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Miniseries It doesn t matter what Brockmann writes, it s all good This one is no exception Love her strong characters Every book teaches, and this one, than most especially a fictional one Great story, great plot, great characters what could you want @FREE E-PUB ï Undercover Princess ⚣ THE NAME S WIND, KATHY WIND With Those Words, Princess Katherine Wyndham Went From Sensible Sister To Secret Agent Her Mission To Locate Her Brother The Long Lost Crown Prince Her Cover Nanny For Handsome Tycoon Trey SutherlandCaring For Trey S Kids Came Naturally Than Any Royal Duty And Falling For The Brooding Widower Was Effortless But Katherine Had Always Been The Plain Jane Princess Was It Too Much To Hope That He Could Want A Happily Ever After With Her Especially Once He Discovered Who She Really Was Undercover Princess, by Suzanne Brockmann, is apparently part of a series Whatever, I picked it up because Suzanne Brockmann is the author of a romantic thriller starring a gay couple and so I now automatically grab whatever she s writing lately because there might be queer people in it This is my life.Sadly, there are no queer people in Undercover Princess What there is, is a lot of weird awkwardness, sexual tension, and an oddly rushed ending in which the original mystery of the book never gets solved To whit Princess Katherine Wyndham is looking for her long lost brother, and runs across as possible lead in business tycoon Troy Sutherland He s a widower, suspected by the general populace though not the police of killing his wife, who s desperately looking for a nanny to take care of his two children On the spur of the momeny Katherine decides to be Kathy Wind, nanny extraordinaire Naturally she and Troy fall in love Naturally there s the Big Misunderstanding tm over whether he killed his wife spoiler he did not and whether she intentionally decieved him about being a princess she obviously did, but with the best of intentions Even naturally they get married There is zero resolution for the brother plot, but since this is part of a series, that s probably why Eh, it was okay The vast majority of the book, with Katherine and Troy falling in love, was actually really well done The beginning was pretty good, and the child psychology pretty spot on actually the psychology in general is pretty spot on It s a romance, but it s also about grief and recovery, and that bit is good It s just that the ending, the resolution to the Big Misunderstanding tm is really rushed and sort of out of nowhere Though Brockmann did her best to set it up earlier in the book, it still feels like the entire climax moves way too fast and resolves things way too quickly, especially for a book that had been so low key and non dramatic up until then well, as non dramatic as you can get in a book about an incognito princess and a tycoon who may have killed his wife That ending just left such a meh impression on me I doubt I ll be reading the rest of the series.Instead, I will reread All Through the Night Because it is a romantic thriller about a gay couple getting married and I will never stop loving it. I bought this online used as a whim This was apparently part of a series put out by the publisher in which different authors tackled different royal sisters who go in search of their long lost brother, the heir to the throne Despite the very hokey premise, I enjoyed this book Brockmann s usual flair for characterization carried the story She almost makes me want to read the rest of the series but I have heard that Brockmann s was the best of them all, so I will give the others a pass. This is a review of the Kindle Edition of Undercover Princess, originally released as Silhouette Intimate Moments 968Twenty five year old Princess Katherine Wyndham comes from a small principality in Europe She is the youngest of her sisters and, in her own eyes, very plain compared to the other princesses and her mother, all of whom are heart stoppingly gorgeous Katherine has had only one love affair up until the moment of the story The man involved used her to get ahead and ultimately dumped her, leaving Katherine very cynical about men who know her true identity.Katherine s brother, the heir to the throne, was kidnapped as an infant, and her family recently has had leads in America as to several possibilities for his location One of those leads is Trey Sutherland Her brother was raised in an orphanage, and he may currently be Trey s business partner Katherine has been trying unsuccessfully for days to get an appointment with the reclusive Trey, then suddenly when she calls his office, his secretary gives her an appointment for an interview that very day at Trey s home Katherine grabs at this unexpected opportunity and rushes over to Trey s house, which appears like a small castle than a home, with Trey s office located in a turret.Katherine discovers that the reason she has finally been invited in so readily is that Trey desperately needs a nanny, and the secretary assumed that Katherine was applying for the job Katherine does not want to deceive Trey as to her purpose for seeing him, but several things happen to cause her to decide to go undercover, starting with telling Trey her name is Kathy Wind First, the man who may be her brother is currently out of town on an extended stay, and Katherine wants to be around when he next contacts Trey Second, Katherine is instantly attracted to handsome, 35 year old Trey, and he is clearly drawn to her It is very tempting to get to know him without the burden of her princess identity tainting their interaction Finally, her heart goes out to his children, who have gone through innumerable nannies and are in a very bad place Trey s wife died three years before, and Trey s daughter and son are still obviously traumatized by the loss of their mother When Trey sees how well his children respond to Katherine, he begs her to become their nanny Katherine impulsively accepts his offer of a job.This book has a wonderful hero and fantastic heroine The passion between them is powerful, and their emotional connection is deep and very moving.What was particularly enjoyable for me, as an added bonus over and above even these great things in the story, were the scenes where the heroine, Kathy, interacts as temporary nanny with the children of the hero, Trey The daughter is 13 and quite angry and rebellious The son is six, almost seven, and hasn t spoken in three years He pretends to be a dog