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A nostalgic read, Red Card is all about the woozy – dizzies of first love and whoopsie – daisies of unfiltered aggression, the constant parental pressure, the zeal towards a sport or hobby, the blind loyalty towards one’s team, the insights and outlooks and, confusions of a teen, in general.

All the plans that needed to be made, all the responsibilities required to be shouldered.

Along with that add in an ounce of humor, a pinch of mammoth stress and loads of passion, and you get a pleasant coming of age read from Kautuk Srivastava where the transition is portrayed strikingly.

It’s a light read and realistic as well. And, the ending is so beautiful and heart – touching, maybe because it reminded me of my last day of Board Exams, it felt like re – living a precious moment! A fantastic reading experience overall. And, if you are looking for a similar experience with a thrilling football drama in the background, go for it!
If you are a graduate or are in college, done with your 10th standard, this book is going to make you very nostalgic.

The story starts with 3 friends spending their night watching an epic football match. The storytelling skills and narrations are brilliant and the language/vocabulary is easy to understand.

The book is parted through four football tournaments where Rishab and his teammates have to face challenges to win the cup along with the most stressful boards exam.

If you were one of those students who balanced academics along with sports in your final school year, you know how clumsy and stressful it can get.

The first few pages took it's time to get me interested in the book but as the story progressed with it's wittyness and humour, it kept me going. The secound half of the book kept me hooked until the last page with puns, nostalgia and a good story amd good character development.

Give the book few pages in the start to be interested in the story. RED CARD by Kautuk Srivastava is a coming of age story that brings back all your teenage memories. First off, football fan or not, you need to pick this book up.

The story begins with the nailbiting FIFA WORLD final between France and Italy and the infamous Zidane headbutt incident. As all the French fans are enraged by the heat exchange between the two players, three teenagers in Thane, India scream at the French midfielder, whereas Rishabh our protagonist is overjoyed with Italy scoring the final goal.

The passion for football among this group of friends, seeps out from the very first page of the book and it makes you nostalgic of your adolescence. RED CARD is narrated through four football tournaments that RIshabh and his friends/classmates play throughout the year. After the sudden resignation of their football coach , Rishabh and his team are left distraught with only two weeks remaining for a football match to be held with one of their rival schools. 

However football is not the only thing that the boys need to worry about, with the tenth boards just around the corner, it is nearly impossible for them to balance both academics and sports at the same time.

RED CARD isn't merely about football but is rather a sum total of all the major events and emotions that one stumbles in their teenage years. With the pressure of studies building up, his heightened feelings of infatuation for Tamanna, struggling with peer pressure and his parents constant comments on his bad grades Rishabh is just the most ideal and relatable protagonist one could ever ask for.

Srivastava has written a book full of drama, witty humor, puns and everything spicy that keeps you hooked until the very last page. I have never said this about any Indian author but this is definitely one book I'm going to reread just to relive the experience one more time. One team. One year. Everything to lose.

Blurb (From Amazon) :

When Rishabh Bala reaches the tenth standard, life takes a turn for the complicated. The bewildered boy feels the pressure of the looming board exams and finds himself hopelesslyand hormonallyin love. But what he yearns for most is victory on the field: at least one trophy with his beloved school football team.

Set in the suburban Thane of 2006, here is a comingofage story that runs unique as it does familiar. Hopscotching from distracted classrooms and tired tutorials to triumphs and tragedies on muddy grounds, this is the journey of Rishabh and his friends from peak puberty to the cusp of manhood.

My Take on The Book :

When I heard that Kautuk Srivastava had come up with this book, I had pretty high hopes since I had seen a few of his shows on YouTube. I must say I wasn't disappointed. The best book of the lot, this one is pretty much closer to reality than the movies that have been churned out this year on student life. The characters are pretty much nostalgic and it did bring back my memories of my school days (though I wasn't much into sports). With right element of humor and excitement along the way, this one is a must read for anyone looking for coming of age book. For someone debuting with this book, this one is a must read.

My Ratings : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5 out of 5) Four teenage boys sits glued to the TV, watching the last match of Zinedine Zidane’s career. As the referee raises a flashing red card in the air, the four boys drops their jaw in utter bewilderment. Among the four boys was Rishabh Bala, the protagonist of the story, and whose life is soon taking an upturn in the wake of a similar ‘Red Card’.

Kautuk Srivastava’s ‘Red Card’ is a coming of age story, set in the suburban Thane dating back to the year 2006. Rishabh Bala reached the tenth standard, which means he will soon face the terror of Board exams. But, because of the crazy hormonal changes acting on his body, Rishab finds himself hopelessly in love with his classmate. He is also in the school football team, thus adding more distraction to his studies. He is consumed so much in football tournaments that his books lie on his shelves catching dust. And just one such tournaments was the reason why he was doomed. Read the book to find out what caused Rishabh Bala’s misfortune.

