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I was sent this ARC in regards to an honest review, and honest I am going to be I know most others have rated this 4 5 stars, but I just cannot I was really excited to read this, as it was mentioned if you were a fan of Elle Kennedy Erin Watt you would love it Well, this is way to similar to Paper Princess and I just could not enjoy it I could not even finish it as the similarities I noted, the I was just getting mad.This starts off with a teenage girl, Faye, who has lost both of her parents She finds out she has an Uncle who she will be forced to go live with And, of course, it is a rich Uncle In Paper Princess it was not an uncle, but a family friend This man also has 7 sons You will find right off the bat, this reads exactly like PP.As soon as Faye gets to the home, she is met by Kyler who lets her know he does not want her there He tells her stay away from him and his brothers exactly like in PP Faye is instantly attracted to Kyler However at least in PP the main characters were not actually related This is a romance about cousins and it is just weird Even the brothers portray similarities to those in PP You have a few in HS and some off in college You have triplets instead of the twins Kelvin starts off like Ethan in which he is just a smug and funny character who makes sexual comments about everything No, I did not finish this since I just could not get past all of this Same plot of course with a few different aspects and same character roles as PP Maybe if I never read that I would enjoy this Maybe if I kept reading I would find these books to be totally different, but the first 20% was just too much for me to continue I am disappointed as I have heard great things about Siobhan Davis and her work Maybe I will try something else. Damn, I say fanning myself I think I got pregnant just watchingJust like the first time I read this book I m completely lost for words With a forbidden love that is 10 times hotter than Cruel Intentions and a bunch of mean girls who put Kathryn Merteuil Regina George to shame, this book has everything you need to quench your thirst for hot showdowns and bitchy meltdowns.Faye s life has changed forever While losing her parents isn t hard enough, a stranger is uprooting her and moving her across the Atlantic to start her life over again This isn t your normal guardian takeover though, not when your uncle is the owner of one of the biggest fashion brands in the world and has seven yes you heard me, seven demigod like creatures for sons Not only are they filthy rich, filthy hot and just filthy in general, life is about to take an unusual turn for our Irish beaut If all this wasn t enough to take in, an attraction to one of her cousins keeps her on her toes, she is melting literally melting But when fantasy becomes a reality, how far are they willing to go before anyone gets hurt Can we just take a minute to appreciate how crazy this is and the ending HOLY SHIZ How do you come back from that My stomach is turning, and my head is in a hazy crazed situation of working out what the hell is going to happen in the next book.Ok, so the whole cousin thing I found it really hard to get to grips with at first, it made my skin crawl I think it s because my cousins are like brothers to me and we have grown up together, the thought of any of them near me makes bile rise up in my throat and I shudder The the story goes on I feel for them and it starts to melt away, this whole shock factor has worn off and I like to see both them happy Do I agree with it No, it s completely taboo here but it still makes me realise that if one of my friends told me they were with their cousin, I would get over it and it would eventually become normal.The seven brothers and all their names beginning with K completely confused me, even second time round but the family tree that Siobhan put in really did help I took a photo of it on my phone and went back to it at certain parts of the book and it cleared my confusion up They all have their certain parts to play, Kalvin is your hot male slut type that girls hate to admit that they are attracted to Keaton is so sweet he rocks you to your core and I m still trying to work him out, is he straight He seems to have issues of his own Then we have Kyler, your moody, hot, withdrawn male who oozes sex appeal and is broken beyond repair, cliche of course, but who doesn t love these types You would be crazy not to like these guys Then we have Brad, he absolutely oozes sex appeal and I couldn t get enough of him His story leaves you wanting to wrap him in cotton wool while shooing the wolves away He gets the crap end of the stick most of the book which just makes me fall for him even.I have mixed feelings about Faye, one minute I love her, the next