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[[ Free ]] ↟ Levinas and the Philosophy of Religion ↝ Levinas And The Philosophy Of ReligionJeffrey L KoskyReveals The Interplay Of Phenomenology And Religion In Levinas S Thought Kosky Examines Levinas S Thought From The Perspective Of The Philosophy Of Religion And He Does So In A Way That Is Attentive To The Philosophical Nuances Of Levinas S Argument An Insightful, Well Written, And Carefully Documented Study That Uniquely Illuminates Levinas S Work John D CaputoFor Readers Who Suspect There Is No Place For Religion And Morality In Postmodern Philosophy, Jeffrey L Kosky Suggests Otherwise In This Skillful Interpretation Of The Ethical And Religious Dimensions Of Emmanuel Levinas S Thought Placing Levinas In Relation To Hegel And Nietzsche, Husserl And Heidegger, Derrida And Marion, Kosky Develops Religious Themes Found In Levinas S Work And Offers A Way To Think And Speak About Ethics And Morality Within The Horizons Of Contemporary Philosophy Of Religion Kosky Embraces The Entire Scope Of Levinas S Writings, From Totality And Infinity To Otherwise Than Being, Contrasting Levinas S Early Religious And Moral Thought With That Of His Later Works While Exploring The Nature Of Phenomenological Reduction, The Relation Of Religion And Philosophy, The Question Of Whether Levinas Can Be Considered A Jewish Thinker, And The Religious And Theological Import Of Levinas S Phenomenology Kosky Stresses That Levinas Is First And Foremost A Phenomenologist And That The Relationship Between Religion And Philosophy In His Ethics Should Cast Doubt On The Assumption That A Natural Or Inevitable Link Exists Between Deconstruction And AtheismJeffrey L Kosky Is Translator Of On Descartes Metaphysical Prism The Constitution And The Limits Of Onto Theo Logy In Cartesian Thought By Jean Luc Marion He Has Taught At Williams CollegeIndiana Series In The Philosophy Of Religion Merold Westphal, General EditorMayPages,X , Bibl Index, AppendothS