and only communicates by barking His name is Doug, but his sister calls him, Doggie The manner in which Kathy coaxes him back into acting like a little boy again instead of a dog is both hilarious and extremely touching Kathy s relationship with the hero s teenage daughter is great, too.I originally read this book in 1999, and I just reread this book in a Kindle edition It is well formatted and edited.There is one main area of the story that is rather unbelievable to me this time around that I did not notice too much back in 1999 on my first read of this book That is the fact that the heroine is able to get away with giving a fake name to the hero only because he never asks her to show identification to prove who she is, and she is not asked, as a non US citizen, to demonstrate that she is legally able to work in the U.S Such identification would have immediately blown her undercover operation, and it has been required by employers for decades in this country, not just post 9 11 However, I will admit that many people, including prominent politicians, have made a habit over the years of paying undocumented workers such as nannies under the table, and so might have Trey But it seems a shade too convenient to the story s requirements to just pretend this legal reality doesn t exist rather than motivating Trey for carelessly overlooking it.A likely downside to this story for many readers than the papers, please technicality is the fact that the mystery about the missing prince, which is the premise for the cute meet of the heroine and hero, is not resolved in this book This book was originally released by Harlequin as part of the Silhouette Intimate Moments line, 968, December 1999, and labeled as Book 2 of the Royally Wed series There are a total of 12 books in this series, and the rest of the books were not written by Brockmann, but by other Harlequin authors Presumably the mystery about the prince is not fully resolved until the last book of this series This is the only book of that series I myself have read.Below is a complete list of the books in the Royally Wed series, only a few of which have so far been re released by Harlequin in ebook format A Royal Baby on the Way, Book 1Undercover Princess by Suzanne Brockmann, Book 2The Princess s White Knight by Carla Cassidy, Book 3The Pregnant Princess, Book 4ManMercenaryMonarch by Joan Elliott Pickart, Book 5Royal Masquerade by Arlene James, Book 6AA Royal Marriage by Cara Colter, Book 7A Royal Mission by Elizabeth August, Book 8The Expectant Princess by Stella Bagwell, Book 9Blacksheep Prince s Bride by Martha Shields, Book 10Code Name Prince by Valerie Parv, Book 11An Officer and a Princess by Carla Cassidy, Book 12 A quick entertaining read Hero is a bit of a workaholic and heroine is a princess looking for her long lost brother She ends up applying for the position of nanny in hopes that hero knows where the possible prince might be. Audiobook new, text old Not a good enough book to make up for the hero obsessively checking his fax machine for a message from the heroine Also, not a stand alone. 1.5 starsThis book uses the Lord s name in vain so often I wasn t sure if I was reading a Christian romance novel or a secular one It is full of people who desperately need counseling and comes across very, very 90s I kept getting flashes of the Parent Trap remake At the same time, I must admit this book fulfilled my craving for something mindless and ridiculous. 22 8 Deep, frustrated sigh Why is it so difficult to put details about any series a book may be part of on the front cover Do publishers really think we should all walk around with internet capable phones ready to check what position a book is within a series Or should we just not care I get so annoyed when I realise that a book is part of a series, and that it s not the first book This seems to be happening to me and , at least once a month now, and it s only to the detriment of the book and author and publisher that I get reading without knowing its series status, because being at a complete loss over what s happening tends to lead to a lower star rating.It was almost immediately clear that this was not the first book in its series We are thrown into the story like we already know who the main character is, the way the opening usually information giving chapters are written it obvious the author is assuming we ve already read about Princess Katherine Kathy and the background to her situation in the previous book of the series Except I haven t and it took me a couple of chapters to catch on to what was going on.Kathy is kind of like a modern day Mary Poppins She is relentlessly cheerful, forgiving of difficult children and overbearing fathers who can t cope, knows enough psychology to be able to draw out a child who has reverted to being a dog in order to deal with the loss of his mother, thinks everyone should be hugged every day and that conversations should be started with a compliment towards another person just to make them feel good no matter whether the topic of conversation is mundane or the discussion of punishment for bad behaviour by one of the children The one thing Kathy didn t do is sing.I liked the kids, Dougie Doggie because that s how his sister pronounced it when she was young and Stacy Although, Stacy must be a 13 year old savant when it comes to adult sexual behaviour because she discussed how Kathy should act and dress when it came to seducing her father in way too much detail for most other teenagers most children, no matter how old they are, do not want to even think about their parents having sex The kidnap plot at the end has to be one of the most ridiculously fake reasons for Brockmann could come up with for Kathy to go racing back to Trey, no matter what he had said about not wanting a relationship with her Obviously, there needed to be a reason for Kathy to feel like she could go back to Trey and not be immediately booted back out the door, but it didn t have to be the lamest and least evil kidnapping of all time I think a better scenario would have been Stacy inexplicably not coming home from school one afternoon, everyone s out searching for her assuming she s run away again, but in reality she s been hit by a car and taken to hospital nothing serious, broken arm or leg, or kept in to check for concussion with no I.D Kathy is there to support Trey and the rest of the story goes as originally written Much less lame Will keep an eye out for the first and third books in the series.