I m not too keen on her She would make a horrible spy, she was forever getting caught ease dropping and being in places which she shouldn t while jumping to conclusions then always thinking she was right Then she would do a 360 and I would be on her side telling her to kick ass and don t bother what anyone says This book is the type for people who love Erin Watt, Tijan, Emma Chase, Ali Dean and so on It s your all American teenage drama romance that us mere mortal chick flick loving ladies can t get enough of Go on, it s a guilty pleasure Check out my blog www.amandaminnockx.tumblr.com thanks What have use two done His panicked eyes latch on Kyler s It s none of your business, Kyler grits out He holds his chin up in a defiant stance.James looks horrified as he stares at his son. I read an early version of this for the author, and I could not put it down It was completely addicting and unputadownable If you liked Paper Princess you will definitely like this Full review on my blog HOT NEW LOOK ALERT Update 09 17 18 Completely and totally ADDICTIVE The Kennedy Boys series has everything I love in romance crazy hot heroes, smart and authentic heroines, angst mixed with heartand did I mention the books are HOT Rachel Harris, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling authorThe Kennedy Boys series has a brand new look To celebrate book one, Finding Kyler is FREE for a VERY LIMITED TIME.Start the series for FREE today USA UK CA AUS may not be free in all other locations please check your local store 3.5 starsThis was my first book by author Siobhan Davis and I know it won t be the last If you lovedPaper Princessthen you ll enjoy the first book in the Kennedy Boys seriesFinding Kylerhas it all family drama, twisted secrets, teenage angst, forbidden love, a takes no shit main character, and a beautiful boy with a tortured soul The story sucks you up in a whirlwind, spits you out, and by the end you ll be gasping for air and raging war inside your head I ll start by saying that this book will not be for everyone The main characters love interest is her cousin that s right, cousin If this is a subject you feel very strongly against then I probably wouldn t recommend reading this one But if you go in with an open mind or feel like pushing your own boundaries, I say get ready for one heck of a ride Faye was a great main character Coming into a new town and new school as the cousin of the legendary Kennedy s, she already has a target on her back, but she s not about to let them bully her She s not afraid to speak her mind and the shit she receives and believe me, there s a lot of shit she s not afraid to give right back Though, she certainly has flaws that make her relatable and I love that about her, not to mention her perseverance Kyler is just one of 7 Kennedy boys and the one who catches Faye s eye Truthfully, he was a really frustrating character One minute I was screaming at him for his stupidity and secretly warning Faye to keep her distance, then the next I was yelling for him and Faye to finally give in to their feelings for each other I was very conflicted with my own feelings for Kyler and found it hard to get on board with the whole cousins dating thing most of the time By the end I was rooting for the two of them and then the author goes and leaves me hanging like that Besides the two lovers, we are introduced to Faye s aunt and uncle and all 7 of their boys Their names all start with the letter K which made it very confusing at first Thankfully only a couple of them had larger roles and it was easier to keep them separated I ll just say it, this family is messed up I was shocked at the sexual advances and comments they used towards Faye and their parents reaction, or lack of I should say, was not at all what I would expect in this situation Which actually kind of makes sense later on Even so, these boys grew on me the I read What can I say, I m a sucker for dysfunction Overall,Finding Kylerwas a very entertaining read It was a rollercoaster of messy secrets and emotions I fully enjoyed the ride and believe most others will as well even if you don t agree with the subject matter My only complaint is while there are distinct differences between this group of characters and The Royals, the similarities are very much there, especially in the first 20% of the book Even so, after that cliffhanger ending I cannot wait to see how the story plays out in the next bookI received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review FINDING KYLER is proof that author Siobhan Davis has true grit behind her pen and is ready to share it with the world, no apologies, no holding back Prepare to witness love, raw, desperate and like the Apple in the Garden of Eden, so very forbidden Prepare to ride your own emotional Tilt A Whirl