been a little better if I hadn t already known the history somewhat That s an issue when you use real historical people in a fiction novel You know Ned s not going to die during the course of this book However, I went into this knowing that and it didn t diminish my enjoyment of the novel. let s say 3.5, but i liked it a lot