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That cover though (((READ EBOOK))) ⇲ The Deathless Girls ☠ Gothic, Intoxicating, Feminist, Darkly Provoking And Deeply Romantic This Is The Breathtakingly Imagined Untold Story Of The Brides Of Dracula, By Bestselling Author Kiran Millwood Hargrave In Her Much Anticipated YA DebutThey Say The Thirst Of Blood Is Like A Madness They Must Sate It Even With Their Own KinOn The Eve Of Her Divining, The Day She Ll Discover Her Fate, Seventeen Year Old Lil And Her Twin Sister Kizzy Are Captured And Enslaved By The Cruel Boyar Valcar, Taken Far Away From Their Beloved Traveller CommunityForced To Work In The Harsh And Unwelcoming Castle Kitchens, Lil Is Comforted When She Meets Mira, A Fellow Slave Who She Feels Drawn To In A Way She Doesn T Understand But She Also Learns About The Dragon, A Mysterious And Terrifying Figure Of Myth And Legend Who Takes Girls As GiftsThey May Not Have Had Their Divining Day, But The Girls Will Still Discover Their Fate 2019 2020 are officially the vampires comeback and i m loving the hell out of this They came to call us the three sisters two dark, one fair and worse The beautiful damned, the brides of Dracul, the deathless girlsI didn t realise the requirement for a feminist retelling of a classic was to make it boring I d like to apologise in advance as it s about to get real frosty in here A story focusing on the vampire brides of Dracula WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG how about the fact that it was boring, boring my brain has shut down and gone into hibernation mode boring The whole time I was reading I couldn t stop thinking about how bored I was On one of my lunch breaks I got so bored with it I contemplated putting the book down and just going back to work early Side note I didn t actually do this, that would be ridiculous I just played around on my phone instead sorrynotsorry Bram Stoker s Dracula is a creepy gothic thriller and a must read taking the premise of his brides who basically get a one line mention in the original tale and telling readers their story should have been amazing There s so much freedom to explore their backgrounds and what it was like for them becoming creatures of the night Kiran Millwood Hargrave has a nice writing style and I suspect she prefers to focus on slow burn narrative as opposed to action, which is fine for backstory but not so good for keeping readers engaged But The Deathless Girls gets so caught up in said backstory that by the time the story moves past it it s all over, and those of us who came to see Brides of Dracula are left feeling severely underwhelmed Vampires aren t even mentioned until page 189 the ARC I have is 274 pages long that s over 50% of the book done before we even get a glimpse of fangs I mean COME ON Don t promise me Dracula s brides and then give me nothing to do with Dracula for 70% of the book The f f romance was fine it didn t feel shoe horned in which was nice I liked Mira she was strong in that silent but smart kind of way Lil our protagonist though, I found her to be completely yep, you guessed it boring. On the other hand we have Kizzy, Lil s twin Kizzy is perfect So perfect that even when she refuses to do something which could potentially endanger the life of someone she considers family, aaaaall the characters smile and nod their heads in agreement because perfect Kizzy is perfect, and beautiful, and strong, and she is always right because she s perfect , so we mustn t go against perfect Kizzy s wishes and will just go and nearly get ourselves killed because poor Kizzy has morals that must be upheld no matter the costtakes deep breathes This book wasn t for me I don t really recommend it either though the majority on goodreads seem to love it, so what do I knowshrugsIf you ve come here for epic Brides of Dracula shenanigans then you ve come to the wrong place The Deathless Girls is as lifeless as all those bodies Dracula keeps impaled on his castle gates To be released mid September, 2019.I received an ARC through work. I loved it omg but THE ENDING SERIOUSLY I HOPE WE GOT A SECOND BOOKS BECAUSE I M CURRENTLY DYING I M IN SHOCK WHERE IS THE MISSING PAGES THIS IS NOT POSSIBLEWhat I love the most about this book The atmosphere gothic and dark without being to hard or bloody Love the mix with Dracula s bride story I think I m so in a mood for vampire.And the things that made me happy f f made me melt like a marshmallow I love my girls so badly and I want to protect them Even if sometimes I felt that was to fast for me, gosh I loved it DID I BECAME A TRASH YOU NEED TO READ THIS ONE A F F FANTASY GHOTIC SET UP WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR also where is the second book lol I was really excited to read this especially as it is an origin story of the three vampire brides in Dracula so I was pleased to receive a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review It started off really well and I really began to care for the two sisters who were the main characters however as I read I became a little bit bored with the storyline and it was quite slow in terms of plot and action and not as scary as I was hoping.The villains were also one dimensional caricatures and I could not take the book seriously because of this The writing was good in parts but the plot and characterisation could have been much better in my opinion It was however a quick and easy read. The Deathless Girls is billed as the untold story of the Brides of Dracula, who feature briefly in Bram Stoker s book Following twins Kizzy and Lil, Romani travellers, who on their 17th birthday are kidnapped and enslaved by the feared local lord, the Boyar Valcar Taken to his castle and put into service, the girls face adversity together until, on the orders of the Boyar, Kizzy is taken as a gift for Dracul Although beautifully and evocatively written, I found it puzzling that the focus was on their back story which, yes it s useful to have some back