as your very heart and head are tested to their limits as two broken souls find comfort and a kindred spirit in the dysfunctional world they strive to survive in.Faye has lost everything, her family, her home and even her homeland as she must leave Ireland to make a new life with her wealthy American uncle and his extremely dysfunctional family Faye s world is about to turn arse over tea kettle as she meets all of her male cousins, each model gorgeous, damaged by the environment they live in and filled with a dark burn that permeates soul deep Of all of her cousins, only one welcomes her with friendship and warmth, but it is the brooding and brutally nasty Kyler that catches than just her eye This.Is.Her.Cousin She shouldn t be having the reaction she is having towards him, and in spite of his outward attitude, Kyler is attracted to Faye As a matter of fact, several of her cousins react sexually to her, but why What has life among the beautiful and rich shown them that makes them so bold It s almost worse than grade school, when the little boy who has a crush on you treats you so terribly just to get your attention, or is Kyler trying to kill off what he feels for the bright, funny and daring Faye This is the twenty first century and romantic love between first cousins is a taboo that still isn t accepted, whether it is for genetic reasons or the uncomfortable feeling it gives us if we put ourselves in their place Funny, isn t it What many in our culture accept and what we find deplorable This IS a love story and its filled with pain, loss and a family foundering in their own sewage as seven young men use their looks and their wealth as tools, having no parental figures to look up to or respect It is a tale of forbidden love between two young people who have found something good to share, only to have it thrown in their faces as ugly and twisted.Forget getting comfortable when you sit down to read this powerful story Siobhan Davis has an explosive tale to tell and she does so with spectacular and masterful writing This is not intended to shock readers, but to open their minds to a world that may be beautiful on the outside, but hideous on the inside As soon as you find yourself feeling the emotions of the characters and perhaps feeling a little queasy with their relationships, you are hooked and Siobhan Davis has done her job, she made you believe in the world she created She made you invest your heart and mind and you never saw it coming, and that is an author s gift to her readers.Oh.My.Goodness.Holy writing genius.I received an ARC edition from Siobhan Davis in exchange for my honest review.Series The Kennedy Boys Book 1 Genre Contemporary RomanceAge category Upper Young AdultRelease Date January 9, 2017For Reviews More on hold 9% i just cannot with this drama atm the cousin is a fuck face Review in progress A Paper Princess by Erin Watt rip off, what the hell It s exactly the same and I kept reading, thinking it would become original but it never did You had the triplets that were exactly like the twins Her getting close with Kalvin, their relationship exactly like Easton and Ella, then the douche Kyler that was a lame version of Reed She even makes a friend named Rose that seems a lot like Val, even the dad behaves a lot like Callum I know that sometimes ideas end up being similar but this is next to identical, this doesn t deserve to have such a high rating at all `FREE EBOOK ⇳ Finding Kyler (The Kennedy Boys, #1) ⇸ Two Fractured Hearts And A Forbidden Love They Can T Deny You Shouldn T Want What You Can T Have Faye Donovan Has Lost Everything After Her Parent S Tragic Death, She S Whisked Away From Her Home In Ireland When An Unknown Uncle Surfaces As Her New Guardian Dropped Smack Dab Into The All American Dream, Faye Should Feel Grateful Except Living With Her Wealthy Uncle, His Fashion Empire Owning Wife, And Their Seven Screwed Up Sons Is Quickly Turning Into A Nightmare Especially When Certain Inappropriate Feelings Arise Kyler Kennedy Makes Her Head Hurt And Her Heart Race, But He S Her Cousin He S Off Limits And He S Not Exactly Welcoming Kyler Is Ignorant, Moody, And Downright Cruel At Times But Faye Sees Behind The Mask He Wears, Recognizing A Kindred Spirit Kyler Has Sworn Off Girls, Yet Faye Gets Under His Skin The He Pushes Her Away, The He S Drawn To Her, But Acting On Those Feelings Risks A Crap Ton Of Prejudice, And Any Whiff Of Scandal Could Damage The Precious Kennedy Brand Concealing Their Feelings Seems Like The Only ChoiceBut When Everyone Has Something To Hide, A Secret Is A Very Dangerous ThingOnly Suitable For Readers Aged Seventeen And Older Due To Mature Content And Language Please Note This Book Contains A Forbidden Love Theme Featuring First Cousins, And A Cliff Hanger It Is Not A Standalone Read