My views How relatable! You know how once in a while a book comes along that stays with you for a little longer? This was one of those. Throughout the book, not an instance did I feel disconnected. A commendable work by the author with the narration. A book based on football might turn boring for someone who doesn’t understand the game. But, the author made it so simple with his story telling. I am one of those who only knows who Messi and Ronaldo are. When I read the blurb, I knew this story was not for me. But I am so glad that I was so wrong. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and every single thing was relatable. The pressure of Board exams, teenage love, parental pressure, peer pressure, juggling with course books, every damn thing was so relatable. I could connect to the characters instantly. This book is a roller coaster ride. Anger, jealousy, romance, every emotion is felt throughout the book. Not to forget about the wittiness and humour with which the story was narrated. Oh! I had a good laugh reading this book, after a long, long time. There was not a single thing that I disliked about the book. This book restored my faith upon Indian authors. Trust me, you gotta pick this up ASAP. A football fan or not, but this book will make its way to your heart. First of all, a genuine confession

When I read the blurb I was pretty sure that I was going to scream "it's me, it's me..." A thousand times or more!
Lol, exaggerated response but football is something which lets my senses go out of my reach!
So coming to the book review The first thing that had caught my attention was the cover and the title. Yes, both the cover and title go hand in hand with each other and hence we can say that the cover is designed accurately for the content of the book

It's a coming of age story of Rishabh who's crazy after football and his ultimate goal is to win the final tournament. But,but but, everything doesn't sail smoothly for the young lad, he is in his 10th grade and pressure of boards is Killing him to the core, he is struggling with his hormonal changes making him fall in love along with a burning desire to win at least one trophy for his school football team

I myself was a football player, so I definitely turned nostalgic while reading this book and I never felt as if it wasn't relatable a bit! It talks about almost everything related to a teenager, from peer pressure to hormonal advances, it successfully turns a reader on!
It's so relatable yet heart warming, amazing yet hearttouching, at times witty yet smartly written and a story full of emotions and nostalgia
The book also gives us some very valuable lessons about teamwork, dedication, love and studies. If you have a teenage daughter or son, do make them read this book. It's highly recommended

Narration is apt and lucid. It's really wellpenned, I was not disappointed at all, my expectations were higher but this book was a package full of perfection
No flaws determined because I am a football fan, but for non footballers too this book is recommended because of its backrop and moral lessons. It would take back to your school days and makes you feel good and refreshed

It literally reminds its reader of his/her school life
It was a nostalgic read for me. Kudos to the Author for writing such a wonderful book

Definitely yes, for anyone and everyone

Ratings 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5/5🌟 "Any idiot can kick a ball. I don't want footballers, I want champions. That means one thing and one thing only: discipline."

Red card by Kautuk Srivastava talks about the unanticipated turn that the life takes when one reaches adolescence. Puberty is a very complicated phase of life where everything feels like collapsing. You have your acadamics, your hormones, your 'socalled' popularity and your parental and peer pressure. Everything changes once you enter this phase!

Adolescence is the part of one's life that they will never forget. It plays a big role in what a person becomes or achieve in their future life.

When Rishabh Bala enters through the doors of puberty into tenth class, he's torn between multifarious things to deal with. He has his looming board exams, his love life and his dream of winning the football tournament trophy!

What's the best thing about this book it is, that it is relatable to every person who's going through this stage or has been through it. It's an adventurous and nostalgic confluence of being a teenager with the wish to achieve the things they want.

Most of the plot revolves around the action in the muddy fields, so all footballs fans should pick this one up definitely!

The characters were amazing and in their 'raw' true form.

The writing skills of the author are praiseworthy and of course, the pinches of humour added by the author here did wonders for the narration!

It made me laugh, it made me feel the emotions the protagonist was going through, which is the best way to judge a book!

So if you wish to relive your school days or have laughter escape your mouth, then pick this book up!

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5/ 5

Thankyou for providing me an opportunity to review this book! Red card is such a appropriate title for this book.
This book reminded me of my school my crushes and teachers and ofcourse the hype of class 10 boards. Though I am a occasional football spectator during the world cup and can't say when a goal becomes offside yet I enjoyed this book.

The book begins with 2006 world cup final. I was in school back then in class 6 to be precise and I slept during the match with my parents watched. Italy won. I didn't even knew France lost until I read this book. Also funny story, a clip from the 2006 final is in the 2010 Shakira "waka waka" where Italy' Jersey no. 3 (just found out Fabio Grasso) scores the goal, until I read this book i thought Italy won in penalty shootout.

Back to the book
I knew many Floyd and Krupa from my school
Knew Rishab, Barkha ,Tammana and Ekalavya.
Also knew Abhay. So as I was reading I was thinking about those old days and which sometimes so peaceful and forgotten.
I wish to go back and relive those days how they were.
Mention of Threptin was something from my long forgotten life when I had issue with food and my father cake up with idea to make me eat one stack of butter paper wrapped biscuit as meal and everything turned out okay and how I am overweight .

Ichhadhari subject was something that happened once in every student's life. Lmao😁😁😁😁

What with linking park , numb and class 10 I dont know. Is that a coincidence or ritual I don't know.

Can't think of a better ending. It seems like a Bollywood movie ending but it's even better.

Zidane's red card in final of 2006 is the perfect premise for the book.

About the book the author of this book is married to the cover designer and illustrator of this book.
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The story begins with four boys watching French Football player, Zinedine Zidane's career's final match. All of them are equally shocked when he gets a Red Card. Rishabh Bala, the protagonist of this story, is one of the boys watching the match. He is completely unaware of the fact that a similar 'Red Card' change his life.
Rishabh finds himself in a lot of pressure as his upcoming board exams are knocking at the door. Also, he falls hopelessly in love with one of his classmates. Although his father refuses, he still plays football for his beloved school football team. Amidst all these distractions, how will Rishabh manage to succeed in the journey of life? You'll have to read the book to know more!

'Red Card' was quite an interesting novel which made me nostalgic. It reminded me of my school days. The story is beautifully narrated with hints of humour. I totally enjoyed reading this book and found it so relatable.
A great read!
Absolutely recommending this amazing book to all my fellow bibliophiles.