story but so much Given the opportunity of telling the story of a pair of vampire sisters endowned with incredible powers and talents, the choice to devote two pages to their life as vampires and the rest of the book to the minutia of kitchen work was unusual to say the least While the last section, when Lil travels to Dracul s castle to find Kizzy, was pacy and tense, it barely made up for the first 60% However, judging from other reviews I am very much in the minority here, so it s most likely a question of personal taste. The origin story to 2 of Dracula s brides, a wonderfully dark, novel that successfully achieves a gothic atmosphere without being cringe worthy.I loved the scope of different relationships explored between the characters, it added so many layers to the plot and really fleshed it out Finally a lesbian YA too, which is refreshing in a heavily dominated market of male homosexual relationships to have this representation A perfect femisinist, alternative YA novel that puts a new perspective to such a well known classic The Deathless Girls by Kiran Millwood Hargrave is an imagining of the story of the three brides of Dracula This immediately piqued my interest because I d already read and enjoyed Dracula, and I certainly appreciate a good vampire story thanks to the Twilight saga This book, although vampires are a theme here, is on a different level though It is cleverly crafted, with storytelling that is both rich and delicate.I thought the idea of focusing on the three brides of Dracula was an admirable premise Characters that had not yet had their past explained, but ones you had already sensed had an equally rich story to tell Kiran certainly stays true to the blurb and delivers us a unique gothic tale, involving a sisterly bond amidst a great tragedy and future uncertainty The book was full of gothic atmosphere, but at the same time felt modern and fresh, whereas you could almost believe this was not a tale set many years ago.At times, the strong female characters dwarfed the male characters in this book somewhat but not to an extent that the book is written just for the feminist story tag I genuinely enjoyed the pace and dialogue between the two sisters and the other girls Kiran also does an excellent job writing the romantic storyline between two female characters At no point did this feel forced and added for effect rather it felt like a natural sub plot of the story and came across as both credible and beautiful.My only criticism is the ending felt slightly rushed I expected a bit detail surrounding the other bride before the inevitable happened Or, is this purposely done will a second book will be written I hope so I certainly think there is to be told, and for me, Kiran has certainly earned the authority over the three brides of Dracula and their future.This book was a truly praiseworthy read and one I shall recommend Not just to young adult readers but adult readers such as myself, too. The Deathless Girls is a YA retelling, or prequel to, Bram Stoker s Dracula It centres around the brides of Dracula and fleshes them out, giving them a past and characterisation all of their own.To be perfectly honest, The Deathless Girls wasn t quite what I was expecting it to be or at least not the first half of the book Simply because it features characters that come from Dracula, I was expecting something gothic and or Dracula esque It does get there, and it definitely has some dark moments, but the larger part of the story isn t quite the grandiose, gothic type of horror I was expecting It s a realistic, drudgery type of horror as the girls are taken captive and forced to accept what it would be to live a life in slavery Despite this expectations issue, I really liked the book.The Deathless Girls is the first book I ve read by Kiran Millwood Hargrave and I thought her writing was absolutely beautiful She manages to create rich, lush feel even when she s describing quite mundane, depressing situations.As I said, the vampire aspect of the story isn t quite as prevalent as I thought it would be, especially not in the beginning Obviously, once you know that it is inspired by Dracula, the reader is aware very early on what s going on and what danger the girls are in But the sisters themselves don t really understand the full gravity of the situation until quite late on, so there is a kind of tension there as you you see the things that they don t.For the large part of the book what s far important than vampires, Dracula etc is the bond between the two sisters I thought this sibling dynamic felt incredibly realistic.We re in the head of Lil, who is very much the slightly less attractive, slightly less beloved sister of the two Hargrave really conveys the sense of what it s like to play second fiddle to a sibling Lil is absolutely devoted to Kizzy and nearly every chance she takes it on behalf of her sister, but there are still moments where she s resentful, or where she feels like she can t quite live up to her sister s potential.At the same time, as much as you can tell it Kizzy loves Lil, she can be slightly arrogant, slightly vain and slightly selfish It s a great character study, and really seems to achieve what the author set out to do, which was to give the bride characters that feature so briefly in the original novel a sense of person and agency.There s a sort of dread, a creeping menace, threaded throughout the book because the reader is aware of where the story has to end up I did think the pacing was a tad off the ending came together a little abruptly for my personal taste and there were a few things that I thought would happen that didn t but The Deathless Girls is beautifully written It deals very elegantly with the prejudices that would be experienced by the traveller community and by queer women while fleshing out the characters and paying homage to the original text.A copy of this was provided free of charge from the publisher in return for an honest review.Find of my reviews at