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A wonderful all encompassing feel good book on general practical magick Najah Lightfoots warmth and enthusiasm is contagious This book covers all things a novice should know and plenty of tips for theadvanced Topics covered include altar space, ritual and spell practice, workings held at the crossroads and grave yards, Hoodoo and Mojo crafts, protections and the importance of maintaining individuality The magick within this book crosses several different traditions so there really is something for everyone PLEASE NOTE comments made about the quality of the eBook by other reviewers were made by those who have received a free review edition from the publisher prior to release date This digital edition is usually the first draft received back from the digital converter and often contains many mistake which happen on first conversion of text to a digital book product The final eBooks released to market by publishers usually undergo further corrections that reflect the print editions NO I do not work for the publisherYES I have worked in digital publishing arc from netgalley Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this in turn for an honest review.I loved the book I ll admit I didn t get very far but what I did read I love and I can t wait to purchase this book for myself I m a Christian and this book s claim to be suitable for all religions stands by with me. #FREE õ Good Juju â Spiritual Rites, Spell Work, And Folk Practices To Enhance Your Well Being And Personal PowerLearn To Better Express Your Spirituality And Build Up Your Magical Practice With This Book S Powerful Spells, Rituals, And Tools Designed To Help You Navigate Whatever Ups And Downs Life Throws Your Way, Good Juju Is Your Perfect Choice For Learning To Embrace Nature, The Old Ways, And The Magick All Around YouUsing Simple Practices That Don T Interfere With Any Religions, Good Juju Helps You Lay A Foundation For Daily Ritual Work You Ll Also Learn How To Craft Mojos, Create And Work With Altars, Tune In To Your Intuition, And Much Author Najah Lightfoot Guides You In Keeping Your Mind, Body, And Spirit Strong As You Discover Your Magical Work And Align With Your Higher Power The author had a warm writing style This is a beautiful book that is excellent for someone new to the path and there are plenty of new ideas and recommendations for the seasoned practitioner I am grateful for the encouragement from the author talking about finding your own path and modifying things to your own style A very nice, uplifting addition to a magical library. This book is definitelyfocused on general occult practices and voodoo and hoodoo However, I think that anyone in the new age occult practices can find things that are easily adapted to their own personal needs and plenty of great information The rituals included are easy to follow and impactful and I think this book s information is very easily personalized for anyone interested in new things in their practice.I voluntarily read and received a free ARC copy of this title through NetGalley in exchange for a review All thoughts and opinions are my own. What is good juju It is a positive vibration of spirit This book teaches you to increase your spirit and increase your magical spells, rites and how to use your tools to their best advantage Navigating your spiritual practice with what is tossed your way, may be one of the best things about this book Everyone has things thrown at them so bad that they wonder if they will ever see the light of day This really spoke to me on a personal level Embracing and using the magical practices lays a foundation for many things such as creating your altars which is still a problem for some and using your intuition I really loved this book It needs to be read and kept in a prominent place to look at it again and again I received this book from Net Galley and Llewellyn for a honest review. While I m still savoring this book, and re visiting parts, I find it s high time to share about Good Juju I know that I ll be coming back to it for continued inspiration and ideas and have found it to be immensely and thoroughly enjoyable Now for me, some of the practices go beyond what I will likely ever incorporate into my spiritual work, but nonetheless I find the details fascinating, absolutely worthwhile to learn about, and mind expanding to consider The rule of three for example, I ve always considered 3 a magic number and did not know it s association in Hoodoo I love these types of threads and connections Although I ve been keeping altars for years, I got especially inspired by new ideas for an Ancestor Altar And, thankfully, I ve finally learned about Florida water, Railroad spikes and other magical tools that you see on the scene but no one takes the time to tell you about Until Now I also really like the one off tarot references and the overwhelming feeling that this magikal women could be your neighbor and you d feel so happy to have tea with her and just chill with talks about the sun, moon, and stars and all sorts of mystery My favorite parts have to be first, the section on Gris Gris and second the chapters titled Be Your own Tree and Move Your Body, Revive your Spirit Many moons ago I lived in a small village in West Africa, where Gris Gris mojo bags were a very big deal Mostly they were kept hidden, considered private magic But the babies wore them immediately as did most of the villagers I knew They never took them off I remember when I met the medicine man who made them and while I was never afraid, I do recall being somewhat intimidated Maybe it was all that unknown that I wasn t ready for yet I was young, so young and didn t even know it Now, it s very heartwarming to see this tradition being discussed in the open, magical ingredients and all And those long past memories bring a sweet smile to my face Second, trees have always spoken to me in one way or another and Najah s writing, as it does throughout the book, really shines The words, of these two chapters particularly, jumped straight off the page and into my heart. I admit I am not the intended reader for this book When it comes to religion, I love reading about it but seem incapable of feeling it, and spirituality I m about as spiritual as a rock But I wish I wasn t And I m interested in learninghence choosing this book.There is one issue with this book, and it s a formatting and proof reading one The Kindle formatting needs looking into because it s all over the place, and, peculiarly, there are a lot of letters missing or rather, a few letters fi fl missing many times This made some passages harder to read, and has knocked a star off of my rating because the issue is extensive.That aside, this is an interesting and engaging introductory book into magik and Hoo Doo The author is friendly and interesting, isn t patronising at all, and is clearly passionate about her craft.That said, she doesn t ram it down your throat , she s very open to other beliefs and ideas and suggests many ways to incorporate individual s beliefs into practices, which is refreshing I also particularly appreciate how she briefly discussed mental health and how even the most skilled practitioner should also seek medical help alongside using their skills This is obviously very important, and unfortunately some believers of any and all systems can make people feel that seeking pharmaceutical help is somehow a sign of disbelief.The spells are clearly laid out and the instructions clear, the suggestions for swaps and substitutes clearly show an eye to the practical, which was good to see.I don t think you have to be particularly interested in magic to get something from this book, because there are some real gems in there for anyone seeking to ground themselves in reality change things or discover new ideas If you like the concept of Mindfulness but find it hard to connect to the aimed for nothingness, this might appeal to you. The Real DealI ve known Najah forthan 20 years She s the real deal This work perfectly reflects who she is and the journey she s made. Long ago, when I was thirteen, my best friend told me she had decided to become a Wiccan She was a gifted African American young woman who had found solace in the tenets of Wiccan magic, Her enthusiasm for Wicca affected me and it lifted up my spirits While Najah Lightfoot s Good Juju doesn t endorse any particular religion, its focus on positivity and magic is so appealing, it brought me back to the days when I was thirteen and believed in the beauty, power and potential found in magic Good Juju is a special book written with love and passion.